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The wonders of computing have provided humans with a multitude of benefits that have shaped our lives in the 21st century. Computing not only allows us to process a plethora of information, but it also provides an excellent means of communication; helping us ease our burdens by automating routine tasks in myriad ways. However, one of the key aspects of modern computing has been the development of immersive worlds for users to explore and enjoy. From simple 3D wireframe modeling solutions of the 1980s to imaginary worlds that fire the deep human need for exploration, the creation of advanced computing systems with immense processing power in consumer-grade devices has spurred the evolution of immersive experiences with virtual reality.

In the current decade, the market is proliferated with advanced virtual reality solutions for PCs, video game consoles and even handheld devices. To provide your audiences with engaging and entertaining solutions to captivate their senses, AIS Technolabs provides top-notch virtual reality development services for various devices across a plethora of platforms.

1. What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a simulated experience taking place in a computer-generated environment, encompassing visual, auditory and even haptic feedback.The purpose of virtual reality is to create an environment which the audience or the user perceives to be real,thereby blurring the distinction between that which is real and what is computer-generated imagery.Computer-generated virtual reality was initially developed in the mid-1980s for use in flight simulation and military training purposes. However, these technologies were quickly developed for the development of medical training and automotive and aerospace design, and in due course of time, proliferated into the entertainment and video-game industries. AIS Technolabs has perfected the art form of creating an immersive atmosphere which transports the audience from the mundane into an imaginary world filled with wonder and excitement. As a VR development company, AIS Technolabs utilizes the very latest in 3D graphics technologies to provide your organization with the very best in virtual landscapes and designs to ensure your audience gets the very best experience in any device of their choice.

VR Development Company

2 . What are the Uses of Virtual Reality ?

In the modern day and age, the exciting computational power of consumer-grade devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and video game consoles allow for the easy creation of virtual reality landscapes of all forms. With the aim of being one of the leading virtual reality companies, AIS Technolabs provides cutting-edge VR solutions to organizations who want to leverage the very best in modern computing technologies to provide their consumers with an unmatched experience.

Virtual Reality has multiple uses in diverse fields. Some of them are:

  • Medical Research: The power of virtual reality provides doctors and surgeons with superior training solutions to undertake complex surgical procedures in a safe environment. In addition, the use of virtual reality allows for the development of superior experiences for patients, who can visualize the ailments, changes, and developments that occur in their bodies.
  • Aeronautics : The use of virtual reality in the field of aeronautics has been well-documented, with the first VR systems being built to train pilots. With the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles, virtual reality allows pilots to be in the right in the cockpit of UAVs while being safe in their respective bases; getting an immersive experience in flying and maneuvering complex and modern aircraft with ease.
  • Automotive Industry : The automotive industry has multiple uses for virtual reality. VR allows engineers to simulate various situations that their vehicles might encounter; from virtual crash testing to providing consumers a feeling of the next-generation driving experiences for ultra-modern concept vehicles.
  • Design : Virtual reality has myriad applications in the design and development processes of both physical goods as well as virtual software solutions. With VR, 3D designers can harness the power of 3-dimensional designs to develop cutting-edge designs; lowering costs considerably and improving overall workflow.
  • Real Estate: The real-estate industry has superior potential for virtual reality solutions. With VR, real estate developers and agents can provide prospective home-owners with a glimpse of their dream homes right at their doorstep. The technology also allows home-owners to decorate and design their interiors with elan.
  • Entertainment : The entertainment industry has wholeheartedly integrated virtual reality in their solutions. From amusement parks using virtual reality to provide patrons with next-generation experiences, complete with visual, auditory and haptic feedback – to video game developers using virtual reality to craft realistic and fantastical worlds for players to explore and enjoy!

3 . Virtual Reality Agency

As one of the premier virtual reality development companies, AIS Technolabs provides you with next-generation virtual reality solutions on a plethora of devices – from dedicated virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR; to common devices such as Android handsets and laptops and desktop computers. We employ some of the very best in 3D artists and designers to ensure that your requisite scenarios become immersive and experiential for your consumers. A virtual reality agency like no other, AIS Technolabs is at the forefront of the VR revolution.

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