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Video Tutorial Software

In this era of computer-based education, tutorial software is of utmost importance and relevance for tutors willing to make handsome income. With interactive video tutorial software it is easier for tutors to teach their students new skills right from the comfort of their home.

Whether you wish to create long tutorials or short training chapters, you can create all of it efficiently using the best training video software.

We at AIS Technolabs, can offer you the advanced and latest technology to let you win in this competitive world. Presently, most of the students prefer online courses. With the virtual teaching software, you can easily develop on-demand educational courses, chapters, training programs, seminars, and a lot more.

At the same time, tutors can offer a learning slot to the students as well as teach online multiple students at the same time. We can provide you with an excellent training video script so that you stand perfect and best in the market. With innumerable rich features, our tutoring software can help you run lucrative real-time business without experiencing any complexities.

Video Tutorial Software

Create Customized

Training Video Software

to Offer Your Students an Enriched Experience

By using video tutorial software you can serve students worldwide with the best services. It is the simplest method to teach students as per your schedule and without investing too much effort and money. Our tutorial software is integrated with multiple features and let you serve a pleasing experience to all your students.

  • Communicate seamlessly with students through in-built message functionality.
  • Easy making and receiving of payment online through mobile wallet and card services.
  • Conveniently search for students who are looking around for similar topics or lessons designed by you.
  • Get feedback and ratings from students. They can also leave ratings with recommendations to help you improvise every time.
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What Makes Our

Virtual Teaching Software


The online teaching platforms offered by us can serve you with extraordinary benefits. It can help you practice the right approach and deliver the best results to your students. It is simple to use and include multiple formats like AVI, MP4, AVCHD, and more. Also, it lets you cut, trim, combine, split, and crop videos in just a few clicks. There are also numerous fashion filters that let you add various effects such as face off to your video.

Some of the benefits of using our online tutorial software are:


Till date, videos are the best medium to speak with the new generation. Students love watching and learning through videos. Hence, it is a perfect medium to showcase your knowledge to them. Also, it boosts communication between tutor and students. If you are a teacher, you can even create a version to use video tutorials in the classroom.


With tutorial software you can deliver stimulating videos for classroom activities. You can share the same videos on various platforms like YouTube. This will let you manipulate the requirements of students for learning novel stuff. Indeed, it will offer you with an extraordinary teaching experience.


Videos are great to engage and immerse students. You can create a highly engaging experience for students through video. Videos can help you share knowledge and develop student’s trust in you. They are fun, engaging, and highly appealing. Hence, if you wish to make a strong mark in the education industry, there is nothing better option than creating a video.


Static data is great but with tutorial software you can bring information to life. It is easy, fun, and your students will appreciate the rich value and experience you offer to them. It is not just the best learning tool but also the best way to teach students about difficult and complex subjects.


Use our software to create tutorials that are inviting and highly engaging. Our software modulates tone and lets you design videos in a tone that is soothing and clearly understandable. The training video script plays a pivotal role in determining the correct tone. When you are describing, our software offers the best tone modulation so that all you deliver is the best and unquestionable.

Create Flawless

Training Video Script

in Just a Few Simple Steps

With our video training software, you can conveniently record the computer screen and create tutorial videos with voiceover, add content to the presentation, and generate custom content for the websites. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps.

Create an awesome video tutorial in just a few simple steps!

Install and Open

Just install the video training software on your Windows PC and run the installation process. Follow steps till the setup process is completed. Open the software to set the parameters to capture and select functionalities that you are looking for.

Select Your Area to Record

Before you start recording the video, you must select and need to define area of the screen to record. Make your preferences and select full screen or default window you have to open. Next, you need to define a custom area of the screen and make necessary adjustments manually by extending the edges of the frame.

Select Desired Settings

You can easily choose the desired settings in our virtual teaching software. You can define file name, location, and make audio settings. The good thing is that you can capture the microphone or voiceover sound and make system audio settings. Even, you can connect to an external microphone to record the video.

Begin Recording

It is very easy to start recording the screen. Just press the record button and all the activities within the specified capture area will be recorded. Moreover, our video software can begin after countdown to let you capture videos of high-quality with absolute convenience.

Edit Video

Our virtual teaching software can offer your viewers a great experience. You can easily record video for every screen. Once it is done you just have to import it. The best part is that you can easily make edits using our tutorial software. Add titles, trim video, add background music, and do lots more edits in just a few clicks.

Save and Export

Saving tutorial videos with our software is extremely easy. You can conveniently save results and export the same. Sharing videos with our software is very simple and time saving process. From websites, blogs, emails, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms, you can export videos to all platforms.

Create Brilliant

Online Tutoring Script

to Make Video Streaming Seamless

You must have tried to share videos in the past. You have almost experienced the difficulties of ensuring that recordings can be played on every platform with minimal buffering. If you use our video tutorial software, you will never experience network issues.

Moreover, it is very easy to manage and maintain a video library in just a few simple steps. You don’t have to follow multiple steps or infinite technologies. All you need to do is practice some simple steps and gain an in-expensive and hassle-free process of video making, storing, and sharing.

Our tutorial software does all the work. Streaming optimization, file formatting, and even sound quality, everything is taken care of automatically. There is no need to follow complicated or expensive process. Our software is the biggest problem solver that lets you share your knowledge efficiently and across all platforms.


Yes, besides English, you can use our tutorial software to create videos in varying languages.

You can create a variety of courses and videos using our software. From tutorials, sessions, chapters, to music courses, you can create all kinds of tutorials using our software.

Our software comes with an easy to use and simple interface. This makes it very easy to use. But if you experience any problem, you can always contact our experts and the support team. We always offer assistance for 24 x 7.