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White Label Whatsapp Clone App

The app-based chatting ecosystem has expanded leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Carrying on the legacy from social networking sites, these apps provide you a comparatively safer and secure environment for your e-connect. The end to end encryption and smooth interface are some of the advantages that popular chatting apps like Whatsapp bring for its users.

The idea of having a clone app or clone script of popular apps is not a new one and is popular in the domain of chatting based app development. Apart from the user familiarity factor, there are other benefits of having a clone app of a popular messaging app like Whatsapp. Cost-effectiveness and ease of scalability are some of the crucial benefits of adopting a Whatsapp clone app script for development of your messaging app.

Software and app development firms are offering these services to their clients in an effective and wholesome manner. The coding skills and development ability that a dedicated team of professionals bring in, is something that firms crave for.

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White Label Whatsapp Clone App

At AIS Technolabs we offer best ICT solutions with a specialty in WhatsApp clone source code. based app development and also we hire Xamarin Developer who could help in delivering native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with a single shared .NET code base. Customized solutions and client. Customized solutions and client-centric approach are the USP of our service delivery. We are committed to bringing the best possible solutions for our clients with our WhatsApp clone source code.

Whatsapp Clone Script

Whatsapp Clone Script

Whatsapp is a market leader in the domain of messaging apps. When it comes to the development of a messaging app with clone script, Whatsapp clone script automatically becomes the first and preferred choice.

With over 1 billion downloads Whatsapp is the most used and most downloaded messaging app across all platforms. Thus, developing a Whatsapp clone script, leads to ease of adoption of the app by the users and brings in great prospects for growth and popularity of the app.

Need for Whatsapp Clone script

The need for using Whatsapp clone script stems from the fact that it accords familiarity in terms of features and usability of the WhatsApp clone for sale with that of the original. Following are some of the exclusive benefits that a Whatsapp clone script brings in:


The feature allows chatting and texting to flow smoothly among a group of users. The feature is commonly used to create a multi-member group in Whatsapp. WhatsApp clone for sale scripts add these to your app development and accord further familiarity with the original app.


With WhatsApp clone android source code you can add voice and video call feature which happens to be the second most used feature of Whatsapp apart from the texting feature. Video and Voice call in WhatsApp clone android source code provide instant connect among users by allowing them to do so without paying the calling charges.


End to end encryption is one of the prominent security features on Whatsapp. The feature allows secure chat between two users without any infringement or threat to the privacy of the user. Our WhatsApp clone android source code incorporates this feature.


Back up creation and restoration is crucial for preserving important chats, images, videos, GIFs etc. A WhatsApp clone android source code allows the adoption of this crucial Whatsapp feature.


The WhatsApp clone app source code offers the feature of location sharing to its users. The feature is quite popular among users and helps easy sync with Google maps to track and direct with regards to a particular location.

We, at AIS Technolabs, offer the incorporation of most of the features of Whatsapp with our WhatsApp clone app source code for development of your app. The option for need-based customization is always available with the clients with our WhatsApp clone android source code.

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AIS Technolabs

We at AIS Technolabs have developed a name for ourselves in the domain of mobile app development. Having tendered to the needs of WhatsApp clone source code based app development solutions, we have developed a satisfied client network. We have ensured that WhatsApp clone development solutions are delivered in a need-based and comprehensive manner.

Holistic understanding of WhatsApp clone for sale and the ability to hire dedicated developers bring to your dispense mastery of handling complex coding solutions. Our capabilities in terms of service delivery, makes AIS Technolabs the perfect choice for WhatsAPP clone development.

AIS Technolabs offers you the following benefits as your WhatsApp clone source code based app development company:

  • Detailed attention to client’s need in the WhatsApp clone development plan
  • Interface similarity with Whatsapp
  • Nominal rate for WhatsApp clone development solution
  • Procedure and standard based WhatsApp clone app source code development methodology
  • Qualified and experienced developers on work
  • Effective use of clone scripts to make app user-friendly
  • Holistic testing and development
  • Coding principles and standards are adhered to
  • Cross-platform app development
  • Compatibility of the app with the updated mobile operating system
  • Facility of according assistance and guidance
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Timely update for security feature enhancement
  • Device friendly and easily navigable apps for the users

We at AIS Technolabs are committed to keeping the client’s trust and faith in us. Our professional approach towards the WhatsApp clone app development needs of the client helps us in delivering the best in less time. To ensure our credibility, we work tirelessly in the service of our client by providing the best WhatsApp clone for sale.
If you’re looking for clone script based WhatsApp clone app development then you can register your inquiry at our official website www.aistechnolabs.com.