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Poker Game App for iOS and Android
Statistics say that about 100 million people in the world play Texas Holdem. 60 million people alone in the United States play it, and it is one of the most popular variants of Poker. With the world going digital and gambling games becoming more popular on the web and mobile platforms, it is likely you want to leverage that opportunity. Since cost is a very important factor while coming to any decision related to starting your own business, we would be helping you in identifying various factors that influence the cost of building an iOS and Android Texas Holdem poker application. Also, in the blog are some smart suggestions that help you reduce the development cost, and pave the way for a successful online gaming business.

Introduction: Why Should You Make An Online Texas Holdem Game?

Texas Holdem is a popular game that is played by millions in the world. The leap from traditional to digital would require you to invest in Texas Holdem poker software. The technological advancement helps you intact the randomness in the game which makes it more engaging for you. It has been played around for decades and the popularity of the game in the online gaming market is increasing exponentially. Fast-speed internet and easy accessibility of smart devices have allowed people that are fans of the game to play poker online easily.

Some of the key game providers of Texas Hold’em online poker are Ring Games, Sit-and-Go, and Texas Hold’em tournament software variations online. Clearly, there are not many competitors right now in the domain, but each day there are more entrepreneurs, connecting with efficient game development companies to bank on this unexplored market.

The monetization opportunity is huge. People are willing to bet with their real money and win real cash or other fabulous rewards they can use in their daily lives. You can be benefitted from this opportunity.
Android Texas Holdem Gaming apps.

How Can I Start My Texas Holdem Poker Game App?

To start an online gambling business you are required to not just meet the technical needs for running a business but also legalities. To start an online gaming business you need Texas Holdem Poker software, a gaming license, a merchant account, and a dedicated server. Most of all you need a marketing strategy that brings more people to your gaming platform and makes your business successful. Here is how you can start planning:

  • Plan what features you want to include in your website and iOS and Android Texas Holdem Gaming apps.
  • Obtain a gambling license apps
  • Select a reliable game development company or a Texas Holdem script provider.
  • Choose a payment system, select the 3rd party provider that is most reliable in the domain.
  • Develop the app and website design, develop the product and deploy it.
  • Implement a strong marketing policy.
online gambling business

What Are The Legal Permissions Required To Start A Texas Holdem Poker Game App?

Building an online gambling business is not easy as there are some regulatory challenges that you must overcome. It just makes you more reliable and allows you to get past the jurisdictions and go global.
Here is a legal framework that is existing in the gambling industry:

  • Countries that regulate online gambling within the territories
  • Countries that regulate and impose monopolies
  • Countries in which betting activities are completely banned
  • Countries that lack regulations on gambling activities

If you want to start an online gambling business you would be required to apply for a license in the country. There are some countries where the local legislation also prevails, and it takes a few months of the year to obtain a gaming license, depending on the country. Make sure you meet all the licensing requirements, including cost and taxes.

What Is The Cost To Develop A Mobile Ios Texas Holdem Poker Game Application?

The cost of developing an app on iOS would require you to hire a proficient game development company. You can even engage with a game license provider and get hold of a Texas Holdem script.

A pre-built code script would help you to reduce the cost and time required for building a Texas Holdem poker software or tournament software. It would also reduce the hassles of regulations.

Native iOS may cost you $50,000 - $55,000, depending on the features and functionalities required on your product. Furthermore, you can reduce the development cost, by hiring developers from India where the per hour cost is $50 or less.

What Is The Cost To Develop A Mobile Android Texas Holdem Poker Game Application?

The cost of developing an Android Texas Holdem poker game application is going to be equally costly as iOS development. There are very popular cross-platform pre-built software clones available that can reduce the development cost and time. Choosing cross-platform app development would allow you to develop secure and feature-rich apps for Android, iOS, and web platforms. You can choose advanced technology such as Flutter.

AIS Technolabs is a trusted poker game development company. We provide you end-to-end game development solutions that can help you in increasing your reach and place you amongst the leading Texas Holdem game platforms. You can choose to buy a poker game with Texas Holdem tournament software from us. You can hire dedicated resources to meet your desired requirements.

Will You Help Me Integrate Payment Gateways Or Do I Have To Take Care Of It?

Yes, we provide you payment gateway integration services. We provide you the 3rd Party sites that would be compatible with your product, and once you have decided on the plan, you can choose it. The payment gateway integration services. Once you share your project details we would go into end to end the discussion with you. You can discuss the payment gateway and know how it would benefit your business.

Our 3rd party integration services are highly secure. Also, if you choose to go with our Texas Holdem script, you can hire dedicated resources on an hourly, part-time, and full-time basis for integrating a payment gateway of your choice.

What Type Of Server Do I Need To Run A Texas Holdem Poker Game App?

Texas Holdem poker game app uses server-supported gaming. The server-centric gaming combines classic video poker and video lottery with features of a modern client-server computer network. It can be combined with the traditional standalone slot machines, SBG and SSG server offer remote gaming and configuration management.

The server provides solutions such as multi-channel gaming, linked gaming content, instant access to any game, personalization, lowers development and maintenance costs, real-time monitoring, and high security.
Poker Game App

Will You Provide An Online Admin Panel To Manage The Features Of The Texas Holdem Poker Game App?

Yes, we provide you an admin panel that allows you to easefully manage your business. It comes with advanced features such as holding Texas Holdem Tournaments, managing payments, user profiles, chip management, money deposit and withdrawal, rake and admin commission, and much more.

Since our provided software is easily customizable, you can hire efficient developers and designers to meet the needs of your business easily. Furthermore, hire dedicated resources easily with us through our flexible engagement model.

Do You Ensure A Secure Texas Holdem Poker Game Application?

Yes, we follow the guidelines very seriously. We use advanced technology and tactics that make our software highly secure. Right from server to technology in use to 3rd party payment gateway we make sure the application is highly secure, and there is no breach in the app for the data and payments.

Do I Get After-sales Support And Assistance?

Yes, we provide you after-sales support and assistance. We have a 24*7 customer support teams that would assist you throughout your journey. Be it product-related issues or you require any information on our provided products, call, mail, or chat with our efficient customer support team.

Wrapping Up - Why Choose The Texas Holdem Poker Game App From Us?

We are a highly trusted Texas Holdem poker game software provider company. We offer you complete solutions. We provide you endless perks that make us the best technology partner for your business. Our technical expertise, customer support, product quality, and other benefits can make your business management easy.

Furthermore, if you need any more information on our Texas Holdem gaming software, contact our tech experts. Also, we have mentioned all the necessary things you must know to start an online gaming business.
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