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Best MVC Framework For PHP

Quick Summary

The world of business has been demystified with the use of technology. There is constant evolution in the business processes that is making sharp inroads in the diverse channels on offer. The greatest attribute of today’s business world is the advent of technologies that is defining a steady growth in application development of the several processes in place. The preferences of the consumers are also constantly evolving with time making it a necessity for the business to make effective transit that will help them tap the business potential on offer. The advent of open source technologies had started a new world of business today.

  • There are constant shifts that are noticed in different segments to provide more innovative as well as best in class applications on a global level. There is constant brainstorming of ideas today that is defining the landscape in all aspects.
  • It is almost impossible to judge the potential of this growth and where it will head in all aspects.
  • However, whatever said and done, it is quite evident that the world of business will be online, and the communication world will only be enhanced with the infusion of applications that is revolutionary in every sense of the term. The mindset of the consumers has also changed on a constant basis.
  • It is important to note in this regard that the present generation is probably the only generation that did not have to adjust to technology.
  • They feel that technology is an added part of their lives providing them with the needed convenience on offer. The different application that is available in the market is also making things a lot easier.
  • However, it is to be mentioned in this regard that while there is enough development strides forward the scope for improvement is always there.
  • It is the need to find the right platform that will provide the needed responsiveness as well as enhanced customer satisfaction that is elementary.
  • The most critical aspect to this is the agile development of the various platforms that allows flexibility and alignment to all the gadgets and mobiles available in the market.
  • The businesses also are feeling the need to automate their various platforms on offer carefully so that they can track it in accordance.
  • The use of enterprise mobility, CRM is also making rapid strides ahead that are changing the market dynamics completely.

What is PHP?

PHP is the buzzword among the business entities. It is making the most impact on all other scripting languages that are on offer.

The significance of PHP to today’s marketplace dynamics cannot be underrated in any aspect. PHP is the scripting language for open source platforms that is used for web development across the globe.
It has gained massive significance due to the agility and flexibility it offers to the websites.
The websites of today need that extra functional quality that will attract consumers as well as inform them about the services and products on offer in complete proportions.
There is immense competition among the counterparts to provide the right information. PHP serves as the perfect benchmark for it.
However, choosing the right MVC platform for PHP is necessary for it to work smoothly across business verticals.

The platforms that is most prominent

It is difficult to choose a particular MVC platform for PHP. There are several PHP clone available on the market. As a developer and a business entity, you need first to understand the business priorities that you are trying to achieve and then decide on the platform. Some developers may be comfortable coding in one particular platform over the other. However, some MVC platforms are universal in their demands and applicability.

  • Zend can be used as a perfect framework for everything. It can well be considered a library of several functions.
  • It is the closest to being the official of PHP frameworks as there are several developers who accomplish working with it.
  • It is however not a framework that can allow serious fast end prototyping. You have to add Rapid applications tools to enhance it.
  • Cake PHP can be described as a perfect example that is easy to learn as well as easily adaptable to several verticals.
  • It has a lot of sensibility on offer that helps to make your life lot easier. Cake PHP 2.0 has a lot of benefits now as the developers can develop interesting websites with it.
  • Magento possesses elements of Zend framework and can probably be considered as the ideal framework due to its own CMS.
  • It is predominantly in use as a platform for e-commerce websites and integrates the back end with front end perfectly.
  • The content in Magento can also be changed flexibly, and the dynamic needs of
  • ecommerce websites design are maintained perfectly.
  • The best part is that yo can maintain track of all the transactions in a transparent manner.
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