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Practicing virtual reality development applications from scratch needs a deep analysis of your needs, technical expertise, and unmatched efficiency. AIS Technolabs is a leading virtual reality agency that builds virtual reality and smart devices experiences that surpass expectations. We are one of the best VR development company offering a host of services to design and develop VR applications that leverage the power to turn users into customers.

From virtual reality gaming to virtual reality event experiences, our in-house team has the potential to generate immersive experiences for international and national enterprises as well as dynamic startups. We will be happy to connect with you to develop most amazing virtual reality app development solutions that not just meet your business objectives, but can give your users an entirely new and awesome experience of your business model.

VR Development Company

We Are One of the Leading

Virtual Reality Development Companies

that Can EnrichYour Business Model Experience

We develop VR applications that educate consumers and staff, have real-world uses, and evoke emotions. We practice a turnkey based virtual reality development process that begins from initial designing to final release of the outcome with you along every step of the way.

Our virtual reality solutions deliver a novel way to hyper-accelerate learning like never before. Being a reputed virtual reality agency we are focused on assisting you harness the power of VR technology to develop practical and thoughtful solutions for your business model.

To ensure you offer always the best experience to your customers, we deliver following virtual reality services:

Virtual Reality Integration And Deployment

Virtual Reality Integration and Deployment

We integrate virtual reality technology in an extensive range of applications to improve business capabilities, inspire more potential uses, and attract prospective customers.

Virtual Reality Product Environment

Virtual Reality Product Environment

Our design experts curate virtual reality solutions for 3D design frameworks of products, movies, games, buildings, health practices, and a lot more. No matter to which industry you belong, we have the unique and powerful solution for you!

Mean Stack Application Development

Sales and Presentation Tools

Our experts use virtual reality tools in a way that brings maximum benefit to your business by encouraging sales and improving reputation for targeted sales training and presentations.

Virtual Reality Event Apps Or Trade Shows

Virtual Reality Event Apps or Trade Shows

With our virtual reality event apps or demos, you can have built everything about your business or offerings in a way that offer your customers an unmatched experience. Our solutions are perfect to use in a business event or a tradeshow.

3D Walkthroughs

3D Walkthroughs

We can provide you engaging and up-to-the-mark virtual reality 3D walkthroughs to let you effectively present your customers the best uses and real-time experience of your offerings. From property listing, development projects, or for website integration, our 3D walkthroughs are apt for your every need.

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Our virtual reality services enable health care experts to learn novel skills in real-life situations, enabling them to prepare for an intricate process.



Let your education sector get enhanced with virtual reality technology to offer best aspects and initiatives of real-world classroom experience as well as online distance learning into a consolidated platform.



Access the complete walkthrough experience with 3D walkthroughs based on virtual reality technology. It can deliver your prospective customers a view of the complete property under construction or under development.



We deliver immersive 360 degree advertising solutions to engage and attract your customers, thereby offering you an advantage over your competitors.



Whether you are a travel agency, resort, or a hotel, we can create enrich your travelers with marvelous experiences to boost your online conversions and bookings.



Our virtual reality gaming solutions can upscale your gaming company to the next level. We use VR headset to offer users an experience with virtual environments where imagination results in infinite possibilities.


Event/Exhibition Apps

We can create highly entertaining, informative, and memorable experiences for your event or exhibition for numerous platforms including Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Android/iOS, HTC Live, and more.



We integrate virtual reality solutions to capitalize on innovations taking place within the entertainment space as it acclimates to the advent of virtual reality to generate immersive experiences.

We can offer you amazing projects with unique ideas. Stay ahead of technology paradigm shift with us.Book a consultation with us now!

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Virtual Reality Development


We are one of the leading virtual reality company offering outstanding services and a streamlined VR development process.

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Why We Are the Right Choice?


You need to select a headset to develop VR applications based on the type of content you intend to show, what your budget is, and how you wish to scale the experience. We have a team of professionals having complete understanding of VR practices and offer experiences that are better than others in the market. So, consult us to know how we can support disrupt your industry.


We deliver high-end marketing activations and training simulations for various platforms including Oculus Rift S, Pimax 5K Plus, HTC Vive Pro Eye, and more.


We provide scalable tetherless functionality for all industries and large-scale marketing deployments. Our services are available for, but not limited to Pico Neo, HTC Vive Focus Plus, Oculus Quest, and more.


With our cross platform virtual reality experiences, we let your users enjoy a rich virtual reality game development experience on numerous platforms, or enable other users to control the headset through web or phone.


With the help of trackers, we are able to track your real-world physical objects into a 3D space, enabling the products to be held by the users while transforming to 3D space, absolutely wireless.


Virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated experience, which augmented reality cannot. While AR makes a product more interactive and supplements the same in the real world, virtual reality is bringing real world to life.

Virtual reality solutions can target audiences of all industries and all niches. Whether you are a healthcare expert, offer gaming solutions, or a real estate builder, you can offer outstanding solutions to your customers and showcase exceptional pictures of your offerings

The competition is intense than ever and surviving it is difficult. But with VR, it is possible, because it is the next thing that businesses are heading towards. If you are not shifting to VR then there are possibilities that you might shrink the size of your audience.