Customizable Bigo Live Clone

Live streaming application contributes a lot towards the success of the business. The live streaming applications can be effectively used for companies to organize meetings and events, and for being in touch with clients. To create a live streaming application, all you need is the proper live streaming script. AIS Technolabs provides bigo live clone script resembling features, performance, and specifications. The bigo clone script by developers of AIS Technolabs contains a user-friendly interface, which makes it more lively and engaging. By using the bigo clone script, it becomes very easy to create an exact copy of the bigo application with every feature to make it the perfect live streaming application you need.

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Robust Features of Bigo Clone

Uses of Bigo Clone Live Script As Streaming Application

Virtual classrooms and office meetings are dependent on live streaming videos. This allows communicating efficiently with remote persons.

Live interactions through comments and notifications of online status when someone starts following you enhance engagement.

Even “Go live” option is provided through which you can go live and stream live videos, receive feedback…there are endless features for facilitating interactions.

By simply using the Bigo clone live script, you can directly avail these features into your application and get all the benefits of a popular live streaming app development platform.

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What makes our Bigo Clone Scripts Unique ?

Our developers at AIS techno labs have designed such a bigo live clone script that possesses a user-friendly interface with unique features and responsive designs that works on all the platforms while facilitating the live streaming process. We meet customers’ requirements by delivering an incredible and unique clone script of the live streaming application. You can get the best Bigo clone application without investing more in software, hardware or infrastructure. In the application developed by bigo clone script, the users can tap, record and upload high-quality videos of their choice at a fast pace.

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Give your business a Powerful Tool

For the business to run successfully, it is necessary for owners to find the prominent audience who are interested in the respective service or products that you provide. The smart way to is to develop the application from a live clone script rather than developing it from scratch. Utilizing the Bigo clone live script is the best solution to grab the attention of the users across the world and expanding your business. So, give your business a chance to grow more by ready-to-use Bigo clone scripts.

Why Choose Bigo Live Clone Script?

Source Code

We lend source code for both the server-side and mobile application. So, the admin can customize anything they want as per their requirements.

Free Installation

Free installation service is provided by our team which includes server set-up, basic mobile application changes, and app store submission assistance.

High-quality Video Streaming

Video streaming will be provided by the world’s leading streaming engine.

Data Streaming

Data streaming is administered by a leading data streamer named Pub Nub.

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