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In recent few years, Online Gaming has got a huge growth, and it is going to expand in 2021. Different mobile Game Development Industries are building new mobile games that will cater to the audience’s interest. A large number of changes in mobile game development companies are taking place that will bring a huge revolution in the mobile gaming industry. Here are some trends to watch in the Mobile Gaming Industry 2021.


The launch of sports games in many countries have led the formation of a new sector in the gaming industry known as esports or mobile games. Mobile gaming industry is on peak as it is offering what customers need. It has a great role to play, as it helps to shape what audiences are looking for. With the continuous growth in the mobile gaming Industry, you will find different record breaking games.

Many mobile game companies make use of many advanced technologies like AR, VR, cloud gaming and 5G. Currently, many game companies rely on such feature-rich modern technologies. Some other trends include the monetization of hyper casual games and various genres of game.

A mobile game development company is witnessing a huge revolution since the last few years. Different players are moving to smartphones for playing games. Hence it is quite essential for game enthusiasts and developers to know about such trends.

More people are preferring the mobile applications over the websites hence this is why most of the users have become fans of mobile gaming. Also, that is the reason why most of the game development companies are conducting large amounts of research to build mobile game applications.

Mobile game development is an ever changing scenario since many technologies are coming up that are contributing to highly addictive mobile games and engaging games. You should start looking for the best mobile game development company to help you build a feature-rich game that matches your requirements and business objectives.

Let’s discuss some of the latest mobile game development trends for 2021

AR Gaming

Augmented Reality or Virtual reality has led the mobile game development industries to make a revolution in the user experience. A few mobile game development companies are leveraging the Augmented Reality by integrating game audios and visuals that gives the audiences a virtual environment. It creates an immense environment where users can make use of virtual Reality Headsets to play games and enjoy a great gaming experience.

Many players can find a superimposed pre created environment that offers players to take advantage of the diverse gaming environment that makes games more interesting. Different AR games are interactive and compelling since it allows users to get an engaging environment to play.

Mobile Cloud Gaming

Mobile Cloud Gaming offers the players the best experiences of the game play on their mobile devices. The best part of cloud gaming is that the players do not need to change any setting or sell their data to any third party.

Most of the games do not require players to download anything on their devices. With the huge development in the cloud and graphics companies, gaming has enabled a new concept called mobile cloud gaming. It is a platform where players can use Gaming as a service (GaaS).

Cloud gaming has the biggest advantage over the emerging technologies. Such video games are quite accessible and affordable for the people who can not afford fancy gaming consoles. It makes gaming more and more affordable to people who play games on mobile devices.

5G Games

5G is the most reliable network, different mobile game developers are jumping on the 5G technology. Cloud gaming is the best for gamers and since many games do need a high speed network hence, 5G network would be the best choice. On the 5G network, no game lag will occur for different players.

Cross Platform Gaming

Multiplayer games have been around since many years and are getting more famous these days. With the launch of certain gaming devices like Xbox, nintendo etc., a variety of opportunities have been opened up for cross platform gaming. Here players have privilege to play with other players on cross platform support. Such games are available on several devices like, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4 etc.

Different games offer cross play on few devices. You will find a large number of cross platform games for gaming devices. Many players make use of the cross platform games since they can switch from one game to another game. For example, a fortnight player can make use of a desktop computer and any other player can play on different devices.

Hyper Casual Mobile Game

Hyper Casual games are quite lightweight and very easy to play and learn. On the other side such games are addictive that require very less attention or duration. Most of such games use concepts like intuitive mechanics that remain consistent during the game play.

Such games would be good if you are looking to earn reviews, since the downloads of such games are 10x more and many hyper casual game players do watch ads in the middle of the game. Hence it would be a great genre to work on.

With rise in the levels, the difficulty of the game increases and becomes more exciting. Hyper casual games are great for players who want to learn and play.

Such games come with a great user interface and user experience that provides the perfect recipe for long term player retention and continued attachment.

Why is Mobile Gaming Monetization Important in 2021?

According to the recent survey, the mobile gaming industry is on peak and it is going to be a huge industry in the coming years. Hence, monetizing the gaming applications is going to be quite profitable. Building up the monetization strategy has become important for you to earn a good profit from your game along with different assets sold. Mobile game monetization would help you to earn some revenue by displaying different mobile ads.

You can make use of several strategies to monetize your game, by adding some good banners, selling the data you collect or incentivizing the downloads of Offerwalls. There are other methods too, like merchandising, offering freebies, and many more.

How to Promote Mobile Games in 2021?

Use of some advanced game development tools like Unity and unreal engine saves a good amount of time for developers. It makes the game development process faster and easy to publish it on different app stores or in markets.

It is quite cost effective for you to build the game on the existing framework. It will reduce a large amount of development time and costs also. You can easily spend a quality amount of money and duration on game marketing and promotion.

Before you start the promotion of the game, you need to ensure that you do a market research. It will help you to get information on what your audiences are looking for and what kinds of games are in trend.

You can try to get details about your competitors and understand what all games you can bring to the market that can compete with the leading games that are already present. If you want to do more specific marketing or promotion, you can pitch to different game publishers.

Another way is to drive organic traffic from app stores. Once it gets popular among the audience, you will get huge number of downloads.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop The Game?

The cost for developing a game depends on various factors.. Different mobile game developers consider different factors like the mobile OS, Pre Development expenses, Game Design, what complexities are involved in the development, and more.

If you are looking for a simple game, it costs quite less. It can go up for different complex games. You will find a lot of major categories where you need to spend money such as in marketing and testing.

Why to Choose AIS Technolabs for Mobile App Game Development?

AIS Technolabs is the leading mobile game development company, being backed up with a team of great developers who work on different platforms like Unity3D to build some of the best games for you.

If you are willing to get an Android game or any other mobile game, developers would assist you. Different game development developers help clients to build something exciting and unique. Such developers make use of the Docker containers and also use CI/CD for game development.

At AIS technolabs, our developers make use of various tools and technologies like React Native, Ionic and many more frameworks. All different Android games we build are rich in design and have intuitive features that attract good gamers.


With the huge advancements in technologies, and rise in the game development industry a huge market is making use of the different technologies. Such technologies like AR, VR, cloud gaming, 5G and blockchain are capable of bringing a huge revolution in the gaming industry. Different trends to watch are monetization and hyper casual game genre.

If you are looking for some consulting for game development, you can contact a leading mobile game development company like AIS Technolabs to guide you.
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