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Top Trends In The World Of Mobile Application Development


As technology has become more accessible, smartphone users worldwide have reached 6.64 billion in 2022. This figure is predicted to rise as mobile phones have merged into daily activities consistently.

Today, almost every company must expand business with the latest mobile application development trend and improve its marketing strategy to reach its target market effectively. However, to make that possible consistent innovation is a must. Whether a firm has a mobile app or an iOS app developer, you should remain updated on the latest mobile app trends. Failure to do so will lead to outdated mobile applications and won’t be able to fulfill customer expectations in any aspect. So, let’s look at the emerging mobile application trends that you must keep an eye out for.
New Trends in Mobile Application Development

New Trends in Mobile Application Development

Following are the new trends in mobile application development that will make your app perfect for tech-savvy customers.


The wearables have done wonders for savvy phone users. Whether at the gym or on the subway, you can see everyone adorned with the latest wearables. The AirPods and Apple watch also paved the way for increased development. Today, most manufacturers offer their version of the smart earbuds and smartwatch.

They can do everything for a user, from assisting you to navigate your destination and make a call without your mobile being around. With the global wearable technology industry valued at 116.2 billion, it's safe to say that the wearable is one of the best mobile app trends today. They are moving to become more independent of the smartphone shortly.

On-Demand Apps

The on-demand apps were designed to fill the mobile application development market gap. An application needs technical expertise and good coding command. However, today on-demand development has made app development easier and more flexible. It gives you more opportunities to scale up your business.

Also, there is the possibility that the on-demand applications can do everything one expects from them. According to statistics reports, 51% of the population has used on-demand services. The on-demand development model will also grow simultaneously as the need for a simple app development process increases. Today, on the one hand, more and more industries are adopting the on-demand model, and on the other hand, B2B transactions are also increasing because of the same.

Mobile Wallets

The global public health emergency has changed everyone's lifestyles and has compelled people to go digital. As a result, everything from buying clothes to paying specific companies for their services is done online. Mobile wallets have made online payments more simplified and accessible for everyone.

As one prefers online money transfer, an app developer will tend to improve it and make it more secure for use. The security of transactions and funds is a primary concern of a developer who also develops mobile wallets. Social distancing is the new normal today; thus, online payment solutions like PhonePe and GPay solve the problem.

Mobile application development trends will evolve as the ease of payment and security will drive innovation in this sector.

Cloud-based application

Cloud technology has developed so much over the years. Cloud storage is becoming affordable as the service providers spend more on a versatile cloud structure. Today, cloud technology is the backbone of mobile application development.

Many activities one usually performs on an app, like ordering food or booking a cab, leverage cloud technology.

The cloud has made web hosting more accessible, affordable, and efficient for people. Not just that, it has also given rise to the quick adoption of the mobile technology trend. Quantum computing, hybrid cloud solutions, and efficient cloud infrastructure are some of the most popular cloud trends in 2022.


Intelligent devices that can interact with other devices are known as the Internet of Things (IoT) or bright things. You can control everything from the kitchen's oven to the home's lights with Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa. It is the future envisioned by smart things.

The manufacturers like Honeywell, Nest, and Xiaomi build a robust platforms at convenient price points. Some innovative mobile app technology trends are- self-driving cars, smart homes and appliances, and more affordable IoT tech.

AR and VR

Every one of you must be familiar with the famous game Pokemon Go. The game brought augmented reality or AR into the mainstream. While AR assesses artificial objects in the real world, VR or virtual reality provides an entirely artificial environment.

However, games are not the only way of imposing AR and VR. These technologies can enhance the efficacy of educational and training applications. They also give a true sense to a student for performing the job.

Marketing and interior designing are other areas where AR and VR applications are building extraordinary experiences. The application made by an app developer allows one to view the product structure and have a good idea of its shape and size.

Beacon Technology

It is a location-based technology that uses smartphone's Bluetooth to assess the proximity of a museum, hotel, or store. The beacon sends signals to let the application open on the customer's mobile.

The application created by iOS app developers can then perform several tasks. It enables consumers to order services from restaurants, book hotels, or shop from online stores. Not just that, but Beacon technology has the caliver to mend the retail sector. Today, retail stores can use the technology to allow queue-less and cashless checkouts.

AI and Machine Learning

It's not surprising that artificial intelligence and machine learning are crucial trends in mobile app development. Undoubtedly, they are the top mobile application development trends in 2022.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the forces behind financial forecasting, text prediction, speech recognition, recommendation engines, facial detection, chatbots, and much more. As technology has advanced over time, its ease and number of ways to integrate into a mobile application have also grown.

Customer service, finance, marketing, and IT are the leading sectors with integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning. For example, Google has successfully designed Duplex, that place cells to schedule appointments. Automation will play a significant role in application development. AI-enabled chips, self-driving technology, and automated machine learning are the few AI and ML trends in 2022.

Blockchain Technology

Apart from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the application of blockchain has evolved into other areas. Today, the blockchain can notarise ownership, track rewards and loyalty programs, provide cloud storage solutions, secure digital identity, and track digital assets.

Also, blockchain integration into smart contracts ensures that you can use the technology for various tasks, including loan issuance and renting items. Currently, the blockchain industry has endless possibilities, and its combination with the IoT makes it a helpful tool. The iOS app developers who use and combine these trends will make the application faster, more secure, and more affordable for their users.

5g Technology

The 5G technology is the newest cellular communication technology that ensures connection density, efficiency, expected throughput, network capacity, and improved latency. Although the technology is available in only a few parts of the world, but will soon evolve as a global phenomenon.

The effective features provided by this technology will let the iOS app developers build faster and more responsive applications. The 5G technology will also make ways for applications using AI and ML, IoT, and AR and VR.

As the mobile app development market is highly competitive today, an app developer should add the features provided by 5G technology and build applications that can work as per the new mobile app trends in the market.


Every year, technology is consistently growing, with the latest versions becoming accessible for purchase. The mobile app trends in the industry bring various lucrative opportunities for an app developer. Therefore, following the trends is crucial to leading the mobile app development market.

In 2022, cloud computing, IoT, and variables will continuously catch steam. At AIS Technolabs, as your mobile app development service provider, the expert team helps you turn your dream into reality and ensure you have the application with the latest trends and best performance.
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