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White label solutions for your Business Needs

Cloning your chatting applications such as Whatsapp Business is not a new concept. Billions of people who are using Whatsapp for business have already been focusing on boosting their e-connect experience but creating an effective and scalable Whatsapp business clone app script is not always easy.

That’s why you may require a professional technical team who can help you with clone Whatsapp business. At AIS Technolabs, we provide you with such technical advantage to clone any messaging app and not only Whatsapp.

Our app development team offers you a cost-effective Whatsapp business clone script to create the credibility of your business. To avail of our customized Whatsapp business app solutions, you may contact us today.

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Whatsapp Business Clone

Avail Clone Whatsapp Business To Boost Your Client Satisfaction

WhatsApp is a leading texting application in the industry right now. And both the Whatsapp app and Whatsapp Business have captured the world by storm with its great features. The creation of Whatsapp Business app clone script helps you add the required features of Whatsapp and help you smoothen the conversations with your clients. We have been in this business for decades where we help our customers create Whatsapp clones and many other chatting app clones. This not only helps in making your brand reachable to new customers but also in keeping them through high-end customer support.

We offer the most affordable and detailed clone script solutions in a timely fashion. Our Whatsapp clone development includes cross-platform compatibility and .NET code base solutions. So, to get your hands on the world’s leading messaging app, all you have to do is explain us your requirements and we will provide you a custom quote.

Advanced Features of

Whatsapp Business App Cloning

We are here not only to cater to your Whatsapp business app needs but also many other clone app development services. AIS Technolabs is not all about Whatsapp business app cloning. But also, we are here to help you with website cloning and video game cloning scripts. We help your business with cost-effective application development services so that you can grow and achieve further.

Business profile

Whatsapp business clone app would allow the users to create business profiles and all the details about the contact details, email address, hours of operation, and others. Business owners can add, edit or delete such information on their business profile.

Chat window

Live chat window on Whatsapp clone enables you to be available 24/7 to answer the customers’ queries and provide you with immediate solutions.

Quick replies

Automated replies can be set for the messages sent by the users and prospects. This unique feature helps your users get instant replies to their queries even when you’re not around.

Organize contacts

Whatsapp Business clone app development lets you organize more contacts on your phone book. You can actually use two numbers to talk to the same client from two of your different Whatsapp apps. This lets you advertise your services and keep the customers updated about your products and services.

Group chat

Like the normal Whatsapp app on your phone, you can create a group with different contacts on your Whatsapp Business clone app. You can add as many as 256 users in a Whatsapp group chat and communicate with each other. The feature is extremely helpful and time-saving when it comes to your business or personal requirements.

Share documents

Sharing documents with others—your colleagues or customers is easier now with the Whatsapp business clone. You can find the documents on your phone’s internal storage and send them through the chat window of a particular contact. And whatever you send will be delivered instantly if your phone is connected to the internet.

Voice and video calling

Like the personal Whatsapp messenger on your smartphone, Whatsapp Business clone lets you connect with your people with video and audio calls too. There are two buttons on the top of a Whatsapp contact’s chat that you can click and talk to the person live without typing any text messages. The video and voice calling feature of Whatsapp Business is of high-quality and quite effective.

Share locations

Whatsapp’s unique feature, the location sharing option is quite helpful. Users can share their location with a contact on a Whatsapp chat and that person can follow the GPS to find the specific location. This feature is especially helpful for local business owners to help their customers find their physical stores.

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Benefits of Whatsapp Business Clone App Development

When it comes to messaging apps, Whatsapp undoubtedly tops the list. Also, when it comes to clone app development of texting and messaging software, Whatsapp is the first option people think about. Whatsapp clone script is the most popular choice among business owners and many small or medium-sized brands. As you have already learnt about the features of Whatsapp cloning, you now know how it can benefit your business. In Whatsapp business cloning, you get end-to-end encryption of your messages and calls, as well as backups and all. All it takes is a simple WhatsApp clone app source code, which we develop for you and deliver at your preferred timeline.

Customized Features

Apart from the default and in-built features in the Whatsapp clone app, we can add more of your choice. Our scripts are customized as per the customers’ needs. So, whatever your requirement is, all you need to do is tell us about them and we are here to make it happen.

Cost effective solutions

The best thing about Whatsapp business clone is, you get so many features and functions at a very cost-effective price tag. The budget-friendly solutions of AIS Technolabs for Whatsapp business cloning is always up to the mark and hassle-free as well.

Hassle-free integrations

The integration of Whatsapp business cloning does not involve any complex coding or functions. They are easy to build and easier to use. You simply receive the cloning app development package from us and start to use at your own convenient time.

Faster results

With Whatsapp Business clone, you will get faster engagement and user-satisfaction for your brand. You can easily connect with millions of customers from all over the world as Whatsapp is available in almost every country. You can easily boost your sales and product engagement with Whatsapp Business.

Save time & resources

Whatsapp business cloning saves your time by connecting with your customers. Since now you will have Whatsapp business apps on your phone, you can save your time and resources more effectively. All it needs is a little integration which we can help you with and you are done.

Highly reliable

Whatsapp business builds your brand’s credibility as Whatsapp is credible itself. The more you allow the customers to connect with you through Whatsapp, the more you will keep them engaged and updated with the latest updates of your business. Whatsapp is the most reliable messenger of all and it is surely going to be beneficial for your brand.

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Whatsapp Business Clone App Development?

AIS Technolabs has been serving the customers all over the world for decades. We work in a dynamic environment with dedication and passion. Our team of highly professional and disciplined technicians are always upgrading themselves to meet the high demands of our clients. No matter whether it is services related to website development, SEO, mobile app development, clone app development, or web app development, we are always here. And when it comes to Whatsapp clone development services, think no more. Have a look at the most highlighted features of our service offerings below.

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