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Launching an online marketplace could be quite difficult when proper strategies are not planned. Sellers need to use modern tools and strategies when it comes to selling their products online. Most of them have complete control over customer experiences. It could be rearranging the product placement or making new merchants join your online store. To attract a large group of buyers and customers, you need to follow some tips that are discussed in this blog.


Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is shifting to online stores for shopping. It is the best time one can think of building an online store that can boom among the shoppers. If you are selling anything online, you need to ensure that it is on the top of the board of your eCommerce website sector as it is a competitive online world nowadays.

An eCommerce website would help you to build a well-established brand that will connect you with more customers and potential shoppers who may be interested to buy your products or services. Also, it will help you to gain a large number of merchants who would be interested in selling different products if you are planning to develop an online portal. Before you launch your online store, it is quite important for you to follow some tips and tricks that will help you to stand with your competitors.

What are the top 10 Best Tips and Tricks to Build a Great eCommerce Store?

What are the top 10 Best Tips and Tricks to Build a Great eCommerce Store?

Attractive Web Design

It is quite essential for you to take care of your customers and help them to get the best user experience on your eCommerce website. According to different studies more than 90% of people do consider the visual appearance when they shop online. It is one of the main factors that customers consider when purchasing a product.

If you are looking to create an online store, you can hire a web designer from an eCommerce solutions company that will help you to deliver the best eCommerce website or you can make use of DIY strategies to build on your own. Although there are a large number of website designs and templates are available, it is recommended that you create your own website. You can look for different websites such as tonyTemplates, Apollo Them, and many more for intuitive design, layouts, and different trends.

Engaging About Us Page

Customers do purchase goods when they establish trust with the seller, hence it is quite essential for you to have a great “About Us page” where you can share all your details, such as email, address, and social media channels.

It could be quite overwhelming for your customers when they find good information about your online store. You should ensure that you don’t waste this opportunity of gaining a good number of customers, hence you should ensure that all the information is available that is clear and engaging. Any information related to your brand or your journey would give a personal touch and it will become social proof about your valuable services.

Hire a Web Developer

A website or application is a crucial component for you to launch your eCommerce website. If you are looking to have an eCommerce website build professionally and in less duration, you should hire a web developer. A web developer has the best experience in building the eCommerce website and will assist you to make a quick launch quickly.

Different entrepreneurs are shifting to hiring a developer from eCommerce development agency, as they offer great services and do it with complete research. But before you hire a web developer, it is quite essential for you to understand their work and specialty. Since it will help you to choose the best platform for designing and developing your eCommerce store.
Get a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

Get a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

Choosing the right hosting is quite important for your website. It is quite necessary to have an online store that is credible, reliable, and loads quickly for the website visitors. Such facilities are offered by the web hosting provider. Many site holders go for the cheap host but it’s always a bad decision.

Your website should always load quickly and it should offer the best user experience for your customers. A better UX would help you to build your brand credibility. Customers who are able to have a good time on the website would surely come to your website again.

It becomes quite difficult for customers. Every eCommerce website deserves a web hosting provider that is reliable, hence you should always partner with some provider who offers great advantages.
Advertise on Social Media Channels

Choose the Payment Gateway

Any eCommerce website store does not exist without payments. An eCommerce website should come with a wide variety of payment choices for your customers so it makes it easier for them to make a purchase.

For example, Paypal is the best and most commonly used payment solution, although there are many more payment options. Some features that every eCommerce store should have are the following.

It should allow sellers to create an account on your eCommerce website and share all the information about their payments.
Your payment gateway should offer a wide variety of payment options so any consumer can make purchases quickly and easily.

Advertise on Social Media Channels

Nowadays, choosing the way of social media channels for popularity is the best way, since it helps you to connect with lots of customers in a fun and creative way possible. Social media advertising is the best strategy to gain some attraction for your website.

You can use many tools like google analytics that help you track channels that you use for targeting customers. Based on the analytics, you can design your strategies and adopt new tricks.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing would help you to target specific audiences with a lot of creativity and help them to establish trust.
You can use social media analytics to track the success of the ads and build new strategies accordingly that will improve your new promotions.

Place Products in Several Categories

If you are selling a variety of products, it is advisable to categorize those products according to their categories. It will help your customers to look for the products and buy them easily.
Create Unique Content for Your eCommerce Website

Create Unique Content for Your eCommerce Website

An SEO Driven blog with unique content will help to generate more traffic. You can build some unique content with SEO keywords that contain some useful information about your website and are likely to rank your website higher in the search engine. Blogs with good rank encourage a large number of audiences to visit your website and buy some products.

A blog with unique content is the medium to connect you with your audience on a deep level. Based on how your customers respond to your content, you can form various strategies that will meet the buyer’s wants and needs.

You can use different kinds of SEO tools to get analytics of the monthly search volume and keyword difficulty. Google analytics would help you track the page views of the blogs.
Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

E-Commerce is a special strategy that will help you to reach large audiences. You can conduct financial transactions and sell with extra strategies with competitive verticals.

Ecommerce SEO faces a large number of challenges, hence you need to get a solid baseline for your SEO strategy. You need to excel in all various areas like trust issues, site architecture, product catalogs, out of stock items. You can use strategies like content marketing, keyword research, and many more to do eCommerce SEO. it is quite essential for you to include all the relevant keywords in your product description.

Your online store should receive traffic else, you won't be able to get large purchases. The best key to generate more traffic is Search Engine optimization. You can find some tools to generate keywords for your website.

Offer Customer Support

Buying a product online can be quite risky for the customers, hence you should ensure that your customers do not face any risk. You should provide the best customer services such as generous refund and money-back policies.

With such strategies, you can build trust and incentivize the purchase by offering some money-back guarantee and return policies. If your customer faces any issue you should be able to resolve their query quickly.

You need to create some good policies that describe the terms and conditions of buying products from your store. Customers always do support transparency hence you should not hide any information.


Online stores give complete autonomy over a wide range of customer experiences. A seller can set up their own online store and have their own terms and conditions. Designing eCommerce stores can be tricky sometimes. You need to know some top web design tips that will help you to design a site that will not only attract visitors but generate more leads. You can hire an experienced eCommerce store development company like AIS Technolabs for advanced eCommerce website development.
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