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New development trends in the technology world pop as you blink. To survive and thrive in the digital world, you have to be very attentive to everything happening in the digital world. You must know how the world would perceive the application and digital products. As these trends are catalysts, you must familiarize yourself with the latest technological development.

Smartphones have fundamentally changed how businesses function and operate. It is expected that the mobile app market will reach $693 Billion in 2022. With the growing opportunities comes growing competition. It is an impending truth that most applications fail to appeal to their customers and thus go obsolete. One of the primary reasons for their failure in customer retention is the inability to implement the latest technology trends. You lose customers and ultimately lose to competitors that leveraged technology much faster.

To ensure business success, learn about some major mobile app development trends for 2022.

Top mobile app development trends in 2022

The mobile app market is dynamic. People are exploring various ways to draw customers to their platform. Learn more about these trends that would impact mobile app business in 2022 in the following lines.

1. Rise of 5G

5G is coming to the market, people are positively responding to the trend, but how does it impact mobile app development? With the adoption of 5G, the market would be welcoming more opportunities for AR & VR integrated applications, and of course, IoT would reach a whole other level. 5G would allow developers to build more efficient applications with heavy features that do not impact the performance of the app and device. Security challenges with mobile payments would be solved. Processing payments with biometric data identification would be secure and faster.

2. Apps for foldable devices

The smartphone market share of foldable devices is less right now, but the adaptation rate is high. And it will become more common. According to research by Statista, 50 million mobile devices will be shipped in 2022. Users would be waiting for an unbelievable experience on their foldable devices. You must make sure your applications are optimized for these screens.

Video streaming and mobile gaming would be much better on such devices since there is larger screen space. Therefore, ensure you optimize your app and provide an immersive experience.

3. AR and VR

As the adaptation of 5G improves, people will be experiencing more immersive experiences on applications enabled with AR and VR. Pokemon Go was just the beginning.

AR and VR offer opportunities in almost all segments. Companies in retail are offering virtual tours to people. Virtual reality is helping people experience products before buying them. Google has taken its map view to the next level using AR and VR, offering real-time and real-world imagery.

4. Wearables

According to Statista, wearable devices will reach 929 million in 2022. We are expecting more technological advancements in the mobile app market this year. Therefore, app developers and businesses must look forward to adding wearable integrations in the applications. Using smartwatches and other wearable devices, you can go a step ahead in providing a more integrated experience to the users. Google has made its mark in the race and announced a unified wearable platform that would bring in a more integrated experience for customers.

5. On-demand applications

On-demand applications are one of the most downloaded apps on the app stores. People are counting on these applications to get things delivered to their doorsteps. As a result, it makes on-demand applications the fastest-growing app category. Though the market is packed, having a precise market strategy can give you a competitive advantage.

Covid-19 has made people adapt to this new way of shopping and living life. However, the popularity of on-demand applications has slightly declined as our life goes back to normalcy, yet convenience will be a great driver.

6. Mobile entertainment and gaming

Entertainment and gaming is another big industry to look forward to. People are spending more time on their smartphones for entertainment. These applications are becoming an integral part of everybody's life. Recently, Netflix has become the most popular application on all the app stores. There are over 159.1 Mn active smartphone gamers. The upward trend shows that this trend will go higher in the coming few years.

Technological progression in the industry would increase the adaptation rate. AR & VR, artificial intelligence, and improved internet connectivity will lead to an immersive gaming experience.

7. AI & Machine Learning

AI has taken the world to another level. It is being used in many creative ways. MyHeritageApp uses AI technology to convert pictures to realistic animations. These are so impressive that people have been going crazy over them.

Google is using AI to improve the user experience for Google Maps users. Live view offers AR navigation in indoor spaces where AI is being used in carbon-intensive routes for optimizing direction for quicker routes, lowered fuel consumption, and more.

Without machine learning, AI would not be as powerful as it is. Machine learning is going to be a revolutionary thing. Machine learning permits software applications to predict accurate outcomes without being programmed distinctly. Its algorithms use the historical data as an input to forecast new values. Mobile applications would be infused with machine learning algorithms to encase valuable data and real-time analytics.

8. Mobile app security

Mobile app security is a substantial concern. 46% of companies have reported data security breaches while employees were downloading applications. The increased adaptation to enterprise applications and organizations moving to the new normal of working remotely due to the pandemic has heightened the security concerns for organizations. Companies like Apple have added new security features. Therefore, have a strong DevOps team that can develop better security strategies for applications safety.

9. Super Apps

Super apps are multi-functionality applications. For years, one application for one purpose has been the go-to strategy for obvious reasons, but not anymore. People no longer want to load their mobile phones with multiple applications. This first gave rise to progressive applications and now to super applications.

Companies are looking forward to building a one-stop solution for solving multiple problems. Super apps are fast-pacing, and the trend is also catching up after witnessing its immense success. It has changed the way applications interact with people.

10. P2P Apps

P2P applications or peer-to-peer transaction applications are another key trend. As per the eMarketer, the market size of P2P applications would grow to $612.3 Bn by 2023. There is a huge scope for P2P mobile applications at present. P2P applications are witnessing too much competition.

With 5G, you can expect faster payments and a better user experience overall. You can mix the trend of super apps and P2P applications like Amazon. While Amazon provides an ultimate eCommerce application, it also offers P2P solutions. Try different things such as adding P2P functionality to social media apps, eCommerce apps, etc. You can also explore the market of crypto-currencies to get competitive benefits.

Wrapping Up

Developing mobile applications and making them successful are two different things. It is crucial to adapt to the ongoing new trends and evolve with the technology world. It would help you stand apart and make a significant impact in the market.

Mobile apps will continue to evolve with technology. The emerging new technologies will help in the rise of secure and more feature-rich applications. Other emerging trends such as backend applications, microservice applications, and combined hardware and software technologies would improve mobile app development to a broader scale.
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