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With the constant Evolution In Mobile Game Development, gamers are always waiting for new experiences. If you are planning to step into the gaming world, you will come across the phrases - Game Design and Game Development. Are they similar or poles apart? Though it seems similar, they are two different entities. We will get into the differences between Game Design and Game Development later. Let's first have insights into the game market value statistics.
Gaming Industry Growth

Uncovering Gaming Industry Growth Statistics: A Must Read!

In the past two years, the pandemic had an adverse impact on all industries, except the gaming industry. To flatten the curve of a pandemic outbreak, ‘ Stay Healthy At Home’ was a significant measure taken. Most industries were fighting to sustain themselves, but the gaming industry is on the exceptional list. The number of players is increasing across the globe as everyone is hooked on their mobile or smart TV screens.

In 2019, there were 2.5 billion players, whereas 2.3 billion players were waiting for unique experiences. It will amplify to 3+ billion players by 2023. According to a Statistica report for gaming market size worldwide 2020-2025, the gaming industry is expected to grow enormously. The expected growth of the global gaming market would reach 268.8 billion US dollars annually in 2025, which was 178 billion dollars in 2021.

This is why many people are dreaming of entering the gaming industry. And why not? The jaw-dropping statistics will convince you about its brilliant prospect. When the potential market is intensifying at a rapid pace, the demand for custom and engaging games is never-ending.

Now, let’s have a look at the two fields - Game Design and Game Development that play a vital role in bringing your innovative game concept to life.
Game Development

Game Design And Game Development - Interconnection & Differences

Game Design

When you are creating a mobile game, game design is all about imagination and creativity. They will craft the purpose for the players, so it is believed as a planning arm. To develop a customized mobile game, you need to conceptualize the game and put together a plan. Designers will ensure that the implementation is in accordance with the original idea.

A game designer with all his creativity and technical skills encompasses the unique game mechanics, rules, controls, user interface creations, rewards, levels, and more. In short, he will see the bigger picture of the game and determine the gameplay concept as well as gamers’ experience. His cohesive and fleshed-out concept is aligned with the Game Trends. Such concepts are implemented through functional and definite tasks. The game designer will try different themes and genres before finalizing the overall layout and functionalities of the game.

Different Types Of Game Design
  • System Design - The Rules Of The Games are defined. Also, experts check the efficiency of the rules at this level of game creation.
  • Level Design - Designers set up locations, place crews, and design innovative ways to pass the game level by considering the uniqueness of the game.
  • World Design - It is the most complex type of game design. Here, designers create the correct context of the game, so the players will have the details on how to play.

Process Of Game Designing

  • Planning based on the original idea
  • Considering Every Aspect Of the Game
  • Defining Concepts
  • Coming up with engaging game themes
  • Creating test plans to balance gameplay
  • Designing for various devices and platform

Game Development

Once the design of the game is ready, mobile game development experts will transform the ideas and sketches of the designers into digital products. Many of you may seek that game development is as easy as programming the game, creating engaging visuals, and adding music or audio. But in reality, from the early stage of conceptualization to post-launch support.

A Professional Game Development Company will follow all stages of game development, including planning, pre-production, production, testing, pre-launch, launch, and post-maintenance. The technical pros will use their coding and programming skills to create a fully functional game. With the use of sketches, layouts, and storylines of designers, the development process initiates. Thousands of lines of code are written for the game logic and underlying systems before a successful launch of your 2D and 3D games.

However, it is not the job of a person. A wide array of different game developers are involved in various aspects of mobile game development.

Different Aspects Of Mobile Game Development

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Graphics
  • Networking
  • Physics
  • Tools
  • User Interface Programming

All these aspects play a crucial role while offering the finest mobile game development services.

Process Of Game Development

  • Understanding Requirements - The professional game development company understands the client’s needs and proposals. Keeping an eye on your business and current processes, they propose the solution.
  • Wire Framing & Designing - Preparing blueprint structure, designing each screen of the game, game mechanics, setting rules, locations, placing crews, innovative ways to pass the game level, controls, user interface creations, rewards, and more.
  • Development & Testing - Developing all sections and functionalities of the game with technical expertise. Testing the game and fixing all bugs to ensure your game is free from any errors before the potential players use it.
  • Deployment & Support - Launch the game on various platforms and hand it over to the client. The professional game development company offers support, maintenance, and up-gradation of the game, once the game is ready to use for gamers.
 Game Design & Development

Understanding The Difference Between Game Design & Game Development

Game designers create the concept of the game through characters, locations, animations, themes, and storylines. In contrast, the game developers write codes to deploy games on any platform as per your choice.

However, both are inevitable to run the game successfully. Hence, you can’t make out which one is more important than the other. But definitely, they are interconnected to fuel life in your mobile game development project.

Mobile Game

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