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Wearable App Development

The world of technology changing at an alarming rate. For the success of the business needs to cope up with the advancing market and changing consumer demands. To fit yourself in today’s market you need smart partners. AIS Technolabs is here to enhance your services with a completely new customer engagement story that will lead your business in generations to come. Our wearable app developer team offers you groundbreaking wearable app development services to fulfil various market, customer and enterprise purposes. Our wearable app development provides to keep your business ahead and gain first mover advantage.

Wearable Devices are The Future
  • 2 in 5 users say that they feel naked if they don’t use wearable device.
  • 43% of users believe the wearable device will replace smartphones.
  • 63% of users agree that using wearable tool will make life and work inseparable.
  • 51% say that half of the people will watch TV on wearable screen.
  • Wearable device decreases obesity by 46% all around the world.
  • 57% agree that people will rely more on their wearable devices for support than they do
    their friends & family
  • 43% of people say that using the wearable device for fitness will increase the ability of athletics.
AIS Technolabs Wearable App Development for Apple Watch OS 4 and Android Wearable SDK

AIS Technolabs wearable app development technologies are upgraded with changing and shifting of technology. We are always ready for the challenges that we are faced with, and the latest one is about developing wearable apps for Apple watch OS 4 and Android Wearable SDK. Our wearable app development experts are ready and well-versed with the latest technologies used for developing a wearable app for Apple and Android.

Wearable Solutions

“AIS Technolabs Holds Categories of Wearable Solutions”

Fitness Trackers
Application created for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics like Time of running, Calories Loss, Heartbeat and Quality of Sleep.
Smart Watches
This wearable computing device offers facilities like calculating, making calls, translations, accessing smartphones and messages.
Head Mounted Display
It presents visuals directly to enhance user experience in a field such as gaming, aviation, medical and engineering.
Smart Jewelry
This device is used to track fitness of the users by placing it in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.
Smart Clothing
Smart clothing also termed as E-textiles, intelligent garments, smart textiles, or smart fabrics, that are embedded with digital components and electronics.
This is a human tracking device. Users can carry this device wherever they go, as they are implanted under the skin through surgery in various forms like tattoos, pacemakers or defibrillators.
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Our Proficiency
We have accomplished 100+ successful projects on wearable app development. Take a look at our areas of expertise.
  • IOT-based Wearable Apps
  • Wearables for Entertainment and Games
  • Wearable Apps for iOS and Android
  • Wearable Healthcare Apps & Utility Apps

Why AIS Technolabs’ Wearable App Developers?

Research and Strategy always give you better results. Our main focus is to develop a wearable application which is free of risk and provide extraordinary digital experience.
Our Sources of Success are
  • Expert wearable technology app developers
  • Early adopters of wearable device app development
  • Leverage the maximum benefit of the technology
  • High-quality solutions at competitive rates and seamless processes
You can trust AIS Technolabs with its quality and security. Our wearable app developers are driven by one thought to provide the best services to the clients. We do not stop at wearable app development, our experts also find the best way to switch your business from wearable to Apple TV OS.
Your wearable app development is in safe hand. Build your wearable apps with us and leverage your business.