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Best Webinar Platforms

Webinar marketing is an important approach for businesses. Webinars allow you to build a more individual relationship with your audience, dive further into the subjects that concern them, and build your brand as a place where people can get the essential information. We are providing you with the Best Webinar Platforms that enable you to build email marketing lists with a purpose. With our offered webinar platforms, you can plan and automate your webinar footage and can recreate the live experience for clients.

Webinar Software

Webinar Recording Software

Our Webinar Recording Software is the best software for recording webinars for both professional and casual users. It can capture an application, window, particular region or an entire desktop. Likewise, it is perfect for recording video games, video VoIP calls, and streaming video. Moreover, it can record the mobile device displays, such as tablets and smartphones. Our offered recording software has tools which make it very easy for users to create professional videos of supreme quality.

Webinar Hosting Software

Our Webinar Hosting Software provides some of the best features which its competitors can only dream of. With this software, you can easily arrange any conference and meeting from anywhere anytime. You can also join a meeting which was already hosted by your teammates. This software offers you a handful of features. Some of them are:

  • Our webinar software gives you a steady and HD video conference for your webinar hosting solution.
  • You can record your webinar, meeting or conference for your future use.
  • You can easily transfer and share any file with your conference mates.
  • Our software provides you with a handful of tools to use while you are hosting a webinar or conference. You have the freedom of using a remote control, an online whiteboard tool for your explanation purpose, etc.
  • You are allowed to share your screen easily with your team.
  • A pre-fixed meeting and webinar can be scheduled
  • This software runs on various platforms. It does not matter if you are using an Android or iOS or a windows device or Mac. This software works on all.
  • Insight of the benefits of Webinar Software

    Reduces training costs: Our Webinar Software gives you the opportunity to host webinars, online training events, and business meetings without having to cover travel and accommodation expenses. Moreover, with the expense of printed training materials, you can also avoid site rental fees.

    Streamlines the client review process: Before web conferencing software, eLearning professionals had to schedule a meeting with the client, potentially rent a meeting space, and print all of the necessary materials. With our web conferencing software, eLearning professionals can meet with their clients in virtual meeting spaces and share their thoughts within a fraction of the time.

    Provides a flexible support solution: This benefit is actually two-fold. Not only can you offer your online members personal support, you can also take benefit of a flexible support system for differentiated online training.

    Allow eLearning professionals to host interactive webinars and online training events: Our offered Web conferencing software can give you the power to host interactive and engaging webinars for your audience. Many even have online registration and analytics to monitor the turnout. If you are going to use the web conferencing tool primarily for webinars and online training courses, it’s vital to find an online platform that can accommodate live virtual crowds.

    Improves team collaboration: Your online learners can meetup to discuss significant business decisions or even work on projects via the web conferencing platform. Many solutions even offer virtual training classrooms and online scheduling tools, which make them perfect for online collaboration.

    Removes geographical limitations: Without a doubt, one of the most significant advantages of our web conferencing is the removal of geographical limitations. No matter where your eLearning team members are located, they can stay connected to their mates and work together to create remarkable online deliverables.

    Improves social learning experiences: Web conferencing tools are not just for eLearning course development. They can also be used by your online learners to collaborate with their peers and share their personal experiences and insights. As a matter of fact, you can integrate web conferencing into your online course design to offer your audience social learning experiences that are more interactive and engaging.

    Get Webinar Software at up to 15% affordable prices.
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