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In the fast-paced world where everyone is looking for immediate and effective results with little effort, a stay-at home grocery app has become a prime necessity, as it will help individuals to derive their groceries without having to wait at long queues, and also give them a chance to choose from a wide range of products accumulated in a single application. For this,the chances of the rise of a Bigbasket clone app has become extremely successful in the industry. Hence, with the help of AIS Technolabs, individuals can get the best Big Basket Clone application designed for them, thereby competing with the rivals.


These days in the platform of eCommerce, grocery business applications stand to be the most successful, thereby remaining on the top of the on-demand list. Therefore, business owners looking for the same, shouldn’t wait and develop a app like bigbasket built at the earliest. A big basket clone app is the best solution to start an eCommerce grocery business. Just like any other eCommerce store, with the help of big basket clone apps, businesses can manage to sell unlimited products, introduce delivery sales, and can prove their efficiency in various grocery items, including-vegetables, fruits, personal care, kitchen, and home utilities. Also, with the help of this application, users can manage to shop unlimited products and get proper delivery of their products. Nonetheless, a big basket clone app is highly required in today’s world, as it seems to be a creative solution with very high potential to give business a major hit in the present day market.

What is a Bigbasket clone app?

BigBasket is one of India’s largest online grocery delivery apps and has now encouraged budding entrepreneurs to start their apps related to the grocery business. Similarly, Bigbasket Clone apps have more or less the same features like the original app of BigBasket. Also, Bigbasket clone app has given tough competition to the eCommerce grocery shopping industry. As more and more people enjoy the privilege of buying groceries without having to go out, the demand for BigBasket clone is rising.

What features make a Bigbasket clone app?

These are some of the basic features needed to develop an app like Bigbasket.

Customer Management Features

  • Premium Membership : Segregate your customers based on managed payments. Provide special treatment for paid members and make effective strategies to protect your content based on member levels. Premium memberships can be done through a one-time payment or recurring subscriptions.
  • Guest Mode : Unlike other apps where you have to register before buying any goods, with the checkout process long and tedious, guest mode checkout will help the customers shop in their free time, thereby enabling users to checkout without registering at the beginning.
  • Live Chat Feature : The live chat feature will help with customer interaction. While the customer is shopping, the live chat feature will help them with any query to complete the shopping.

Marketing & Promotional features

  • Reward Points : Reward points are tokens of discounts earned and collected over time for a greater discount. A customer earns reward points every time they buy something.
  • Google Analytics : Google Analytics will give you statistical data and insights into how your app is working and help you make modifications and changes to improve the app.
  • Refer a Friend : Inviting and referring the apps to other friends and sharing the app will earn you referral points. This is a handy feature as it helps increase sales and promotes the app at the same time.
  • Social Media Marketing : Marketing through emails, SMS, Instagram influencing, tweets are various methods to promote the BigBasket clone app with the help of Social Media Marketing.

Order Management

  • Pick up Station : Having various pickup spots through multiple shipping agents will help deliver the goods situated to the nearest location of the customer.
  • Order status : This is an essential step for the admin to send an order confirmation, shipping, returns, and cancellation information to the delivery person, shop, and the customer through SMA, emails, etc.

Product Management

  • Cross-Sell on Product Pages : The front-end product pages allow you to add customized cross-sell, up-sell, and cross-promotional suggestions.
  • Bulk Import Products: This feature helps to categorize bulk import products and customers separately.
  • New Arrivals : Get your latest products up and ready for purchase by your customers by placing new arrivals with a new arrival section; the customers will have direct access to the fresh, unique items without having to scroll through the previous articles.

Vendor Management

  • Social Login : Vendors can sign up using social login, get direct and easy access to the vendor panel, and manage their products.
  • Set Commission Rates : Components like this allow you to set commission rates per product or seller and globally.
  • Vendor Product Upload : Vendors should be able to add items to their profile immediately through the option to approve or evaluate products.


  • Inventory : The inventory management report will help you get accurate reports about stock movements like goods sold, oversold items, products & more.
  • Customers : This feature provides a complete order history, including price range, last purchase date, discounted orders, and total order value so that you can learn more about a customer's time spent at a particular business.
  • Track Sales : This feature helps to track the sales records daily, monthly, and yearly with well-defined statistical Tracking Systems.
  • Products : With this tool, customers may rate things based on how well they sell, how quickly they trend, how many times they've been viewed, and more.

Social Media

  • Facebook Live : This functionality helps interact with eCommerce customers online with Facebook live chat. Hence, this platform informs about new products, discounts, and other exciting features like sales and sprees. To get better customer insights, one should allow Facebook Messenger Chat.
  • Social Media LogIn : To give your customer an outstanding shopping experience, allow them to enter their BigBasket clone profile through their social media profiles using this exclusive feature.
  • Social Share : This feature allows the customers to share their experience, thereby providing a glimpse of shopping carts, available products, and applied offers.

What are the benefits of a Bigbasket clone app?

A Bigbasket clone app will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Contactless home delivery of groceries
  • Help to choose and shop from a plethora of various items spread across by different vendors
  • Get an actual market-like experience at home without having any transportation expense.

Hence, with more and more people getting into online grocery shopping, your app will be in high demand in no time.

Why choose AIS Technolabs to develop an app like BigBasket?

These are the reasons why you should choose AIS Technolabs:

  • Users of both iOS and Android are accepted with the Bigbasket clone app script made by
  • AIS Technolabs
  • Seamless delivery system
  • Featureful development of applications
  • Low price of construction
  • Highly reliable services


A Bigbasket clone app is a mind-blowing business idea for today’s world. With the help of the skilled app developers of AIS Technolabs, build the best BigBasket clone app and quickly get ahead in the competition.
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