How to Build a Zillow-like Real Estate App in 2024 with Clone Script?

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The real estate market has changed a lot over the years. There was a need for quick listing systems to consolidate all the properties in an area under a single platform. Zillow is an app, which provides a solution to this need of the users. Thus making the whole process of searching and acquiring properties more easy and convenient. Various companies followed the success of Zillow app to come up with clone applications.


Competition is high in the real estate market, which compels the market players to have a strong digital presence. To help tackle the situation, a real-estate listing app like Zillow made its appearance in 2006 and changed the game of real-estate business worldwide. All the parties benefit from the assistance that these platforms offer. The parties generally include the buyers, the sellers, and the agents. Thus, these three kinds of people become the potential customers of the company owning similar applications. The companies opt for the Zillow clone app because of the lower price of development and customizability provided by the clone app.

Which Is The Best Real Estate Php Script?

The internet has many real estate websites, which offer different services to the users. Among those websites and apps, Zillow is the most popular. It is considered to be the app with the best real estate PHP script. Initially, limited features were available on both website and app, but they became successful with continuous efforts and constant improvement. The platform has millions of potential homebuyers, sellers, tenants, and agents who go through the app daily to benefit from the services. The PHP script is phenomenal with the new Zillow clone script used by many companies to build apps similar to Zillow.

How To Create A Zillow-like Real Estate App?

To create a modern mobile app, there are many steps involved, starting from market research to deciding the features and launching the application. Zillow requires various features, inculcating a huge amount of time and money to develop from scratch. This is the reason businesses opt for Zillow clones or develop an MVP (Minimum Variable Product) model. Small start-ups often go for these options due to limited funding. The MVP model revolves around the concept of starting small and eventually growing up to the full potential that the company intends to achieve with the application.

Features Of Zillow Clone Script

1) Property Listing

It is important to create an extensive list of properties on the Zillow clone app. Once the list of suitable properties is made, it needs to be maintained. The listing of real estate properties and maintaining the enormous database with new properties being added and removed regularly is essential for the app's success. It may happen that clients do not possess a large data collection, but good development companies source it from existing listings, i.e., MLS contracts or buy a base altogether.

2) Bids Management

There is an option of bids management that is present in the real estate app. This feature helps to regulate the bidding process of the properties that are listed on the application. During the bidding process on the Zillow clone, the bidders will place their price, and the property gets sold to the highest price made during the auction. The online process is conducted cautiously to avoid classes between the parties because if such cases happen, the company loses valuable customers.

3) Advanced Map Search

The best Zillow clone script provides integration of advanced search options within the clone app. It is an essential feature of any good real estate application. This feature helps the app users crawl through the database of properties listed on the app and find the options that suit them perfectly. It also has the option to filter out properties based on predefined criteria like the place, location, etc. The biggest advantage of advanced search is that it offers real-time results to the users.

4) Lead Management

It is a feature useful for the agents that are present on the clone application. This feature is all about generating leads, which converts to potential prospects. It provides the agents with a list of buyers and sellers for a specific property to act as a bridge between them. Along with this, provide them with their list of properties available with them.

5) Ratings / Reviews

The rating and review feature helps in guiding the users to look for agents on the application. They can decide to hire the agent based on the ratings or reviews of the past users. This feature also maintains the integrity among the agents, as they would work towards making the clients happy to have a high rating and positive review from them. The company can also track the agents with consistent negative reviews and low ratings to remove them from the application itself.

6) Users/Agent/Builders registration

Registration of the users is the most important feature of any app, and the Zillow clone is no exception. It allows all types of app users, i.e., buyers, sellers, and agents, to register themselves to the app by providing proper credentials. The credentials can include a valid phone number, a working email ID, or both. Extra ID proof is optional to provide more clarity to the identity of the users. Having a proper registration provides the users with a sense of security that genuine people are present on the app.

7) Valuable Calculators

It is an extra feature that sets apart the Zillow clone app from others. Having an integrated value calculator facilitates the app users to calculate different values related to the mortgage of the listed property, the rent amount if the users wish to rent the property, or the buying amount of property. Quick estimates prevent the users from using additional tools for these types of calculations.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Real Estate App Like Zillow?

Using a Zillow clone script, an app like Zillow is becoming extremely famous among users searching for sellers or buyers of real estate properties. This is because the apps save time and money to a great extent. The development cost of such popular apps depends on various parameters that cumulate together to provide the final cost.

  • App complexity
  • The platform of deployment, i.e., Android and iOS.
  • Features and plug-ins
  • Country of development.

All these are important parameters, which influence the cost of the Zillow clone app. Rest is dependent on the deal that happens between the clients and development teams.

Take Away

A real estate listing app like Zillow is a boon for individuals looking for real estate properties in different parts of the world. These apps save the time and money of the users. Companies can either build the app or tie up with companies that provide the clone app for the businesses. There are many reputed companies in the world giving clone apps like AIS Technolabs. The company has well-experienced teams of developers who are familiar with developing clone apps of real estate.
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