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Uber for Tow Trucks App
Realize the need for Tow Truck App like Uber
It becomes a mess when out of nowhere, your car comes to a halt in the middle of a highway, and you have no idea what the hidden problem is. To top this troublesome situation, there is no mechanic to be found. At this moment, only an on-demand Uber for tow trucks app can help you solve the problem. This article will help you guide through the procedures you will require to launch your on-demand tow truck app like Uber without having any knowledge about programming.


Tow Trucks are an absolute savior for those who are fighting over their broken-down cars and have no clue as to where they can manage a mechanic. Therefore, in today's world, the need for a Tow truck app like Uber has risen significantly. This has created a perfect place to start new ventures by building up a platform to book a tow truck from any service provider without their contact details.

We at AIS Technolabs will help you create such an app that will prove to be a blooming asset for you to excel in this field without even knowing the programming language. With us, you can create three apps in a single package required to maintain all the three aspects in an on-demand service, i.e., admin app, driver app, and a customer app. With the induction of new cutting-edge technology and features, you will be able to get the best out of this service without regretting later on.

Features of an On-demand Uber for Tow Truck App

The tow truck app like Uber that our developers create is highly customizable and can be altered based on what you decide to see in your product. However, all the packages contain a complete list of the essential features that will help you create a highly functional Uber for tow trucks app with a user-friendly interface. Our developers will either include new features or exclude them according to our client's requirements. With the latest software and tools, we will create and design that suits your taste the best and will inculcate all other advanced functionalities to help you to build an app that is totally different from others yet serving the same purpose with a touch of uniqueness. Here is a list of essential features that our developers include in each tow truck app like Uber.

1) Social Login

In today's extremely socialized world, all have established their existence on multiple social media platforms. These are a fantastic source of information for businesses to know all about their clients' demographic and psychographic knowledge. It will help in understanding the clients and targeting the right audience based on the information gathered. This is the primary reason why our developers prefer more social login than the old form ones.

Social login gives legit access to review all the basic and demographic information about the client who is registering. Moreover, it is a quick and efficient way to register in a website/app without wasting time filling up the forms. Since it is a perfect feature for both the service provider and the clients, social login is a must on our list of functionalities.

2) Track Driver Location

Geolocation tracking is a useful feature added to your tow truck app like Uber. Using the best tow truck dispatch software, we will introduce the geolocation feature to track the drivers. It also benefits the tow truck driver by showing the client's current location who requested the service, thus saving a lot of time for the people at both ends. For any on-demand service application, this feature is an essential part that helps in maintaining the complete service smoothly. With a GPS, it becomes easy for both the client and the tow truck driver to find each other without having to look around physically.

3) Driver Availability Toggle

With this feature, the tow truck driver can let others know if they are available for a service or not. Even if, in certain conditions, a driver is not ready at that moment, he can let the clients and the admin know about it by toggling themselves as not available. This is an efficient and valuable feature that our developers inculcate into the app to facilitate an on-demand application to perform well without any problems. This feature provides flexibility to a tow truck driver that helps him adjust the workings at any unfavorable condition.

4) Flexible Payments

Using the cutting-edge technology and the latest tools available, you can develop an app where you can easily create changes to the payments whenever required. This provides the ultimate flexibility for adjusting the charges based on the situations and circumstances that arise from time to time. Moreover, on-demand tow truck services involve more than one payment structure depending on the distance and type of vehicle requested. With an on-demand Uber for tow truck app, you will be able to create flexible payments that you can display to your customers. This is another vital feature that one must include in their on-demand app.

5) Reviews and Ratings

It has become quite a habit for almost everyone in this current world to move forward only after reading the reviews. Our human psychology induces us to react only after judging something from the reviews and rating section. Therefore, this feature helps create a sense of trust and worthiness between the company and its clients. Further, based on the ratings and reviews, an organization can spot out its weaknesses and strengths. Judging from the negative reviews, the service providers can understand the places they lack the most and rectify their mistakes to ensure proper functionality and service.

6) Schedule Ride

Among the complete list of features, scheduling a ride is the most important one as the app is launched to provide this service in the first place. With the help of the mobile application and this feature, a person who needs a tow truck service can book a ride at any point of the day or night. Without this feature, an on-demand Uber for tow truck app is entirely nonfunctional. This feature helps the clients book a tow truck service on the spot without roaming about for help.

7) 24/7 Support and Maintenance

24/7 support and maintenance is one of the essential features of an on-demand Uber for tow truck app. This functionality allows customers to request a service at any point of the day and even at night. It gives the clients a chance to book a service on the very spot.

8) Promo Codes

Promo codes allow customers to gain several incentives in the form of discounts and other features. It is done through referrals given by one customer to the other. It is a brilliant method to lure more customers towards using your app and services over others, thus giving you the perfect marketing strategy to increase your revenue.

Explore the ways to develop your own on-demand Uber for tow truck app through us!

Developing an on-demand Uber for tow truck app indeed requires the knowledge of programming language. The method involves a lot of coding and the latest software and tools to create a compatible platform with any operating system that you choose. But what will you do if you don't have any knowledge of programming languages? The answer to this question is a ready-made on-demand Uber for tow truck app. It is a pre-built mobile application where all the basic and necessary coding is already done. This product only requires customization based on the requirements as ordered by the clients, thus acting as a quick and efficient solution for your needs. Moreover, being pocket-friendly, it becomes an excellent choice for those who are tight on their budget yet seeking an efficient service.

Revenue Models for Uber-like App

In tow truck apps like Uber, there are multiple revenue models charged by the platform. However, the most significant contribution is from the amount collected from customers as service fare. In most cases, up to 20% of each fare is kept by the service provider while giving out 80% to the tow truck drivers.

The revenue model is not restricted to only the service fees. Through premium rides, cancellation charges, surge pricing, and few other ways, the company generates its revenue, thus opening up the possibility of earning more from different methods. It helps in reducing the complete dependability on the fare charged to the clients.

Why Use Our Ready-made on-demand Uber for Tow Truck App?

There are hundreds and thousands of developers providing custom-based readymade on-demand Uber for tow truck apps. However, if you want to be trustworthy, AIS Technolabs will be the optimum location for you. We hire the industry's most experienced and skilled personnel in the development, thus ensuring maximum efficiency in terms of service that we will provide.

Our ready-made on-demand Uber for tow truck app is developed using the latest cutting-edge technology and dispatch software, which will help you manage the complete system without facing any errors when executing the tasks. Moreover, our knowledge of the most advanced programming languages like Python, Java, Kotlin, PHP, and others will help us create the most secure and high graphics mobile application free from any glitches and server errors.

The tow truck dispatch software that we use to create the readymade mobile application is designed to work most efficiently, even during times of high traffic. Thus, we can safely conclude that our ready-made on-demand Uber for tow truck app is one of its kind and is the most efficient product that will help you achieve your success smoothly.


To conclude, we can say that in this fast-growing world and high competition, we, the AIS Technolabs, offer you a marvelous opportunity to grab the product to your success without even having a single idea about programming languages. We will look into these technical matters and provide you the best services in this field at rates to suit any pockets.
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