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Casino Apps Expand: Now on Google Play in the US & 14 Nations

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The world of gambling has advanced and made major progress in the past decades. The current situation has made the introduction of casino applications on Google Play as well. This will affect the market of major countries that includes the U.S. Businesses around the world are eager to get hold of the apps and enjoy the enhanced revenues. Some of them hire professionals while others develop the app within the company itself.


The past few years have witnessed a boom in online casinos. The gambling software provided by reputed casino software providers has taken over the world like a wildfire. Surfing the internet daily can make users come across numerous advertisements regarding online casinos. Many countries have legalized casino applications, and the most famous among them is poker software. These online platforms let the players enjoy the games irrespective of their location and time.

The popularity of games grew more after the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the shutting down of many famous casinos to avoid the spread of the disease due to the huge number of gatherings. Thus, the business moved towards online poker development to expand their businesses.
The popularity of online casinos post Covid-19

The popularity of online casinos post Covid-19

The popularity of online casinos has increased many folds post COVID-19 pandemic. Governments in many countries have restricted people gatherings to stop the spread of infectious diseases. This affected the working of many casinos because they are a gathering spot of many players. Many businesses have digitized their work. They moved forward with the creation of software by casino software providers and continued to increase their reach. Several new factors help the business along the way.

1) The popularity of Mobile Gaming

Modern gamblers are big fans of mobile games. These online platforms allow them to play their favorite games like poker, rummy, etc., whenever they want and from any location. Thus, maintaining social distancing as is the need of the hour. Businesses look for software development companies for poker software online to get the software developed as per their needs, which will cater to the customers of businesses.

2) Use of Cryptocurrency

Many online games have features like cryptocurrency transactions integrated within the software. The poker software uses the blockchain technology of payment, which is a more convenient, secured, and faster mode of payment than any other in recent times.
Nations that got transformed through casino apps

Nations that got transformed through casino apps

With the advancement in technology and restrictions due to COVID-19, gambling businesses have put forward proposals for online realizing of the gambling software that will ensure the sustainability of these businesses.

The largest online market for games, i.e., the Google Play store, has introduced new policies to allow casino apps to be legalized in various countries, including the U.S. The new rules will permit the apps to function in several countries that include:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • United States of America
All these nations have allowed the functioning of casino software with its limitations. Some countries allow platforms like poker software online, lotteries, sports betting, while others are more restrictive with their approach.

The casino apps will impact the countries and transform them in many ways. This may lead to more use of digital currency and boost the economies even. Some of the most noticeable impacts are listed below:

  • Increase use of cryptocurrency : With the introduction of online casino apps, the use of cryptocurrency increased in many countries. Many businesses go for poker development, which offers many transaction facilities. Cryptocurrency is one such method that is becoming famous among the masses of many countries. The concept of cryptocurrency may be new, but it gained solid ground in the past five decades, with bitcoin being the most famous among the cryptocurrencies. These casino apps will boost the acceptance of cryptocurrency even further, making it a more prominent contributor to the economy of many countries.
  • Boost in the economy : The casino industry is an important source of revenue in many countries. Some of the countries mentioned above have dedicated rules for the industry, which smoothly assists the working of the companies in this industry. During the initial COVID time, the gambling and casino industries of these countries take a hit, which has a negative impact on the country's revenues.
  • Diversity Option :The online gaming community of the countries got various games that work on different devices for the players to try their skills and luck upon. Many casino apps like poker software online work on multiple devices, which contain the same operating system. For example, the companies responsible for poker development ensure that the app that works on iOS devices flawlessly performs well on iPad.
How to build an online casino game?

How to build an online casino game?

Developing an app or game consists of many stages that need to be taken care of. Keeping all these in mind will facilitate the smooth development of apps like poker software. The process begins with market research to understand the user's needs and understand what the competitors offer to the users with their products. This step will help in designing the business or revenue model for the application. Further, the development of the app begins, which can take place either by the company itself or the businesses can outsource the development work to reputed companies like AIS Technolabs. During the development of the app, features are decided that will ensure the growth of the app and user engagement. After all, these are taken care of by the company; the launch and marketing are the next big thing that the businesses should look into.
Why hire AIS Technolabs for casino app development?

Why hire AIS Technolabs for casino app development?

There are many casino software providers globally, which helps businesses in the gambling industry acquire good applications. To have a great casino app, it is important to hire or work with top software development companies like AIS Technolabs. This company has ample experience in the field of casino app development. The portfolio of the company includes poker development, blackjack, rummy, and many more. The dedicated teams of experts have experience working in the app development field and make the software work according to clients' requirements. The excellent support staff takes care of the after-sales issues and are ready to help the clients at any point in time.


The market of casino apps is rapidly growing due to the recent changes and legalization of gambling apps in 14 countries, including the USA. The business needs to take advantage of the situation and come up with various apps to serve the interest of the users. This will facilitate the companies and the countries by increasing the revenues and boosting the revenue. But, to enjoy all this growth and development, it is important to have the best casino apps that will attract different users. This is only possible if top development companies like AIS Technolabs develop the apps flawlessly. So, get the app developed soon and enjoy the increased revenues.
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