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The real estate sector is never down as people are always into buying properties. It is essential to stand tall in the industry's ongoing tough competition. People prefer searching property through Apps Like Zillow Clone and websites to save more time in the digital era. They get to see a lot of options online together simultaneously. This projects how fast the industry is growing smoothly with days passing by, and the world is becoming more digitally dependent. Also, at this time, traditionally, promoting business and advertising is not as effective as the digital way


Zillow clone app is a real estate app that is very famous in the United States. Zillow Clone has around 160 million active users monthly. Its revenue stands at around $3.3 billion. It is trendy and is at its peak among buyers, sellers, and industry professionals. People aim to build apps like Zillow clone script to stand in this competitive digital industry.

Primary functionalities of the Zillow clone app

Before you start developing an app like Zillow, you must know about the basic functionality of apps like Zillow Clone.
Rent property: People are searching for homes to rent through this app. The property you are putting up should have clear pictures, price, and contact details. There are additional factors, but these are fundamental for any listing. The significant criteria for buying and renting homes are based on location and price. Therefore, the algorithm should be efficient to list the properties based on the users' location search and the rent price.
Buy Property: The significant number of users will be looking into your app for buying properties; therefore, features like chat or call with the seller should be included for communication.
Sell Property: Almost like renting, property sellers also must add clear pictures, price, location, and contact details. Additionally, they may also link other similar properties to increase visibility.
These three are Vital Functionality For Developing A Real Estate App. Developers must focus on the significant features to provide a smooth service.

Steps To Build Zillow Clone Like The App To Widen Your Digital Presence

Validate The Plan Of Creating A Real Estate App

Previously, buying and selling a house has been done physically with no involvement of apps or websites. But now things have changed. People have become busier in life. Real estate app like the Zillow clone has made this easier and time-saving. People browse through a lot of options for property sitting at their homes. Zillow clone app allows users to search using the Geo-Location feature. This will enable them to find properties in your desired location easily. Getting details about the property also becomes very easy and fast.

Considering your perspective, if you have no third parties to promote your service, you can directly get in touch with the clients through the app. This will result in 0 spam and keep the process transparent. You will also be able to gain more clients for your business. Using the app, you can understand users' interests and preferences and stay updated with their requirements.

Choose The Type Of Real Estate App To Develop

Before you move on to contacting a mobile app development company or hiring a professional app developer, you must decide what kind of app you want to develop. There are two kinds of app, third-party model and agency app.

The third-party app model is a bridge between the agents and the buyers. It is different from an agency app. Here; users need to sign up as sellers, buyers, or agents. Then, the agents will update the listings and widen their network. Similarly, the users can browse the listing, select housings of their preference, and connect with the agents. This app or platform will pave the communication path among sellers, buyers, and freelancer agents.

The Agency app is a lot different from a third-party app. It belongs to specific real estate agencies, and they list the houses. The agency will keep track of the business improvement. Despite this, they will know how many users are engaging daily with the agency and their demands. In short, this is a tool for business management and improvement.

3. Decide The Features Necessary To Include In The Real Estate App

The immense success of the Zillow clone app made it a pioneer of the real estate sector. The UX and functionality play a very significant role. Below is a list of the essential features that a real estate app must-have.

  • Onboarding/Sign up
  • Search & filter
  • Databases
  • Map
  • Apartment details
  • Push notification
Remember, the features will be the make or break of your app. So, you need to be very careful while picking up the features of your app. In addition, the UI/UX that you will be using must be appealing as this will keep the clients engaged with the real estate app. Here are some of the tips that you can follow:

  • Use clear images and videos
  • Easy navigation pattern
  • Easy to understand menus
  • Use heat maps
  • Detailed information
  • Valid contact details
  • Chat options
  • Compared prices
  • Property value calculation
  • Sorting
  • Reviews

Decide The Proper Technology Stack

After you decide on the functionalities and features, it is important to decide on a technology stack that will be used to develop the Zillow clone app. For example, if you create a real estate app, you need to prepare a multi-platform approach. For Android and iOS platforms, you require Java and Swift programming languages, respectively.

Consider The Monetization Strategies

A lot of monetization and considerable investment are required to Build A Proper Real Estate App. So before making the app, you must know the amount of money you need and how you will earn it back from the app. Here, we will discuss two popular monetization strategies that will help you.

  • Fee-Based Revenue Model: When users list their property on the app, you can charge a certain fee. Fees can also be collected from agencies whenever they wish to boost their app profile. You can set up a subscription fee that agencies need to pay after a certain period. The subscription type can also be based on the number of listings of properties. It can be a significant source of income for you.
  • Advertisement-Based Revenue Model: The Advertisement-revenue model is an old strategy that has to remain effective through generations. It is the best process to generate revenue. The advertisements displayed on the app must be relevant to real estate, i.e., ads like home renovation, bank loans, mortgages, etc. So, when the user clicks on the advertisement, you will receive a small payment.

Why choose AIS Technolabs for Zillow clone app development?

Automate your real estate business with our customized Zillow Clone app script. Your application will be packed with state-of-the-art features that address all your concerns and manage the business operations efficiently. The cutting-edge admin panel facilitates the complete control of your business functions along with a monitoring system for flawless performance for a longer time.

AIS Technolabs will take care of your real estate portfolio and streamline the business operation. For your specific needs, you can tailor the Zillow clone script. With automated processes, you will witness the competency of your business will translate into profit. We offer world-class quality Zillow Clone apps at an affordable price.

Wrapping Up

The world has now become more technology-driven. People now prefer getting services sitting at home on their devices. Fewer people have time for getting things done traditionally. Zillow Clone app is considered a successful and evergreen app in the real estate app development world. Experts prefer this app the most. Entrepreneurs can provide professional service to their customers via apps like Zillow Clone.
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