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Future Trends in Game & Entertainment App Development
Impact of Games and Entertainment App Development Trends in future
The world has evolved to the stage where people love playing games and stay engaged with different types of games. Technology is at its best, where unique features of the games will astonish you. Many leading IT companies, game development companies, contributors in the gaming world use advanced technologies such as VR and AR to focus on bringing out efficient mechanics to life, in its ultimate form. After the Covid-19 lockdown, we have seen a surge in the development of games as people are locked into their homes, they find different ways to entertain themselves. These popular game development companies get suggestions from the fans and come up with new ideas to create interesting games that keep the users glued to their seats for hours together.

As of now, there are about 2.7 billion gamers who play games on their phones - Statista

There is no surprise why mobile game development services are thriving nowadays. Most of the people work from home due to Coronavirus spread. They prefer downloading games on their mobile devices.

The usage of applications and smartphones are still very rising with no foreseen drop in the future.

Seeing this trend in 2020, it's obvious that the mobile apps are not going to slow down, but update with more exciting features, that will keep getting users hyped.

Companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have had to increase their engagement through evolved games to keep the users hooked. All thanks to popular game development companies.

Coronavirus Affecting The Game Development Companies

Coronavirus Affecting The Game Development Companies

This lockdown only gave room gamers (like me) an excuse to stay home with a purpose. The game development company in India profited a lot from this lockdown, with people having free access to play games whenever and wherever they want. Nobody had to consider their jobs no more during the quarantine period. Game development companies in India build games and those who might have had no interest in gaming, a reason to download mobile apps, adopting the culture.
Mobile apps game pretty much-provided quality entertainment for the one playing and those watching the outcome of the game. Although mobile gaming apps can't be compared to the desktop or console, it is growing every year massively, moving closer.
Mobile Game Development Trends of 2020
Mobile Game Development Trends of 2020

1) Cloud Gaming

The expectation for this game development company blew the industry up with its rising in the technology era. As the internet connections are becoming quicker and dependable, you'll have the access to any games from any gadget with an internet connection, like you are streaming videos.

2) VR and AR

This technology has enhanced to the point where users have real experiences, giving them a reality of what they want. Because of this VR and AR gaming development industry has amassed fans all over the world and is well known by game enthusiasts. These game development companies help users experience the virtual world in such a reality that amazes the users, which is why it's the most demanding technology because it feels modern. The users welcome such quality of elegance and complexity in its easiest form in the gaming world.

3) Multiplayer Features

Multiplayer is in demand in the gaming world, for it is an essential key to why people play the games they do. It encourages competition that every person has in them and when it is brought to life, it's like an adrenaline rush through the body. Everybody wants to win, or be the first. This makes it user-friendly, family-friendly. Sometimes this arrangement can lead to friendship from a stranger.

It is a way that connects the world. People from different races background, religion, continent, able to meet through games. It encourages unity and forms of community.
4) Hand Consoles
The evolution of consoles from 2000 have made gaming development companies like Nintendo and playstation game changer. Who does like an accessible game at their fingers tip at any time they like?

Nintendo Switch has shown us that there's an audience for consoles, rather than people using tablets or iPads, which makes it a huge success.

This shows us that handheld games would be of significance in the future, as it's still a trend gamers find captivating for its easy access.

5) Integration with Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are used at its best today and will always be a platform many people engage with millions of others. Especially gamers, with twitch for an example. It's a community of gamers, doing what they do best-play games. And you learn new ways to go through obstacles of any game.

Even some celebrities are known to be part of the community, communicating with their followers, learning from one another. They share what they play and also get introduced to other gaming platforms.

This element without any form of promotion from the game development companies is crucial with the way social media gives a huge boost to the gaming industries. The app users are using social media tools in an app available in the market. Exclusively when it comes to mobile phone games. People can play their favorite games with their friends from any part of the world.

6) Wearable Game Trends

The trend of wearable games bringing virtual reality to your home has encouraged new projects. The leverage of this form of technology to bring reality into a game, giving the user "full control", has made it best-selling in the market.

Looking from other categories like sports games and ending with the medicines field, VR has certainly brought the best experiences to all the users of the world. In addition to that this advanced technology and digital marketing has certainly influenced the gaming industry 2020 to bring something astounding and innovative in the market and seeking one of the best possible outcomes in the foreseeable future.

Other Mobile Gaming Development Trends of 2020

Well, there are many other trends which will be part of the picture. These are as follows.

  • 5G (a big impact in the world at large, meaning an impact in the gaming industry)
  • Revolution of game engines
  • Location-based games
  • Live interaction


In this current time the game development companies, mobile app development, contributors, will have more demand, not only now, but upcoming years. These elements, features, characteristics, written above without them, the trend won't be a subject to discuss.

The problems and challenges that gaming has is also an issue that has come to be. With the fact that the industry has developed in ways that would amaze the generation before us. Popular game development companies should be more efficient in their work to create a better system with fewer kinks, that would be suitable for market demands.

The challenges are there but not impossible to overcome. With an upgraded system, new strategies, game development companies in India are tailoring the needs of the users and their imagination and thoughtful ideas.

The game development companies in India along with the entire world would continue being a trend that evolved with the data from the people. As they say, nobody knows a game better than the player.
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