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Virtual reality and gaming go hand in hand. The use of modern technology for entertainment has always been one of the key features of modern computing technology. Ever since computers were created in the early 1950s, people have been using them to amuse themselves using video games of all forms. From the earliest video game that was displayed on the screen of an oscilloscope, to later iterations that were meant for home television screens; video games have evolved, and have often been the fore-runner of modern computing development in every decade.
Virtual Reality game development saw its inception in the late 1980s. With the evolution of powerful hardware components that could display and scale multiple objects on the screen simultaneously, game developers have always pushed the envelope for more advanced graphics solutions to provide an immersive and experiential world for gamers to explore and enjoy. In the modern era, with the advent of extremely powerful video game consoles that rival, and sometimes out-match the power of consumer computers, VR has become a mainstream phenomenon, with virtual reality game development companies at the forefront of the next evolution of consumer gaming.

1. Virtual Reality Game Development Company

In the modern age, the accessibility of virtual reality solutions is simply mind-boggling. From dedicated headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive supporting a wide variety of computing systems and gaming platforms to mobile devices such as smartphones providing the power of VR in the hands of the masses through inexpensive solutions such as the Google Cardboard; more and more people are accessing the wonders of virtual reality. This has created a huge demand for quality content development which is VR-Ready and provides instant access to the possibilities of virtual reality gaming. As one of the top Virtual Reality game development companies, AIS Technolabs has started a one-of-a-kind VR solution to provide customized virtual reality game development services to organizations across the world. At AIS Technolabs,we pride ourselves in encompassing almost all of the modern virtual reality solutions to ensure that your audience receives the best gaming experience in any device of their choice.As a game development organization, our continuous focus is to up the ante of the consumer expectation, providing unique and customizable solutions to organizations that want to leverage the immersive nature of the technology; ensuring a unique experience for each and every gamer.

VR Game Development

Modern virtual reality games are targeted at broadly Four categories:

  • PC Gaming : PC gaming is one of the most unique aspects of the personal computer revolution. Originally created as a device to help offices and businesses work more efficiently, talented programmers have used the power of desktop and laptop machines to provide exciting gaming opportunities to those looking to enjoy the very best in computer graphics and sound solutions. With the addition of virtual reality component, these games have become even more experiential, with immersive vistas to draw the user in. Most of the modern games for the PC have been developed for the Windows Operating system, with Mac OS being a distant second, when it comes to gaming.
  • Console Gaming : Video game consoles are unique devices that use computing systems to provide the solitary task of providing a top-notch gaming experience to the consumer. The modern era is dominated by three video game consoles, the PlayStation 4, the Microsoft Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch; with the former having a dedicated VR headset, and the latter having third-party VR headset support.
  • Mobile Gaming : Virtual Reality in mobile gaming is one of the latest aspects of the modern gaming industry. The advent of extremely powerful smartphones rivaling the power of desktop computers has allowed users to enjoy their favorite games in virtual reality, right at their fingertips. The dominant VR solution for mobile gaming is done through Google’s Android OS; with support for a wide variety of in-built and third-party VR headsets.
  • Web Gaming : A new arena in the world of virtual reality gaming, web gaming uses the power of Web Assembly and JavaScript to provide virtual reality gaming solutions directly from your browser. This innovative technology is still in its infancy but is poised to take over the gaming landscape in a few years.

As a premier virtual reality game development organization, AIS Technolabs has a talented roster of 3D graphics designers and game development programmers to ensure your vision of the perfect immersive landscape is brought to life.

2 .Top VR Game Developers

As one the leading software development organizations globally, AIS Technolabs has entered the virtual reality gaming segment and has hired some of the very best talents to develop games featuring top-notch graphics and sound solutions that match your expectations. As one of the top VR game developers, we execute a project from start to finish, ensuring that your desired game reaches the hands of your chosen audience in the way you intended it to.

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