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5 Easy Hacks: Hire PHP Developers for Website Excellence

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Most businesses need sites that are easy to update, change copies, add blog posts, and work with templates. PHP's advanced frameworks can handle the complex business logic of a wide range of applications. PHP is an excellent language for building APIs that work well with modern front-end frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.

PHP language is more than a quarter-century old. Like Python, PHP is also a programming language developed as a side project by a developer in the 90s. Because of the script's long lifespan, software engineers have many opportunities to perfect their PHP developer skills.

Due to the ubiquitous nature of PHP, it's not difficult to hire PHP developers who have PHP skills. However, this blog will tell you what you need to know about PHP and the best way to test your PHP developer skills.

What do PHP developers need to know?

Employers generally seek the skills of PHP developers. Primarily, PHP developers should have knowledge of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). It is widely used in modern programming languages. Familiarity with MVC (Model View Controller) based PHP framework will also help the developer.

Additionally, developers should have experience in developing and using web services. It is crucial as developers will be using some third-party web services for their projects.

Other PHP developer skills include unit testing frameworks, HTTP request handling, JSON, XML parsing, and package installers (e.g., composer, pear, pecl, performance optimization, etc.)

What kind of experience should PHP developers have?

What kind of experience should PHP developers have?

Developers have a bachelor's degree in computer science, IT, software engineering, or other IT-related fields. To have a successful PHP development career, the developer should understand various courses in computer architecture, algorithms, data structures, object-oriented programming, operating systems, quantitative inference, web programming, and more.

PHP developers must have knowledge about Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL. Full-stack developers should have the skills to code websites using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It is also an essential skill for fixing mistakes made by web designers.

API, Unix/Linux, and MVC framework architecture are examples of skilled developers. These technical skills are necessary for developers, whether they work for a company or freelance. If you hire PHP Programmers in India, your commercial and open source experience seems the most relevant experience.

How do we verify the skills of PHP developers at the review stage?

To be a good PHP developer, a candidate must have specific skills that excel. It's important to understand that testing all the skills you need.
Pre-employment testing software plays a critical role in minimizing these difficulties. It assists the recruiter to take better decision.
To evaluate PHP developers, recruiters may use one of the following media:
  • Work sample programming work
  • MCQs
  • Whiteboard questions
  • AI-based pseudo-coding platform
  • Coding related

Use resume to screen PHP developers

Just as job content is the first point of contact with a job seeker, a resume will be one of the first points of contact for a job seeker.
Consider it the first point of contact. A student with a degree shows that they are a hardworking person. But when it comes to software development, there are a few factors to keep in mind when reading a candidate's resume:
  • Work experience-Which tier are you looking for?
  • Skills and Knowledge-Are there any specific skills you are looking for?
  • Education-Does your candidate has the appropriate qualifications for this job?
  • Competencies-What behavioral, functional, and professional abilities do they have?

Perspectives brought by senior developers

A true senior developer gives you a solid and broad perspective that you will never get when you talk to a "developer with two years of experience. Finding an expert with ten years of experience with proven technologies like PHP is very easy.

For entrepreneurs, working with experienced developers can save money. Rather than hiring a young team to "frugal" your money, make your MVP faster and build with higher quality from the start. When using PHP and frameworks like Symfony and Laravel, finding a senior developer is more realistic.

How to Hire a Good PHP Developer

Finding a professional and skilled PHP developer can be long, demanding, and challenging.
There are hundreds of Outsourcing web development Companies in India. And millions of developers registered, each fighting for a project and competing for price.

The problem is that many of these developers aren't ready for action. Many sites try to screen low-skilled developers by showing user ratings and reviews. It eliminates the hassle of reviewing registrant abilities. But, many customers are not happy and disappointed with the development process, leading to an unfortunate user experience. Also, you have to consult more people before finding a developer who can collaborate with confidence, which is quite costly.

Several platforms strive to create a better employee experience to attract professional talent. This article will show how to locate and employ excellent PHP developers, and this blog has also added some tips for finding PHP developers for your project.

5 Tricks to Hiring the Best PHP Developers

5 Tricks to Hiring the Best PHP Developers

Finding a good PHP developer is a critical task. Ensure you are responsible for making decisions and investigating candidates. Lack of this awareness can lead to repeated interactions, wasting time, and resulting in job or project failure. Check the following five perspectives in detail, to distinguish between good and bad candidates from the beginning.

1. Check candidates' ratings and reviews, and be sure to check their previous work

Ratings and reviews of past works are the first check-ins assessing candidates, but that's not enough. Also, check their portfolio, completed projects, etc.

A solid portfolio proves past achievements, with the ability of its developers actually to produce high-quality projects. An accessible code repository shows that you're at least working on the latest development techniques and allows you to review your code.

You can conduct code exams, and it is a simple technique to exclude developers who lack the requisite skill set. You may take fantastic PHP tests on TestDome, and you can test solving coding problems in PHP and answering questions about PHP.

2. Don't be fooled by easy pricing

A good developer should bring money, not rob it. Don't be deceived by a third party's promise of low-cost development. People get what they pay for. A attractive, low-priced offer shouldn't look very attractive if you discard the entire project and start over.

It would be best to check on a case-by-case basis with a good understanding of the standard market price and other checkpoints.

3. Demand effective communication

No one is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, responsible developers strive to respond promptly to their employer's concerns and clarify when and how you can contact them during working hours. The method of communication is also essential. If there are dishonest responses or uncertainties from the early stages, this is a typical sign of future trouble.

Demand clear communication from the beginning and give up on the candidate if you don't get it. Building effective communication is vital for building long-term relationships. A good developer should be good at coding and communicate well with people who are not technically savvy.

4. Implement a paid test project

Beyond free code testing, letting a small, paid testing project give you a complete picture of how developers approach their work. Think of this test project as a "bad source." Even if it fails, it's better than leaving a big project to fail. If successful, you've got a great sign that even bigger projects will go smoothly.

5. Agree on the scope of work

And the final tip when hiring a PHP developer is to make sure everyone involved understands the scope of your job or project. In many cases, clients are so rushed to hire developers that they place orders before fully defining their work. This miscommunication makes the project a never-ending project, losing time and money and sometimes not achieving the targeted result.


Choosing the perfect developer for your project can be difficult, but finding the right site has already taken care of half of your concerns. Many freelancing sites are a good starting point if you're willing to pay for quality. And no matter where you look, the above five points check are essential for identifying a good developer. Above all, choosing AIS Technolabs for PHP developers is the best option, as we have skilled developers with extensive experience delivering client-oriented solutions globally.
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