Wearable Devices are the Future
  • 2 in 5 users say that they feel naked if they don't use wearable device.
  • 43% of users believe the wearable device will replace smartphones.
  • 63% of users agree that using wearable tool will make life and work inseparable.
  • 51% say that half of the people will watch TV on wearable screen.
  • Wearable device decreases obesity by 46% all around the world.
  • 57% agree that people will rely more on their wearable devices for support than they do on their friends & family
  • 43% of people say that using the wearable device for fitness will increase the ability of athletics.
AIS Technolabs Wearable App Development for Apple Watch OS 4 and Android Wearable SDK
AIS Technolabs wearable app development technologies are upgraded with changing and shifting of technology. We are always ready for the challenges that we are faced with, and the latest one is about developing wearable apps for Apple watch OS 4 and Android Wearable SDK. Our wearable app development experts are ready and well-versed with the latest technologies used for developing a wearable app for Apple and Android.

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