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YouTube Clone Script

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These days, a huge array of people has already lost interest from television with the availability of fast and affordable internet as well as various kinds of on-demand video streaming apps. YouTube clone PHP can be the technology that ensures a promising future of your online business. Our YouTube clone script solution provides to overtake the online video streaming industry with innovative features and easy to manage dashboard. The YouTube source code will be well-equipped with multiple features like video quality check, auto-play, subtitle options, multi-lingual mode, and many others. Along with the user-friendly features, you will get unmatched user interface which not only engages your viewers but also retains them to watch more videos on your platform. Furthermore, you can easily manage and monitor the performance of the application with our user-friendly dashboard.

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YouTube Clone Script

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YouTube Source Code Features

“Which Makes Your Tube Business Unique From Others”
Song Tracklist
Pictures and Stickers with Filters
Creating Channel
Multi sharing your videos
Views/ Likes/ Comments
Additional settings
Report user
Group Chatting
SEO friendly
View profiles
Attaching media
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Working Fundamentals of Our

YouTube Clone PHP

The YouTube clone PHP is designed to enhance the convenience to the users as well as the owners. The users can log into the app by their login credentials or through their Facebook and Google credentials.

Then the users can stream their favorite videos uploaded by the admin or by the other users through their dedicated channels.

The users can also personalize their channels with profile pictures and themes. They also have to provide a good thumbnail image along with a short description of the video.

On the other note, the admin can monitor their channels like the number of viewers watching their videos, sharing them on different social media and the embed link which is used to add the video in other websites.

YouTube Clone PHP

Our advanced YouTube source code provides innovative features which filter the best videos based on the views, users comments, and their likes. The app users can also like or dislike videos. Furthermore, the app users can flag or report any disturbing video, and the admin can also make an investigation and remove the video from the channel as per your company guidelines.

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Challenges in YouTube
Clone app Development

Building a successful YouTube clone script is not rocket science, but choosing the right development company is very important. One of the biggest challenges that you have to face while creating a YouTube source code is storing and transferring the vast data. This process can be slow and expensive and can also be intensive. The cost of building the app with enhanced feature is too high with lesser chances of reusability. Besides, the content transcoding and the content distribution can also be the toughest hurdles that you can face for your YouTube clone app.

YouTube Clone App Development
PHP development company.

For saving a massive investment from wasting away, all you need is to select the right YouTube clone PHP development company. Going with the AIS Technolabs is a correct decision, as we are the one who ensures the most out of your investment including successful application along with good return on investment.

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YouTube Source Code

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youtube source code

AIS Technolab is the one-stop solution for all your online business needs. Our Youtube source code development offers some of the best flexibilities and seamless integration for streaming live videos. We simplified the creation of live video streaming script and its functionalities for the fantastic user experience. Right from addition motion graphics to animation, we offer you a complete on-demand video app solution.

We introduce you to our world full of creativity where we paint your imagination on our canvas of codes. We are a platform where you become an app developer without any technical knowledge. With our original YouTube clone script, you can see your ideas taking shape into a flawlessly working application. We provide a perfect combination of the latest industrial trends and the right skills to integrate it successfully.

YouTube source code application
developed by us is :


The app can provide a flawless user
experience for different screen resolution.

Easy to install

Easy to install
The users can install it easily from Google play or
from Apple store.


You can manage the ads which boost up your
business revenue.


The users can customize it according to their