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AIS Technolabs- One of the leading Virtual Realities Companies in India

AIS Technolabs- One of the leading

Virtual Realities Companies in India

AIS Technolabs is an innovative VR company in India which provide unbelievable twists to the conventional apps to satisfy the next-generation users. The VR apps can provide a mesmerizing user experience to any event and gaming app. Our creative VR developers manipulate the power of VR to offer you a good return on your investment.

The user experience and consumer expectations are high these days. They always look for something innovative and engaging way with their favorite business brands. We, as one of the best VR companies in India, make the most bangs out of your bucks. We regularly deal with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Internet of Things and wearables. We help you to surpass your audience’s expectations in terms of interaction and engagement. Make your business an attractive part of this innovative technology to bring a revolution with our top-notch VR application development.

Virtual Realities Companies In India

Foremost Functionalities That Make Virtual Reality App Demanding

AIS Technolabs offers extensive service to all the platforms including Hololens, Oculus, HTC Vive and for many other startups and enterprises. We blend extensive research with high potential verticals to create a unique VR technology which brings the right solution to your modern business. With the tremendous surge in VR technology, thousands of firms switched to this technology to represent their business. AIS Technolabs is your unique choice as it adds great benefit to your business world by mimicking the real world into reality emulation.

Easy To

We embed our experience into your existing ecosystem with one line integration. We link your APIs to speak to and mold your real-time solutions. With a simple toolkit, without any coding and qualification, anyone can create immersive content with our VR apps.

Works With Lead
Management System

With our VR apps, you can link your data and user interactions directly to the platform of your choice. You can get a real-time score and complete information which help you to generate leads with user experience.


We provide a built-in analytics which helps you to understand everything about your user’s preferences and interactions with your brand. You can create custom dashboards along with automated report which assists you to monitor across your organization.


We have built intuitive user experience along with a fantastic blend of voice commands and third dimension 360-degree visuals. This will ultimately reduce the cognitive loads on the users, and they can focus more on your content.

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Unveil Your Business Services With Virtual Reality – “Get Started in Pocket-Friendly Rate”

Our VR companies in India provide VR developers for diverse industries.

Our AIS Technolabs virtual reality developers provides vast scope services when it comes to innovation and technology in different sectors.

Virtual Reality App in Education


Virtual Reality App in Education

The education sector continues to include the VR as an essential part of their learning. It helps them to improve the level of education through visual communications. Not only the teachers but the students have embraced it as a fantastic learning activity. Our immersive storytelling technology is focused on providing education and training for teachers as well.

Virtual Reality App for Real Estate


Virtual Reality App for Real Estate

The real estate sector is utilizing VR technology most innovatively. The problem-solving VR solutions can educate the construction workers in the most excellent way. Besides, it’s intuitive way to explore designs through virtual reality also helps clients to take an informed decision while making the purchase.

Virtual Reality App for Training


Virtual Reality App for Training

Virtual Reality for training is one of the most important uses of VR technology. There are many Virtual Reality Company in India that have introduced a VR training app to train their employees for a different purpose. You can instruct your employees which prevents the need for setups, and it also provides a different environment to prepare them for any sophisticated event.

Virtual Reality App for E-commerce


Virtual Reality App for E-commerce

If you have an E-commerce business, then you can take the maximum benefit from this technology. You can have a VR store which provides customers with a virtual experience and take them to a virtual tour of your e-commerce store. This is the most excellent way to immerse users more in-depth into the roots of online shopping and make them aware of the different features of the products.

360 degree Virtual Tour for Travel


360 degree Virtual Tour for Travel

With the VR companies in India, the 360-degree virtual tour is taking the traveling business to new heights. With our virtual app, you can offer an immersive way to create an emotional connection with your customers. You can include a 360-degree virtual tour in your travel site to market the content innovatively.

Fines VR Service Around You, With Various Benefits

The virtual reality has been a revolution in many industrial sectors. It is an innovative platform which has been created with the help of VR apps. The virtual reality stimulates the environment for better user experience. You can easily cater to the needs of your customers when you are utilizing VR for your business which provides a more significant visual engagement to your customers. It increases the mobility of the customers which is one of the most important benefits that you will contribute to your customers through your VR applications.

We as one of the top VR company in India help you to reach a more significant customer base with our innovative VR solutions. Our VR services ensure cost-effective marketing strategies as well. It is just a one-time investment which will provide you a fruitful result during a lifetime. The main goal of VR application is that it enhances your business brand’s reality and offers more interactive learning about your products and services. Thus, it helps you to provide an interrupted user experience to your customers. Besides, it is very much convenient to your customers.

Rich user experience

Rich user

Customize to suit user’s needs

Customize to
suit user’s needs

Quick adaptation


Detailed analytics


Brand awareness


Remove language barriers

language barriers

Sparkle Your Business With us

AIS Technolabs has a team of experienced designers and top VR game developers who are fully committed to creating the virtual reality app for your business and services. As one of the leaders of virtual reality companies in India, we are highly capable of developing VR applications with the modern framework which works flawlessly for all the major devices including Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Samsung VR, Oculus, Microsoft’s Hololens and many others.

The virtual reality app which is developed by our developers is highly scalable for numerous business functions like sales presentations, marketing, product demonstration, and many others. We use the vast possibilities of VR to make your applications limitless. We, as one of the best VR development company in India, offer advanced 3D digital imaging, 3D modeling, and visualization which effectively enable to build multi-platform VR applications. As the VR reality development company, our services include:

  • Cross-platform VR applications
  • 3D high-resolution imaging
  • 3D modeling and visualization
  • 3D gaming apps
  • Interactive training app for learning
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