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India has been at the forefront of the software revolution since the early 1990s. As one of the largest global economies, India has built a massive foundation of software development as a key part of its future growth trajectories. With a highly educated and young population, India is poised to lead the way in software development within the next few decades. With globalization and an ever-increasing internet penetration; the country has built the infrastructure required to mobilize its highly talented and entrepreneurial workforce to develop software not only of legacy systems, but is also looking forward in key areas of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and super-computing, blockchain technologies, mobile application, and web application solutions, and virtual reality and augmented reality solutions.

As one of the premier software development organizations, AIS Technolabs is leading the foray into virtual reality technologies and has created an impressive task force to bring virtual reality services into the forefront. As one of the leading virtual reality development companies in India, the company creates an immersive and ethereal VR experience for its global clientele.

1 . What Is Virtual Reality ?

Virtual reality is a simulated experience which takes place in an environment generated by computer systems. To encompass the broad spectrum of human senses; virtual reality systems employ visual, auditory and even haptic feedback, providing the user with complete immersion in the simulated environment. The goal of VR is to build an environment where the distinction between the real environment and the virtual is blurred, thereby allowing the user to perceive the computer-generated imagery to be real. Initially developed in the mid-1980s, virtual reality was quickly adopted by various industries to simplify and ease complex tasks – tasks that required high precision human input. The technology has been refined over the past three decades and is now one of the cornerstones of modern entertainment and video gaming industries. As one of the premier VR companies in India, AIS Technolabs utilizes the very latest in 3D graphics and audio technologies to provide your organization with the very best in immersive landscape and design tools to ensure that your audience enjoys the immersive experience in any device of their choice.

What Is Virtual Reality

2 . Which Industries Can Benefit from Virtual Reality ?

Virtual reality applications have found a plethora of uses in various companies across a multitude of industries. The exciting power of modern computational devices including handheld and portable devices such as smartphones allow 3D designers to create and implement virtual reality solutions easily. This extends to the use of VR in various applications, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Aerospace Industry : One of the primary adopters of virtual reality systems in the early 1980s; the aerospace industry has been leading the development and use of virtual reality solutions. The most common use of VR technologies is in the training and development of pilots for both commercial and military aircraft. In addition, modern VR solutions allow aerospace engineers to design complex rocket systems; as well as simulate the effects of escape velocity and zero gravity on a broad scale.
  • Gaming Industry : The video game industry was one of the first adopters of consumer-grade VR systems. From the pathbreaking Sega VR in the 1980s to the ill-fated Virtual Boy by Nintendo in the early 1990s, video game systems have been the prime focus of virtual reality solutions for the entire span of the past few decades. Modern current-era video game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 come with VR add-on solutions such as the PlayStation VR. In addition, third-party VR solutions such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive leverage the processing power of smartphones to provide unique and innovative virtual and augmented reality solutions.
  • Biotech Research : The use of VR in biotech research has been a boon to researchers and scholars. Using VR, researchers can interact with simulated environments of various bodily processes in real-time, and simulate various scenarios that might arise. In addition, VR allows budding surgeons to practice their skills without the use of cadavers.

As one of the leading software development companies in India, AIS Technolabs has created a top-notch team of 3D artists, designers, and programmers who can recreate any requisite functionality in the VR realm for the platform of your choice.

3. India - The Leading Destination for Virtual Reality Solutions

The use and implementation of VR technologies in various fields have provided organizations to enhance their workflow and productivity with these technologies. As a country famed for its prowess in developing top-notch software; India is at the forefront of the VR and AR revolution, and AIS Technolabs creates tailor-made solutions in VR for a plethora of devices that match your exacting requirements.

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