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Online poker is a captivating game that allures massive players from all over the world. If you are a novice in the poker game industry and want to ace this game with your moves, you must be aware of all important facts about this game. These facts are tricks and tips by professionals that let you stay ahead and help you keep winning this game. No matter which poker software you prefer, these facts surely work!

Introduction :

Players from all across the world crave for online poker league software. The only aim most of the players have is to achieve a life-changing score along with tons of excitement and professionalism. And why not! Winning in poker can roll over your bank accounts and let you become a rich personality in a very short time span.

The only luck in poker is landing to a reliable platform and rest is your watchful moves. This becomes even more important when you are playing a tournament as you have no control and you need to play the game till you are eliminated or win it.

To make winning possible, you need to be a skillful player and at the same time maintain undisrupted focus over the course of the game. While maintaining focus is totally your job, we can help you in learning some really helpful tactics of this game. These tactics are proven facts to bring success, and hence, learning them will let you make a step above towards success.

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Unknown Facts about Poker Tournament Software

There is Nothing Like Luck

A lot of players consider poker a game of luck, but it is actually a game of skills.There is a competition in making decisions. A successful poker player is one that combines her or his knowledge of probabilities with the psychological understanding to make correct judgments and logical decisions consistently.

The player must add a little acting as well as deception techniques to make it trickier for the opponents to make their own decisions. It is only the skills that determine success in the long-term and not luck.

Play for Fun and not Money

Whether you are a professional player or love playing poker for your hobby, poker must be a fun-filled experience. Players can perform well only when they are satisfied while playing the game. Hence, play this game only when you are mentally relaxed and you really want to play.

If anger, fatigue or frustration is building up, you must quit that session immediately. It is the best to do so to save a lot of money.

Even big professionals do this and save losing complete stack on the first hand. If you fear losing any of your buy-ins on the first hand, consider replaying.

AI Revolutionizes The Poker Industry

An important poker fact is that you must embrace the power of technology to enhance your poker game. There is poker software and tools that can help you achieve better reads, study your opponents, study the hands, identify leaks and fix all of it.

These poker tools are useful to better understand your equity in all sorts of situations. They help to track results, select better tables and even challenge you against the sophisticated AI programs.

In order to edge in the modern games, you must take into account all the poker tools, software and educational resources available these days.

Play Fewer Hands and Play Aggressively

Even the best players in the world are bound with the limit on the number of starting hands they can play before they lose out. If you attempt playing excessive hands, you will be left with a zero chip stack, which is not good.

It can be a good idea to develop a strong preflop strategy right from the beginning. One of the simplest ways to develop such ranges is by downloading the free preflop charts. Do not allow yourself to be impatient and play a hand that is not worth playing.

It is the best to play a tight range of playable and strong hands aggressively. It includes playing the most speculative ones, which lets you disguise your actual hand’s strength.

Once raised, your opponents would not be aware of the pairing, which makes it super tough to play. Aggressive and robust moves win the game!

Fold When You are Unsure

One key difference between an average player and a professional gamer is their ability to fold down or lay down when they think they are beaten.

It may seem simple, but in reality it is a very tricky part. Most of the players are naturally curious and eager to win. When they fold, they surrender their probability to win the pot and intend to only satisfy their curiosity to find out what their opponent has.

Hence, it is better to avoid calling often, especially in the wrong situation. Whenever you are not sure whether to fold, bet, raise, or call, it is best to fold.

Folding in such situations makes sure you jot down all the details of your hand so you can figure out whether you have made the correct fold or not. Discussing or studying the hands is an excellent way to regularly improve the skills and fill in the gaps of the poker knowledge.

Don’t Be The First Player to Limp

Limping is a complete ‘no’ for the first player to enter the pot. It should be avoided at any cost because of two reasons:

  • It is not possible to win the pot before flops.
  • You offer players behind exciting pot odds, increasing your chances to face numerous players, and hence, less chances to win the pot.
An acceptable situation in which to begin first or limp is when at least one player has already entered. It is known as over-limping and this is a good play move as you get great pot odds to join the tournament. This way, you can hit some good stuff on the flop.

Only Download Reliable and Reputed Games

There are countless poker sites and software available online. It is worth downloading the game or buying the software from a reputed platform. The most important reason for this is your security. Since, you will be entering your details to play the tournament so downloading it from a trusted source ensures your information stays in place.

These platforms offer customizable solutions and most of them charge a very nominal price or are free. One of the best poker tournament software available is developed by AIS Technolabs. It is an amazing platform to enjoy playing poker tournaments with players from all across the world.

Attack When Opponent Shows Weakness

One mistake that players make is to avoid checking with hands, which can call numerous bets often. It means when they check, they witness a relatively weak hand, which often folds if encountered with multiple bets. It is called bluffing while having nothing.

When the opponent displays weakness in a heads up situation, you can take benefit of them with an aggressive bluffing technique. Not only must you bet with the semi-bluffs, but also bet as pure bluff having no hands, which is a good blocker effect.

Semi-bluff With Your Draws

It is important to bluff effectively to really crush poker. However, one of the quickest ways to lose money is by bluffing ineffectively.

The most efficient way to bluff is to allow the cards dictated by you to go to bluff or not. It means you need to bluff with hands that have outs for improving the best hand on the later street, like flush draws, straight draws, or two to board or an over card.

Be prepared with a backup plan for such bluffs.

Fast-play Your Strong Hands to Make More Money

A common mistake made often by players is playing slow. It is because they are afraid of chasing the opponents out of pot when they hold strong poker hands.

Most of the time, it is best to bet the strong hands for building the pot and safeguarding your equity. Hence, you must always play fast while taking into account your equity.

You may check strong hands when :

  • It is not sure that you will be outdrawn.
  • The range of your opponent is heavily weighted towards the hand with no showdown value.
  • There are not many scare cards for preventing from getting paid in later areas.
When you are uncertain, simply bet. It is disappointing when the opponent folds, but that is not as disappointing as getting missing out or outdrawn on potential value.


Poker tournaments are fun and filled with new players on a daily basis from all around the world. While some play only for fun, others are dedicated learners who intend to improve their skills with time. The above mentioned facts are a boon to learners who want to master in poker playing. By applying these tips they can increase their winning chances to a great extent.

AIS Technolabs is a leading poker development company that has worked on a lot of game development projects for the clients across the globe. Contact us Now to discuss your requirements and we shall be glad to assist you.
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