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The rapid pace of technological innovation in the 21st century has made instant gratification a routine. With the world moving forward in ways faster than humanity can comprehend, people expect things to reach them faster than ever before. The development of “Just In Time” or JIT delivery had revolutionized the manufacturing process in the previous century, with greater efficiency across assembly lines and improved consumer satisfaction. The advent of the smartphone and internet-enabled mobile devices have allowed organizations to take the same step towards consumer retail; especially in the e-commerce segment. To cater to this demand, AIS Technolabs has forayed into the on-demand delivery app and on-demand service app segment; developing the best on-demand systems for organizations across the world.

What are On Demand Service Apps?

On-demand apps, as the name suggests, are mobile and web applications that fulfill the demands of the consumer for products and services instantly. The concept of on-demand solutions stems from the Just In Time model used by suppliers to deliver raw materials to factories, without necessitating the storage of raw material inventory. Such a system utilizes efficient logistical solutions and trending manufacturing output to ensure that assembly lines can operate with maximum efficiency without any interval for the procurement of raw material.

The increased efficiency due to the real-time exchange of information over the internet allows organizations to provide similar services to end users and consumers as well.

There are two common on-demand app development solutions for consumers that are in use today:

On-demand Product Delivery:

On-demand product delivery solutions allow consumers to buy products as and when required, typically over the internet. Such solutions often have a minimal lead time, ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. On-demand products are usually those which can be procured locally and delivered within a small area; ranging from fast food to knick-knacks to groceries to over-the-counter medicines to bottled liquor as well as perishable items such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

On-Demand Service Delivery:

On-demand service delivery solutions allow consumers to receive a particular service, booked through the internet. On-demand services might include taxi services provided by companies such as Uber; at-home salon services; pest-control services; repair services for common issues requiring electricians or plumbers; and even other services such as micro-credit and micro-finance solutions.

A premium on-demand app development services firm; AIS Technolabs provides organizations as well as small and medium businesses on-demand apps tailor-made to their requirements.

Why Does Your Business Need an On Demand App Developers?

The ubiquity of the internet has transformed the way we transact, interact and perform business tasks. Consumers are increasingly asking for better solutions and at lower prices, and organizations are pushing harder and harder to increase the number of satisfied customers. AIS Technolabs is a top-notch on-demand app developer for both goods and service-oriented businesses. Such solutions that can have a wide array of benefits:

Minimal Inventory:

The core model of on-demand solutions is the reduction of inventory. This speeds up the entire process, since goods can be procured instantaneously and can be delivered to the end-consumer with ease. In addition, it reduces the need for storage space and prevents perishable items from getting stale.

Instant Order Processing:

The real-time transfer of information over the internet allows for instantaneous order processing, which frees up time for both the consumer as well as provider.

Greater Consumer Options:

With an on-demand app, consumers can see the goods and services on offer and choose as per their needs. Moreover, since most of the on-demand purchases are more impulsive in nature, on-demand apps ensure greater turnover compared to retail stores.

Greater Transparency:

For on-demand service providers, such solutions provide greater transparency, informing the consumer about the activity of the service provider at each and every step of the way. This increases trust between the two parties and ensures chances of greater repeat purchases in the future.

The Future of On-Demand Services

With smartphones and tablets becoming a part of our daily existence, more and more businesses are availing the power of mobile internet services to enhance customer service and provide goods and services to consumers who could not be reached even a few years back. AIS Technolabs has pioneered in the field of on-demand app development, providing businesses with greater opportunities and faster turnovers while giving consumers a bouquet of choices and increased transparency.

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