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In today’s world, where every industry is trying hard to stand first in the competition, having a mobile application developed for your business is like adding more value and an extensive set of features to your brand.

In the last few decades, eCommerce websites have undoubtedly changed the way people shop and access things over the internet. So what’s new has been served in the plate of traditional retail business trends?

With the paradigm shift to mobile applications, a considerable number of people have started accessing things through a mobile app rather than desktop sites. eCommerce stores have witnessed a significant success with the launch of mobile applications.

That’s not all! Mobile applications have much more to serve you… let’s discuss it!

Highlights of the Content

1) Overview of the Increasing Popularity of Mobile Applications
2) Reasons to Develop eCommerce Mobile Application
3) How To Make Your Application Future-Ready?

Let’s get into deep insights and understand each point in detail!

How Mobile Applications Have Become a Hot Ecommerce Trend?

Did you know every smartphone user access on an average of 30 applications every month? The applications category vary from shopping to travelling, entertainment to ordering food, and much more. Even the leading brands of the market, including Flipkart, Amazon, Reliance is following the same trend and are relishing the tremendous online business success.

Did you know what makes them successful?

The only reason is, the thoughtful business concept they adopted, the idea of implementation and expanding their business with the feature-rich customized mobile application.

1) Firstly, these customized eCommerce stores are scripted by highly experienced and excelled Mobile App Creators, so there is less risk of having bugs in the app.

2) Secondly, they have developed a fully customizable peer-to-peer marketplace platform that allows them to capture a large section of the market.

The mobile app market is growing faster than any bamboo sticks, and there is no downfall in sight. Moreover, the revenue generated from mobile applications is undoubtedly skyrocketing and encouraging more industries to invest in mobile apps.

Keeping the whole picture in mind, it is clear that the growth of mobile applications is clearly gaining popularity in the business world and have successfully replaced the traditional business models.

Benefits of Developing an eCommerce App For Your Business

1. Shoppers Prefer to Shop From Mobile Apps

The advantage of having mobile apps for your eCommerce store is as same as accessing the responsive website. While eCommerce applications are far easier to access, simple to browse and navigate, mobile applications have become the first preference of the users for shopping.

Not only it offers you quick search option on mobile apps but also provides you convenient and better shopping experience. Besides, eCommerce mobile apps will not only help you pick your favourite item in just a tap but also enables you to compare the prices of the brands, reviews and rating of the particular product.

If you considered getting your mobile application developed by the mobile app development company, then you would get better clarity of current market strategies and get to know more about the customer behaviour that ultimately results in better sales.

2. Enhance Brand Recognition

Still, investing in traditional methods to promote your brand? Investing in advertisement campaigns or PPC campaigns can be an expensive way to increase your brand visibility.

Mobile applications can leave a substantial impact on the customers and providing a continuous engagement with the brands. By integrating popular social media platforms into the applications, you can allow your customers to discuss your products and services. With all such reasons, Mobile apps have become the most reliable tool for building your brand's reputation, advertising your services and enables you to draw the attention of potential clients.

3. Improve Conversion Rate

In contrast to a responsive site, eCommerce mobile apps can boost the conversion rates of your business, promote customer loyalty and reduce the shopping cart abandonment. Let's say mobile sites are generating 70% more revenue than desktop sites, but eCommerce mobile app development can increase the revenue by 90%.

Here are the reasons that push your conversion rate to the next level:
  • Push Notifications: Carefully use of this feature in your app can notify the customers when there is any special deal or sale on your store. Regular notifications will make your customers remember your brand for the next shopping. But never bombard your customers with notifications as this will make them annoying.
  • Secure Checkout: Instead of waiting in the long queues, mobile applications allow your customer access the easy checkout feature and complete the shopping process with the one tap on the button. This works effectively with the return orders as well.
  • Easy Payment Option: The reputed Android App Development Companies build an app integrated with the latest payment modules, including Google Pay, Apple pay, credit/debit card and more.

4. Accelerate Customer Loyalty

No doubt in this fact that mobile applications are a replica of responsive sites, but because they are highly optimized, well-designed and tailor-made, it significantly increases the customer experience and increases the customer retention rate. When users access your products and services through a mobile app, they feel more convenient and comfortable to purchase their choice of goods without any hassle.

Here are the most advantages that accelerate the customer's loyalty:
  • Fast Loading Time: Mobile application pages load faster than responsive site and hold the capability to reel more clients. And in a retail business, every second count, because customers can decide to stay on the site in as quickly as in 3 seconds.
  • Personalized Content: While there is a scope to integrate various technologies to extend the feature of the mobile app, thus it can offer the shopping preferences and keep a record of shopping history to provide personalised shopping experience.

How To Make Your Mobile Application Ready For Future?

We are living in an age where mobile apps are contributing as one of the most critical technology distributors for shopping. The eCommerce mobile application has revolutionized the online shopping experience and provide a far convenient and secure way of shopping.

However, as we have entered in 2020, there are several new app development technologies to watch out to make online shopping an altogether different shopping experience.

Here are the few most significant technologies to boost the future of eCommerce app development:

1. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Whether you are a bootstrapper or a leading brand, you can easily take your business to the next level by only launching an AR/VR based eCommerce application.

Augmented Reality is capturing the real-world image and overlay it with virtual photos to help you visualize the result. In contrast, Virtual Reality is about creating a completely virtual environment that takes your presence to the virtual world.

Let’s take an example of Lenskart that enables you to try 5000+ frames in one minute virtually. Just click your picture and virtually try the frame to see how it looks on you.

AR/VR is one of the latest technologies that enable you to create 3D images of your product and allow customers to capture their vision with 3D structures, that ultimately put your mobile app first in the competition.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Have you ever shop from Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra? What attracts you more toward these apps? Of course, the personalised shopping experience and product suggestions. And this is happening because of AI and ML.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the most significant technology of today. It observes customer behaviour, access shopping history, analysing purchase pattern, involve data (age, gender, weather, location) and accordingly make predictions and recommendations of products that suit your choice best.

3. Business Automation

If you are looking forward to watching out the latest trends in the online retail industry, automation is going to be leading technology in the mobile app development community in the coming future.

With automation, you can gather business intelligence services regarding buying habits of the customers, how much time they are spending on your application, and how frequently they are purchasing through your app...

By evaluating all these factors, automation creates a customer loyalty program to grant rewards on repeat shopping. M-commerce is a highly effective and attractive strategy to retain your customers longer with your brand and reel the new client base with the less use of human resources.

You can use AI technology not only to retain the existing customer base but also improve the sales through strategic data mining. Secondly, to add real-time basis customer support to the users, you can consider integrated AI-based chatbots in the eCommerce Applications.

Ending Note:

Developing an eCommerce mobile application for your retail business is the first step to create a platform to build a strong relationship with your customer base. But don't forget the matter of the fact that the success of these apps are heavily relying on the deep analytics of the market that helps you determine customer behaviour. Undoubtedly, eCommerce applications can maximize the business revenues by accelerating your business sales, but it all depends on which technology you are integrating into the app development process.

If you want to lure this strategy to grow your business, then it is recommended to hire eCommerce Development Company that build a retailer app in the right way.
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