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Joomla is one of the most unique of content management systems around. It offers the standard content management features in a good way but it offers more than just that. There are several content management systems that offer robust content management features but that's all they are, a basic content management system. With Joomla website development it is possible to go beyond simple content management and into a full-fledged feature rich website. Besides which it is constantly updated with new versions that have new and better features.

What the new version of Joomla has to offer

There are a ton of new things possible with Joomla after this new release, here is a short glimpse at them:

Front end editing: There was change in the front end as when you were logged in a link to the back end would appear to make changes to that module. With the release of this version this has become a bit easier. You no longer need to transfer to the administrator section, you can now simply modify the module from the front end. This is a very good feature and makes the content management even more easier for the people with lesser experience (and also speeds things up). In the past changing a module meant first figuring out the name of the module (which in itself is a big task) and then going to the administrative section to hunt through the tons of modules installed. This direct approach is a boon for all.

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA: SPAM is an issue for almost every website. Not one is spared. Hence it is necessary to place the check code to make sure it is a human that is accessing the website and not robot. This means placing a code on the website for the users to confirm before they can proceed with the form. Thus no matter how interactive the website is the 'captcha code' makes it a little less appealing to the visitors. Thus the new Joomla versions has added support for the new CAPTCHA from Google called the no Captcha reCaptcha. This has removed the textual confirmation and replaced it with a click of the mouse.

Joomla Development with AIS Technolabs

The people at AIS Technolabs have been offering Joomla development since a while now. Since Joomla continues to be a very good platform for a large range of websites, AIS Technolabs still offers Joomla development services and are amongst the best at it. Their skilled developers are always on top of every release and new features to help build you the best website.

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