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Sunny Chawla is a CEO at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App Design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He is having expertise in Digital Marketing, Game Development & Product Development.

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Key Factors in Crafting Top Poker Software For Business Success

Quick summary

Poker games are one of the most trending online games in the betting industry these days. Standard poker games are played with the help of a deck of 52 cards, which consist of 4 different colors but to speed up the game only 2 colors can also be utilized.

The combination of skills, knowledge and fun to win the game for some value makes this game a superhit market in the gambling industry. The growing popularity of the game has intrigued businesses in the gaming industry to enter the rapidly growing market with their online poker software.


Poker games used to be a source of having fun with friends or getting rid of boredom but they are gradually transforming into a serious wealth earning tool for many online players. The uncertainty of the game also attracts the players to remain attached for a longer period of time.

Tech based giants and other enterprise level businesses are entering the gambling industry with their best expertise to gain a lucrative share of this industry. If you are also someone who is willing to enter the market then there are certain prerequisites which must be considered while choosing the best poker game development company.
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Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Developing The Best Poker Software

With the availability of multiple categories and types of poker apps available in the market, it’s not an easy task to choose what kind of poker app you are going to target as a business. Not only this, the question is also about targeting the right devices and audiences.

As a leading online poker software development company, we know the ins and outs of the process. From sharing expertise to software licensing and managing the integrations to providing a full support system, we do it all.

In this article we will elaborate the factors that one must keep in mind while choosing the best online poker software development company.

1) Hassle Free Installation

With our rapid tech deployment strategies the installation process is going to be very smooth. We have adopted automated testing, maintenance and bug reporting to discard every possible difficulty in the installation process at the very beginning.

Also considering the user experience the installation process needs to be quick and easy in order to prevent the jump up rate of the customers from one app to another. Time taking installation processes with heavy documentation are a big no because everyone these days is searching for shortcuts to earn quick money with some entertainment and fun.

2) Compatible with Multiple Devices

Our expert team considers every possible device that can be used to play the poker game, before jumping into the development process. We have targeted multiple devices and multiple screen sizes on the demand of our clients.

To target a variety of audiences it is necessary to adopt cross platform app development. Building a poker software for mac and for Windows will not require any separate efforts for each other. Our cross platform software development saves a lot of time and cost of our clients.

3) User Friendliness

User experience plays a vital role in keeping the users engaged for a longer duration. Features must not be hidden or difficult to access for game lovers. Friendly color schemes, easy accessibility of features and faster processing speeds are some of the features that will bring in better user friendliness.

Enriching user experience for the end customers is our guarantee. Avoiding technical glitches is always our priority and we are constantly improving to reach a 100% glitch free target for the game lovers.

4) Scalability

Not every online poker software in the market is a scalable project due to certain kinds of limitations. Constant upgrades are required to maintain the security and user handling capacity of the working aps and softwares.

As a software development company we include every aspect which a business might require in future with the growing demand of theri apps or softwares. In the case of poker softwares we can keep on upgrading the systems on demand. Features like leagues, tournaments, championships and any other game requirements can be scaled up to a bigger level anytime in future by us.

5) Multi Player

On a single table, poker players can be in the range of 2 to 7. With real money on stake and multiplayer support increases the thrill and fun involved with the game. Multiplayer feature allows people from anywhere round the globe to play on a single table until and unless there are certain restrictions on the app itself.

This feature is loved by youth these days because they can play poker with their friends and colleagues at the comfort of their home. Poker game development process is incomplete if there is absence of multiplayer feature.

6) Multi-lingual Support

Poker games are very popular worldwide and are not limited to only a couple of developed countries. It becomes very difficult for the majority of players to understand the game and the rules if there is no multilingual support.

To have a wide range of users, the poker softwares requires multilingual support systems and for this we have devised poker softwares which can easily support more than 100+ official languages of different countries. This premium multilingual support feature is applicable for all our poker software for mac, Windows, mobile android and IOS apps.

7) Secure Payment Gateways

The simplest way to collect online payments on any platform is by integrating a secured reliable payment gateway. Payment gateways can process online payments from various sources like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, net banking etc.

Payment gateways with top notch security must be preferred if the target market is multinational and covers a large online player base. Trusted payment gateways will not hinder the excitement of players whenever they add cash to join a table or while processing their withdrawal amounts.

8) Tech Support Availability

As a poker game development company we do hand holding of businesses in the gaming industry to bring in transparency and automate their working procedures. Our support team is available 24*7 to resolve any type of query of our existing or potential clients.

Without tech support it becomes difficult for the in-house teams of the enterprise to understand the various complications and functionalities of any new software or mobile app. Moreover our developers can resolve any bug issue or provide maintenance services on request of clients.
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How Can AIS Technolabs Help You Create The Best Poker Game Software

Poker gaming industry is booming especially in developing countries like India. The great potential of Indian market is highly attractive and lucrative for the existing enterprises in the gaming industry. Though the competition in the segment is not at peak which means there is still a reasonable room for new players to enter the segment with effective marketing strategies.

AIS Technolabs is a renowned software development company when it comes to rendering high end gaming solutions to various level enterprises and that too at affordable prices. As a poker game development agency we have helped multiple clients across the globe enter into their targeted poker gaming segments with appropriate knowledge and resources.

Final Words

Our development processes are agile and we believe in proceeding with a light asset model which means entering the market with a basic app or software and then scaling the app with new features as the number of players on the platform grows.

We are a 24/7 active team of creative developers and experienced professionals, ready to take upon new challenges and bring in satisfaction for ourselves as for our clients.

Not only we develop softwares but we also offer marketing solutions so that the newly created software can easily penetrate into the market. If you are someone who is looking for any kind of online poker software development, your search might come to an end with us.
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