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Ludo King Game Development
Ludo is one of the most played board games around the world. But with casual mobile gaming, ludo has taken the world by storm. But was it an easy feat? To transform a game played for years on a physical board, developers around the world had to go the whole nine yards to add engagement points to ensure a superior mobile gaming experience.

The modern version of the game is now played on devices of different platforms, screen sizes, and by people of different age groups. The game comes with cross-stage functionalities, which means it works on Android, Windows, iOS, and other leading platforms. It can be played multiplayer (local and computers), and also offline. Most importantly it has successfully been able to capture the global audience with features such as multi-language support, auto-play mode, different themes and so much more.

Introduction: Ludo King and its market overview

It all started with Ludo King, one of the most famous ludo mobile gaming applications. Ludo King was a visionary idea that foresaw the potential in casual gaming far before anyone could imagine. The revenue during the pandemic was $20 million. It was the first Indian gaming application that crossed over 500 million downloads, and it registered a record-breaking number of downloads during Covid-19.

The company generates 70% of its annual revenue from advertising and 30% from in-app purchases. Although 30% sounds a little less to many people, it is a number hard achieved by many companies, which makes it an unparalleled achievement. Speculations say the company would attain the $100 million mark from its in-app purchases by 2022. The game is played in 30 countries and available in 14 languages.

Ludo King

Trends associated with Ludo King and other board games

There are various board games in the digital gaming domain. The popularity of these games is because of the sheer nostalgia of people. These board games are amongst the most played board games by the families which now became obsolete because of the fast life.

Bringing the same joy of togetherness and family moments onto mobile devices is a great strategy. Board games can be played on the web, mobile devices, desktops, and various other platforms. While building a board game application, it is necessary to include the engagement points that can bring back the same emotions that people had earlier while playing with their family and friends in person.

 game like Ludo King

How to design a game like Ludo King?

There are various factors that you have to take in account while designing and developing a ludo king-like application. This includes:

Ludo game app design

As mentioned above, there are factors that you have to consider for making the application as close to the original board game as possible. This will help you to successfully engage your users with a user-friendly application design, interface, theme, and concept. Don’t twist the concept too much, only use complimenting changes that keep the feel of the game intact.

Other important elements such as sound effects, music, visuals, navigation should be impressive and very easy. This will help you magnify the gaming experience on your application. Most importantly, don’t compromise on the quality of the game. Hire a skilled and experienced ludo game development company so that they can technically make things possible for you.

Number of platforms

This is one of the primary decisions you have to take. Also, this would deign what type of ludo king developer you would hire for a particular platform. Different platforms use different types of technologies and thus, you have to have a clear idea of your user base. That would help you find the platforms that would ensure minimum investment and waste of resources and maxed ROI. Also, the more platforms you choose, the more would be your investment.

Application size number

The size of the application would decide the capacities, features, quality of gaming, and additional items that you would require to integrate to improve the gaming experience of the players. If you decide to have themes, multi-player gaming, and other factors you should be ready for monetary investment too.

Ludo game app testing

Not only do you have to have a ludo game developer with great skills but also a game tester that would rigorously test applications to identify the bugs and interruptions during the gameplay. This is a regular process and you would require a tester at your disposal to keep your app bug-free and provide an uninterrupted gaming experience to the users. Developers need to get insights from the testing team to optimize the experience of the game at all levels.

Ludo Mobile App

Features for Ludo Mobile App

  • User-friendly interface : A user must not face any difficulty in understanding the functionality of the gaming application. You must make sure that the learning curve is also not too high. Emphasis on immersive experience and use of latest components to comply with UI guidelines. Designers should also ensure eye-catchy interfaces, 3D images, and high-resolution visuals would automatically improve retention.
  • Cross-functionality : Since gaming applications have popularity across all the platforms, it is highly likely that you would be developing applications for multiple operating systems. Going with the native game application can increase the cost of development. Cross-platform app development would thus bring down the cost immensely.
  • Invite, earn, and play with friends : Referrals are not just a good way of earning for you but also can help you bring more traffic on your platform. Include features such as invites, and provide lucrative rewards to your players for their efforts. This would keep them going and benefit your business. Also, since board games such as ludo are played with friends and family, you must use that sentiment well in the game development.
  • Single/ multiplayer : Single and multiplayer option to the gamers provides users an option to play with their friends and family. This is very important for all types of board games. This helps intact the sentiment attached to the games and allows people to connect on a different level. Also, single-player gaming would provide players an opportunity to play games when they are feeling bored or need to pass time.
  • Live Texting and Video Chat : Meme chats, texting, video chats are going to enhance the gaming experience highly on your gaming platform. For enhancing your user experience, a feature of live text and video can help you in retaining the players on your platform. Interactions are going to increase the gaming experience immensely on your platform.
  • Daily free bonus : Daily free bonuses keep the excitement on your platform. Advanced level stages and even the bonus points and daily wins are going to help you retain your players for a longer time. You can offer them freebies to improve their gaming experience. These can be bonus points, game points, credits, new themes, and other functionalities.
  • Offline mode : Offline gaming provides an uninterrupted gaming experience even when a user doesn’t have an active internet connection. The functionality of the application is thus not hindered and also anyone can play it during their travels where they have a lot of free time and also no internet connection.
  • Play with real money : Ludo gaming applications should incorporate real money. This can be another good feature for you. People can buy game coins to play games. Also, it motivates a player to win and increases the excitement to a next level.
  • Multi-language : Ludo is a popular game and it is played around the globe. So, multiple language support is very necessary for you to incorporate. Allow players to use their native language while onboarding and improve their experience on your app to ten folds.
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How to earn money from apps like Ludo King?

Before you invest in an idea, it is important to identify the avenues from which you can earn it. Here are a few ways you can earn money from Ludo King like game applications or any other board game.

Fixed Percentage Model :

Under a fixed percentage model, you can set the percentage over every game that is being played on your platform. Also, you can make changes to these percentages depending on the choices of the game and players.

Ads Management Model :

One of the most common methods of monetizing a board game is through third-party advertisements. The method brings a regular flow of advertisements and you get to earn a large sum of money through the traffic you send to third-party websites and platforms.

Earn and refer model :

Referring to various applications to other users also helps you in earning a good sum of money. Depending on the marketing model, you can provide your unique code to your users with various offers to increase the sales of other companies and get paid for each sale.

In-app purchase model :

In-app purchases to buy various products, services or goodies present in the game can be a good source of revenue generation. In game you can incorporate a credit or point system that can be used for the purchases.

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How can AIS Technolabs help you develop an app like Ludo King?

Ludo King game ranked No 1 in the Top Free Games Section in Play Store and Apps Store with around. If you are also thinking to develop Ludo King Game then you have to know detailed information about its development Looking for developing Ludo King Game Development then, read our blog.
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