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Biggest eCommerce Website Development? Pitfalls


eCommerce website development is a complicated and demanding task. It demands complete attention. Otherwise, it may impact your organization’s reputation. The eCommerce store development should fulfill the different expectations of you, the company, and the end customers, from functionality and quality to the design. The path to a successful eCommerce store for your company may question your functionality and vision at various points along the way. But besides an attractive design and robust development, you may need to place your store correctly in the industry, and you may be discouraged by a consistently slow start. We will discuss eCommerce Website Development's most significant challenges or pitfalls here.

eCommerce Website Development Pitfalls

Insufficient Product Images

Customers can learn more about a product by looking at its image. Hence, this can assist customers in gaining knowledge about the product they are purchasing. Because the consumer cannot touch or taste the product to know it better, images can accurately convey what they are looking for. If the product is available in various colors, it entails images of all those options, so the customer gets an idea of the same.
Improve Your Sales Funnel

Improve Your Sales Funnel

Ensure to keep your sales funnel seamless, customer-oriented, and simple. The sales funnel depicts the path your consumers follow on your website. It is one of the essential parts of any company website. You may engage with an eCommerce web development company to guarantee that your website's client experience matches the expectations of eCommerce customers.

Inadequate Product Descriptions

The significance of product descriptions that provide all necessary information should be readable and understandable and remain faithful to the brand tone. You will find it challenging to market your goods if your product information is inadequate. Your product descriptions should be insightful and simple, and easy to understand.
Hiding Contact Information

Hiding Contact Information

Customers want to verify whether you are a legitimate company, and they are not getting scammed. Sometimes they want to reach you to communicate. If your website does not provide contact information or hides it so that the consumer cannot easily discover it, they are less willing to trust your website and, as a result, less likely to engage with you. It necessitates that you make your contact information readily available to customers. A contact form, phone number, postal address, and email address will boost client confidence.


Cybercriminals and other malicious actors may compromise and steal customer data or engage in identity theft, leading to a shortage of security measures. While buying the domain name for your website, you must also purchase the SSL certificate. Security is a critical component in developing an eCommerce website and must be addressed with great care. You should keep looking for new features and security protocols to enhance the security of your platform, boosting your website's credibility.
 Complicated Check-Out Process

Complicated Check-Out Process

No one wants to wait or go through a long process while buying things online. If your check-out process is complicated and demands a lot of information, the users would get easily bored and leave your site. Nothing will irritate buyers more than waiting a long time to verify their shopping carts. Customers should be able to complete the check-out process on a single page, if at all possible. Further, customers should only have to add the products, enter shipping and payment information, and click submit.

Non-responsive Design

More than 51% of adults utilize their smartphones to shop online. So, in this case, if your web page remains non-responsive, it may impact your business negatively. You must cater to the needs and requirements of mobile users and provide them with a seamless user experience. They should feel comfortable navigating through your website. Ensure that your eCommerce website developers make the web design simplified and streamlined, and appealing for the users to get enticed and find the information quickly.
Failure to Provide a Search Engine

Failure to Provide a Search Engine

When prospective buyer knows whatever they want to buy, they are more likely to use a search engine to find it rather than going through filters and classifications, which will waste their time. It requires including a search engine and making it streamlined for buyers to search for products easily. The eCommerce solutions should ensure that it provides options for the consumer to filter out some findings since a search can return dozens of results, requiring the customer to go through all. During the development, ensure that your eCommerce portal includes a built-in search engine that allows users to search using keywords and filters that allow for the refinement of those results based on criteria.

Don't compromise on Customer Experience

To ensure that the customer gets the best experience, you should understand their needs and requirements and make efforts to meet them. From page appearance to navigation to the feedback and call-to-action buttons must be planned, managed, and implemented consistently. You should have a system that responds to customer inquiries or feedback proactively, and you must distinguish between using service automation and doing things manually.
Inadequate Shipping and Policy Information

Inadequate Shipping and Policy Information

Nobody likes any fact hidden, such as an additional charge for shipping products at the very last step, not having the option for cash on delivery or any other uncomfortable details for the customer. Be truthful about your payment methods, shipping charges, and return policies – regardless of whether you offer refunds or store credit, the period for which returns are permitted, etc. The prime objective should be to provide understandable, compatible, and appropriate information. You must clearly state your policies regarding shipping, returns, refunds, or offers. This information should be clearly stated and visible to your customer before proceeding to the final payment page.

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An ecommerce business cannot exist without a fully functional e-commerce website. Hiring the best eCommerce development company in India can help you get through these mistakes and provide a successful website. These mistakes can be challenges to the companies, and if the companies overlook them, it can cost them a loss of customers, and the website will be unsuccessful. If you want to thrive in the competitive market, you should be ready to correct these pitfalls and move ahead.
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