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Choosing Models: Freemium vs. Premium Games – Your Way to Success

Quick Summary

The increasing interest and excitement for gaming applications have inevitably created the demand for game development. Especially, with the fast-paced creation and development of mobile games, avid gamers are truly having the best time of their lives. With the widespread popularity of gaming software, every individual wishes to enjoy uninterrupted sessions of quality gaming. And this is where; they feel the need for highly efficient game development services.

Looking at Statistics

Referring to statistics will prove to be a smart thing to do, in this context. According to statistical reports, adults spend more than 5 hours on their mobile devices. And this is one of the potential reasons behind unsurpassed popularity of mobile game development. Quite inevitably, developers had to improvise new ways of entertaining their customers, thus tapping into great sources of revenue generation.

Checking the Two Options

While doing so, game development companies will come across two significant options. The first one is the freemium gaming applications and the second one happens to be the premium gaming software. Both these options have a fair share of benefits as well as drawbacks. Depending upon your specific requirements, you will have to opt for either the freemium or premium game development.

Before finalizing the choice, it will be judicious to gather profound information on the topic. Understanding the nuances of both these gaming applications will be the principal step towards a successful game development.

What is ‘Freemium’?

Let us begin the discussion with a description of ‘freemium games’. However, those wishing to download special features, content or powers will have to pay a premium fee.

What do gamers think?

Now, there is a common notion amongst players regarding these games. What gamers believe is that developers purposely introduce a lot of hurdles and complexities in freemium game development, which compels gamers to purchase the complete versions of these games.

What do developers think?

While perceiving the entire situation from a developer’s viewpoint, you will surely find freemium games to be the best options. These types of games were a major choice in the iPhone game development processes, thus generating huge revenues for game developers. However, it will not be possible to arrive at a decision without gaining perfect knowledge on the premium games.

Understanding ‘Premium'

There are numerous connotations of the word premium. It can mean exclusive, costly as well as signify high quality. When it boils down to comprehending the term in the light of game development, you will have to consider all these three meanings.

Assessing the Differences

The most significant difference between a premium and freemium game development process is that the former involves upfront costs; whereas the latter involves costs with in-app purchases. Although freemium games happen to be one of the core competencies of leading game development companies, there are gamers wishing to enjoy enthralling sessions of uninterrupted gaming. And that is only possible with premium games having all the amazing features, integrations and lock cheats.

Identifying your Audience

Therefore, irrespective of your requirements, associating with the best game developers will be the smartest thing to do. As a brand, you will have to decide the target audience for your gaming applications. Whether it is an android game development, or developing games on the iPhone; you will have to identify your consumers. And that will help you make the decisive move between premium or freemium games.

Associating with Leaders

It is here that you will require the assistance of highly skilled game developers India. They will offer you the best assistance at the most affordable costs. So, if you are looking for reliable and ingenious game development firms, then AIS Technolabs will prove to be your trusted outsourcing game development partners.
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