Wallet Payment Model

Are you outsourcing multiple projects to an offshore software development agency? Do you want to save time and efforts on paying invoices online frequently?

AIS Technolabs introduces a wallet payment model that can help you carry out transactions easily and quickly. This new payment method allows the clients to store electronic money and dedicated relationship managers would be assigned to manage the payments. This can be the right option for individuals, small and large agencies who outsource their projects to us and may have ongoing projects. Wallet payment model offers great convenience and simplicity to the payments.

wallet payment model
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Benefits of Wallet Payment Method

Dedicated Relationship Manager

We assign a dedicated relationship manager to update you about the project status, deductions, balance, and all other details.

Pay As You Go

Digital wallet payment method is a convenient pay-as-you-go model to be used whenever you want to.

Save Time & Efforts

You will be able to save a lot of time and efforts with our wallet payment method.

How it Works?

You need to discuss your project requirements, and we would let you know the amount of money you need to add in your wallet depending on your project size. We will assign a dedicated relationship manager who would deduct the amount from your wallet as the milestones are achieved, communicate with you, and inform you when your balance gets low. The relationship manager would send regular invoices to the clients.

Clients can add money to their wallets using multiple payment methods such as wire transfer, transferwise, Payoneer or credit cards.

We offer a 5%-20% discount on the order value when clients choose a wallet method for payments. For instance: If you add $4000 in your wallet, we will offer benefits worth $4400 by offering a 10% discount. Isn’t that great?

Why Choose the Wallet Method?

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    Add money to your wallet without any hassles

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    Dedicated relationship manager to manage the wallet balance

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    Great discounts

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    No need to use credit card for making payments every time

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    Regular reporting and Invoices

Get in touch with us to know more about the wallet payment method.

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