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Deliveroo is one of the leading food delivery applications in the UK. It has revenue growth of over 650% year-on-year. It is known for great value creation. Restaurants that partner with Deliveroo see a revenue increase of up to 30%. If you wish to start your own food delivery business, Deliveroo can be a great business template. As per your requirement, you can choose the Deliveroo app development process.

What Is a Deliveroo Clone App?

Deliveroo Clone App is a white-label software solution that you can rebrand your business. It has all the features of an on-demand food delivery application. It allows you to add multiple restaurants, and customers can choose from their menu and order through an application. It also comes with delivery partner solutions, enabled with GPS technology to make logistics easy. The ready-made solution is an end-to-end food delivery system that encompasses solutions for admin, restaurants, delivery partners, and customers.

must-have features in deliveroo clone app

Must-Have Features In Deliveroo Clone App

A food delivery business has four users, which require you to have app-based solutions for four different stakeholders:

Deliveroo Customer App Features

  • Login - Easy login with social accounts allows customers to register and log in with the application using their existing accounts. The preferable option is to go with a mobile login.
  • Real-Time Alerts - Provide real-time push notifications on customers' mobile screens. It would increase the transparency on your platform and help you improve their experience.
  • Profile Setup - Allow your customers to make their profile and maintain it. Keep essential categories such as name, number, location, food preference.
  • Live Support - Live support allows your customers to chat, call or seek email support anytime. It helps to improve customer experience.
  • Track Delivery - Allow customers to track their delivery orders using geolocation. Provide an ETA for all orders and notifications in case there are any delays.
  • Ratings - Provide your customers an option for ratings and feedback. It would help you improve their experience with you.
  • Payment - Facilitate multiple payment options for customers as it will help them make payments as per their choice.

Deliveroo Restaurant App Features

  • Restaurant Details - Important details such as restaurant name, menu, availability, opening and closing hours should be added to the platform.
  • Manage Orders - Order management such as processing the order, updating order status, accepting and declining the order are crucial features for order management.
  • Add Or Delete Items - Menu management, such as adding or removing items, would help the restaurant manage the menu much better.

Deliveroo Delivery Agent App Features

  • Easy Registration - It should be easy for agents to register and login into the delivery partner application. Including email or mobile OTP-based login can help.
  • Order Details - Provide order details to the delivery partner, including the name of the person, name of the restaurant, location of restaurant and customer, order no., etc.
  • Raise Dispute - In case of any dispute, a delivery partner can raise complaints about the same. Through various mediums, they can connect with the support team.
  • GPS-Based Location - The delivery partner must not find any problem finding the location of restaurants and customers. The delivery partner app must have a GPS-enabled map that provides a real-time update.

Deliveroo Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard - The dashboard provides you with information on restaurants, delivery partners, customers, and more. It also helps in organizing the data and managing the business processes.
  • Order Management - Admin can manage the orders on a particular day or week in a safe and secured manner. Admin can maintain a report of all the deliveries and pick up that takes place at a particular time of the month.
  • Payment Reports - Any outstanding payments discrepancies in the process can easily be identified in the admin application.
  • Real-Time Updates - Admin can get a real-time update on all the ongoing activities. They can use these crucial insights to manage their business better.
  • CMS Settings - A task like editing content, updating an application, or web page can be managed through a backend CMS.
how does the deliveroo clone app work

How Does The Deliveroo Clone App Work?

A Deliveroo clone app works exactly like a Deliveroo application. Companies like AIS Technolabs provide clone applications for Admin, Delivery partner, Restaurant and Customers.

The Deliveroo clone app helps manage the workflow and assists businesses handle their food delivery operations. It helps save a lot of time and makes the process easy. Restaurant, hotels, and food business entrepreneurs can easily register with the business. And customers can order food online. The delivery partner application has all the features required to deliver the food and manage orders.

A dedicated solution for the admin panel makes a clone application as efficient as the original Deliveroo application. It also provides personalized workflow and environment for various stakeholders.

tech stack for deliveroo clone app

Tech Stack For Deliveroo Clone App

  • App and Data - Python, Amazon RDS, Scala, Redis, CloudFlare, NGINX, Ruby, Amazon Aurora.
  • DevOps - Datadog, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Amazon Cloudwatch, CircleCi, PagerDuty, Webpack.
  • Utilities - Mandrill, Amazon Kinesis, Looker, Google Analytics.
  • Business Tools - Jira, Slack, Zendesj, G Suite.

steps to build an app like deliveroo

Steps To Build An App Like Deliveroo

  • Having a unique USP is a must-have distinct selling proposition. Development company designs the further strategy based on your USP that sets you apart.
  • Development companies begin developing strategies by understanding business needs, offering its features, creating a roadmap, and analyzing the demand. Based on such information, budgets get determined.
  • The next step involves developing a user interface for an application with various stakeholders. UI and UX will differ based on the core offering and how you have decided to offer the product.
  • In this step, put your MPV sooner as it allows your client to check your ideas and assess the progress besides taking inputs from them. Once you are on track, iteration can be made based on the requirement.
  • Quality assessment takes place in this stage, where app functionality gets tested, and if required, developers resolve the problems. This step assures that all the challenges are solved before launching the app.
  • Development companies stay in touch after launching the app and facilitate post-launch services. They work resolving issues and updates that may come based on the changing needs.

Why Choose AIS For Building An App Like Deliveroo?

AIS Technolabs implements modern app development methodology and delivers a comprehensive Deliveroo clone app to you. Our developers aim at developing an appealing solution by applying the source code of the interactive Deliveroo clone app. Our solution is flexible and top-notch, which has proved helpful to our clients.

Utilizing modern technologies, our developers create innovative Deliveroo clone app source code. It enables a client to facilitate a great experience for their customers. Our developers have ample knowledge regarding computer language, framework, and various tools, which are useful for developing the Deliveroo Clone application.

Here are a few reasons to go with the AIS Technolabs Deliveroo clone script:

  • Customizable Apps - We specialize in custom mobile application development and customizing the white label solution. AIS Technolabs stacks the custom app that strictly adheres to the regulatory standards.
  • Source Code - We facilitate you with the source code of the applications, which gives you complete ownership of the code.
  • Free Installation And Support - We do not charge for app deployment. Also, maintenance of the apps is free for some time with AIS Technolabs.
  • Security - Our apps are developed as per the relevant trends and with the use of the latest technologies. Our apps are highly secure and reliable.
  • Payment - There are no hidden charges and no monthly subscription fees. AIS Technolabs has a flexible payment option that you can choose at your convenience.

Wrapping up

Deliveroo is one of the best food delivery solutions. The available clone app solutions in the market can save your time and cost. Deliveroo clone script can easily be customized, and you can meet your business needs easily. To learn more about Deliveroo clone applications, you can connect with our technical experts.
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