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Whether you are a business owner or an individual tired of the standard options on sites like Vimeo and Youtube and are looking to build your video hosting service like YouTube, we can help you build a YouTube clone fairly instantly. Embedding video content can be as difficult and messy as possible. However, by creating a YouTube clone script containing the video content along with the other useful content can make embedding videos and clips easier while sharing your favorite videos with your audience that much easier.

YouTube source code

One way our work is different from the rest is through the use of the latest technologies and scope for extending your current software with any new upcoming software that suits your business needs. Our goal is also to give you the tools needed to take control of your software, run it, and make changes as you like. The growth of video sharing websites like YouTube has also brought a clear distinction in the features and new trends. Therefore, we give you the access to YouTube clone source code that is always open to new and interesting opportunities. We also build your YouTube clone based on YouTube source code so that it is almost the same.

youtube source code

YouTube clone PHP

We offer the best YouTube clone PHP scripts that enable proper functioning of high definition videos and live video streaming features on your software. Also, allowing you to run your applications across different platforms with high speed and increased efficiency. For running a YouTube clone PHP script that is home to an extensive collection of movies and videos, we see that you get powerful library support which is crucial for these kinds of applications.

About us :

We at, AIS Technolabs, are a leading name for offering reliable services for software and app development, web design, custom web and mobile app development, cloud-based applications design and development services in India, and leverage services locally as well as globally. Whether you are a small business owner or a large scale enterprise, we’ve got solutions for all. The three key values that keep us growing and reflect in the work we do:

Timely :
Time limitations and tough deadline constraints are not an issue with us as our developer team relentlessly keeps working to meet and exceed your expectations.

Transparent :
We operate with a strong feedback loop and a culture of open communication that has never failed us and strongly built our long standing associations with our clients and the brands we’ve worked with so far. We are always transparent and aim for a long-term association through trust and transparent communication, whether in spoken or written form.

Tangible :
We understand that important factors such as profit and loss, the number of clients, the market share or the number of successful products you produce very much determine your success. Therefore, our work is also based on measuring all of these important factors while building products for you to give you a black and white picture to build a better YouTube clone for your business.

Some of the best features we offer :

Easy video upload and Import:

With an array of devices, the uploading and importing processes also vary. Keeping this in mind, we made uploading from your device and sharing the videos online option, one of the easiest of all. You can also import short and long videos from anywhere online such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many more

Powerful video search :

Video streaming demands a consistent viewing experience across all platforms and with all types of video content. Since the video is the main focus of the site whether you are selecting a video from the suggestion or searching for a specific video, we ensure that your search remains easier and powerful from the start till the moment you leave the page. Using internet and Google at large, we focus on the speed and keyword so that you can get to the right video content and also remember the search preferences to help your users in their search in the future.

Strong Admin Panel :

A strong admin panel very much defines how productively you can manage the whole system and do more while making your life easier in the process. With the help of a strong admin panel, we will ensure that you stay in control at all times by keeping track of any activity within the app and take decisions based on this information to improve the overall page load time and see that it is responsive from start to finish.

SiteMap Generator :
Using the SiteMap Generator, a powerful way to navigate a website, we will generate a sitemap for the relevant videos and make it available on your favorite or most used search engines to find the relevant content easily.

Comment, share, Like and dislike :

The common features such as like, comment, share and dislike are made available along with any special features you may require such as user channels, subscription, and history along with watch later options and many more.

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