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Exploring Excellence: Top Mobile Game Market Trends

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The Mobile Game Development industry has seen a rapid rise, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. With more and more people entering the gaming world, new trends are evolving each day. AIS Technolabs is your trusted mobile game development company that will provide you with game sources with the best trends and practices.


Nowadays, the hike of mobile games is as vibrant as the hike of digital marketing. Mobile game development has occupied half of the world's market in today's world. It is an entirely different industry, which is rapidly growing, especially in the digital era. People who have observed this industry's enormous rise have predicted some popular gaming trends that 2021 might see. The immense technological boost has played a big role in making the gaming industry so successful. As a mobile game development company, you must keep in mind all the recent trends in the industry.

Take a look at what's hot this year by looking at the latest trends. Here are some of the biggest video game trends expected in 2021.
How Does The Gaming Industry Look at This Moment?

How Does The Gaming Industry Look at This Moment?

Compared to how things were just a few years ago, the gaming industry has taken a major turn. Especially in 2020, with almost everyone playing online games and streaming online, it has turned into a billion-dollar industry, and it is estimated that 2022 will have a 200-billion-dollar gaming industry.

One of the reasons mobile games hit this mark was the rapid rise in digitization, which facilitated people to socialize just through a click. Out of these, an increasing number of users relied on the gaming world to talk, chat and get to know other people.

The current face of the gaming industry looks no less than a multimillion-dollar company, with a constantly increasing number of users throughout the world. A lot of youth have been taking mobile gaming and streaming as full-time jobs and earning through it. The revenue brought in by the gaming industry is huge; that is why it is increasing more and more every day.

Current Trends in the Gaming Industry

Current Trends in the Gaming Industry

Every Mobile game development company must remain up to date with all the recent trends of this industry. Mobile games have come far away from where they started. Today's animation and quality of mobile games are hard to differentiate from reality. A glimpse at gaming industry trends we can see as we dive more below.

Augmented Reality

If you don't know much about the technicalities of gaming, consider the normal hit games as the best example which had gained massive popularity in a ridiculously short time. Augmented reality is used in those games, and the industry marks over multi-million downloads of these games.

Virtual reality E and Augmented reality are two major trends in the gaming industry. While virtual reality takes the user to an entirely different world, Augmented reality alters the existing world. Augmented reality uses technologies like GPS, computer graphics, and others to bring the game into the real world. Though AR has not entirely developed yet, its popularity gives us all a taste of how potentially rich and successful AR will be once in full scale.

For our final word, we may state that Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a hot trend for all iOS and Android game creators.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a hot new trend in mobile gaming that will be around for a while. In the gaming industry, virtual reality plays an enormous role in providing real-life experiences to users. Many headsets have opted for virtual reality to present their audience with their desires. If you want your mobile game to make the top of the market, you need to ensure that your hardware supports the VR game app.

Even though the cost of a virtual reality headset it's quite high, it is still worth the experience. Considering how widely it is growing and how popular it has become in such a short period, we can estimate that the cost of VR will reduce in the coming time. VR is an important part of unity game developments and has a very bright prospect.

Face Recognition

While it may sound weird, face recognition has become a popular current trend in the gaming industry. Face recognition is a common security feature in security-based apps.

Players like engaging with their look-alikes in mobile games, so you can utilize this method to improve their appeal. Mobile game makers will use face recognition and 3D technologies to increase their profits in the gaming business. It is one of the more recent concepts that is quickly gaining traction in the gaming world.

5G Technology

5G technology refers to 5G connections which are 100 times as fast as 4G networks. The inclusion of 5G technology to the list of mobile gaming industry developments is particularly intriguing. With a 100 Gbps transfer rate, it's fast. With 1.4 billion devices connected to this high-speed network in five years, standard data transfer may become a reality. This high-speed network can also design features to enhance the business performance from which w other industries can benefit.

Beacon Technology

Since its inception, beacon technology has lagged behind other emerging fields. Beacons are short wave transmitters termed Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Mobile phones within range may readily connect to these signals and deliver highly personalized services for the audience.

An accurate mapping and a competent product display may be implemented using beacon technology to assist you in growing your client base. As a bonus, beacons aid app developers in better identifying their intended audience and creating tailored features to meet their needs.

Blockchain Technology

In 2021, the use of blockchain technology will increase compared to other technologies. Enhanced application development facilities are provided by blockchains. You can enhance transparency and save money by using it. This technology can be used to enhance security protocols and remove unauthorized access to specific information.

Cloud-based Mobile Apps

Cloud technology should be used by mobile game creators on Android and iOS to obtain and store data more securely. Cloud-based mobile apps are also faster. Not only will it reduce the development cost but also make the mobile game more flexible and scalable. The customer experience gained with this technology is unmatched. Its usage in the gaming world has created a benchmark for other games to reach their level.
What is The Biggest Gaming Trend Right Now?

What is The Biggest Gaming Trend Right Now?

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) are the two most significant gaming advancements right now (AR). While AR is still undergoing the development process, VR has come a long way. It has revolutionized the gaming experience for most users.

While there are various other amazing gaming trends, some of the most essentials, without which a good mobile game can't work, are high graphics, GPS devices, etc. All these make the gaming experience even more real and addictive. Several virtual reality games like PubG, Battle Royals, Clash of Clans, etc., have set a mark that new games have to reach to get similar recognition. In recent years, augmented reality (AR) apps such as Pokemon Go have grown in popularity.
How big is the gaming industry right now?
In very simple words, the gaming industry is currently a billion-dollar industry. With estimated sales close to $179.9 billion, gaming is expected to overtake sports and movies as the top moneymaker in the entertainment industry by 2020. In April 2021, an estimation was made as per which the gaming industry will probably cross $300 billion this year. The pandemic has contributed to the industry's massive growth, presenting an average of 2.7 billion active gamers worldwide.
Why Choose AIS Technolabs for Mobile Game Development?
Why Choose AIS Technolabs for Mobile Game Development?
AIS Technolabs is a software and application development company. With its experienced developers and programmers, you can consider it a popular mobile game development company. The skilled developers of AIS Technolabs will cater to all your requirements and customize a game in any way you want.

One of the greatest ways to get help with mobile game development is to hire a company like ours. Your game will be made for both android and iOS users. Be sure to get high computer graphics with exciting features, making your game one of the most popular ones in the market.


Companies in the mobile game development industry must know the importance of the latest trends and activities to develop games as per the likes and dislikes of their target audiences.

The mobile game developers of AIS Technolabs will deeply analyze the requirements of your business and your audience and develop business strategies that will be most beneficial for you. If you are confused about your mobile game development, hire us and get a simple and effective solution with the best quality results.
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