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training video software

With the internet catching up on every sphere of our lives, there is nothing impossible that we can achieve through it. A virtual tutorial software is one such concept. It is simply the digitized version of the traditional classroom, only difference being the teachers and students are spread out on the web and may be located in different locations. Technically, a virtual teaching software is an online learning medium in which students are imparted distance education face-to-face via the internet through the use of technology devices.
Everything happens in real-time in a video tutorial software, whether it is a brainstorming session,discussions or feedback. Technology makes the functioning of the virtual classroom easier with the teachers delivering instructions to their virtual students at the same time, though the students may be sitting at different places altogether! Meanwhile the teachers can also collaborate with other fellow teachers for knowledge sharing and other purposes all across the world.

An online classroom makes use of various tools, such as open discussion boards, chats, polls and social media.The students are taught face-to-face through an app or website from their smartphones, tablets or laptop. The students could be either sitting at one place or moving from one place to another, learning in the process.

Who uses virtual teaching software?

virtual teaching software
Online teaching and tutoring script

The online tutoring script can be used by individual instructors, school teachers, college professors, tutoring and test preparation institutes, and the likes to deliver virtual online classes for curriculum-based learning, homework help, revision classes or specialized coaching for competitive exams.

Employee training video script from remote site

It is possible for companies to deliver online training to remotely located employees, partners, associates, suppliers and subsidiaries from one central location with the help of training video script.

Webinar hosting: A training video software can be used to host webinars, business conferences, product launches or online meetings to achieve marketing objectives of a company

Virtual office: It provides the freedom to conduct live office sessions online at any time of the day, with teams located remotely and taking part in office discussions.

Live customer support: Online classroom video sharing software enables makes live customer support a reality.

Why use AIS Technolabs virtual classroom software?


Our main goal is to create a simple online tutoring script that works in any browser, without any downloads, with an intuitive interface, so that teachers could focus on their jobs
So we developed a virtual classroom software specifically for the needs of teachers to effectively teach diverse group of students.
Our cost effective virtual classroom is the perfect solution for individual tutors,trainers, learning institutions, companies etc. It lets you teach live over the Internet and give unlimited classes and online lessons.

Our Software features

High quality video – Video and audio are automatically optimized over slow internet connection. It provides for full-screen conference mode leading to improved output. The 5-way audio-video layout brings alive the real classroom experience. Our software’s high quality video streaming and unlimited, echo-free audio output brings forth unhindered live classes. .

Online whiteboard – Lets teachers draw, highlight & collaborate with students in real-time. Multiple whiteboards can be opened to draw, illustrate, show diagrams, upload presentations, images etc without any hassles. The advanced geometric shapes and graphs make it easy to teach math and statistics.

Classroom Interaction – Virtual hand raise & virtual ticks make learning in a virtual classroom fun and drives real-time interactions with your learners during the live class. With the live poll option, you can create a poll to pose questions or gather feedback. Attendees can use the live chat and Raise Hand feature to ask questions. All instructors can share their screen in real-time and provide remote assistance to students through the live screen and application sharing option.

Easy administration – Our classroom software can be accessed from any browser and set up within minutes. The software is easy to administer. It lets you define roles and permissions for individual attendees. You can also manage your ongoing sessions with a host of in-class features. Automated reports are generated end of the session which lets you measure the progress of your learners and make decisions.

Virtual storage – You can upload, organize and store your content in the cloud and access it from anywhere anytime. The integrated library supports all types of files and makes saving, transferring and carrying of data hassle free. Upload text, audio, video, PPT, and HTML files in different file formats. It is easy to search for content and share it with your audience. Also, once any content is uploaded to the cloud, you can reuse it for different classes.

API and Plugins – We provide you API’s and plugins to integrate live class functionality to your website. So you can deliver live classes from your LMS/CMS, such as Moodle, WordPress, Canvas, Blackboard,etc. Your user’s may be able to log in with a single ID and password to access your system as well as attend live sessions from the integrated class software. The single sign-on (SSO) facility allows users to access the connected applications without separate registrations. .

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