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Develolp App Like Bigo

Summary :

Bigo Live is a multimillion industry offering people with streaming and social media platforms that has incredible features and high functionality. The video chatting, Gamification, and other exclusive features of this app grab massive social attention. And most astounding is its monetization strategy that allows users to earn hard currency. One great solution to make your mark in the industry is building an app like Bigo Live.

There is an increasing demand for social media apps. Such apps are extremely popular among the masses because of tons of attractive features, great engagement, and high level of interaction offered by them.

To head towards a successful business idea, it is worth creating a similar app. Just like Bigo, you can create a live streaming complex app with tons of distinct features. It is logical to first create MVP.

Read more to know about Bigo Live, its structural aspects, entertainment elements, and monetization strategies.


A highly addictive app, Bingo Live brings live video streaming, real-time interaction, and a lot more to your table. It is an incredible social mobile app that broadcasts your life, connects with your fans, friends, broadcasters, and lets you follow the ones you like!

In a short time span, Bigo Live has established a completely efficient and new world of sharing and connecting among each other from all across the world. Presently, it houses more than 150 million users, which is increasing every day.

Just like other social apps, it too offers a myriad of exciting features like chatting, sharing, blogging, gameplay streaming, real-time interaction, exchange of cash, and others.

If you too are enticed with this app and want to create a Bigo Live clone, here know what all it takes.
Streaming apps have the hype

Why do Live Streaming Apps Have the Hype?

The world is rapidly moving and new technologies are introduced periodically. Busy lifestyles have resulted in shortage of money and time, and hence, dissatisfaction. One cost-effective and time-saving way to enjoy some leisure time is going for a ‘virtual tour.’ The best source for such virtual tours is live-streaming apps, which let us know about the entire world.

These apps are highly engaging and offer an exclusive feature to communicate in real-time between the hosts and viewers. Even clones of live streaming apps integrate awesome features like save option, heart, comment, join, and others. Presence of such features and high entertainment level make live streaming apps a big hype in the present scenario.


A lot of people think Bigo Live is only a social media app. It is, but, more than this!

This app is a game and users boost their rating to 3 levels of VIP. They compete in challenging video battles, earn rewards and points, and in the long term, the players gain attention from other players with their seek contact or video with famous broadcasters.

Its innovative Gamification element makes it one of the most popular apps around the world.


Another great aspect of this app is its monetization strategy, which is based on the in-app currency – beans or coins and diamonds.

Diamonds can be purchased and transformed in beans. The beans in specific cases can also be converted back to diamonds. Diamonds and beans are used by users to purchase presents to differ themselves in the big pool of users and earn followers and friends. The app has no ads and allows easy deposit and withdrawal of money.

With the right skill, talent, and personality, you can generate income in different ways:

  • Become an Excellent Recruiter or Host : You have the option to become a recruiter or host of a live-streaming broadcast. This needs flawless communication skills and you must maintain a monthly data on your performance to keep earning.
  • Converting Virtual Treats to Real Money : It takes time to build a fan base. But once you enhance popularity, fans can send virtual gifts, which can be transformed into beans and then converted into real money.

MVP for your business

How to Create a MVP for Your Business?

Bigo holds great functionality. There are countless features, which need complex to develop and maintain. It has group chat and 10n1 video chat, numerous distinct effects such as animations and video-enhancement, 3 levels of VIP status, daily bonuses, etc.

Having MVP lets you research the market niche and examine the product. Developers can alter specific product features to meet the demands of customers. It is beneficial to work on MVP when dealing with intricate applications like Bigo Live as the number of features they showcase. The intricacy of work is mainly concerned with the ability of the app to offer high-quality streams and stable performance that can be easily uploaded.

Bingo Live requires a vast pool of complex groups of user interactions. The app with twice as features will be difficult to develop as it will consume a lot of work hours of talented experts.

It is the best to first focus on the following components:

  • Registration
  • UI/UX
  • User profiles
  • Online video streaming
  • Search
  • Leaving comments while broadcasting
  • Server side rendering

Key Features of Bigo App

Bigo Live is loaded with innumerable features, which allow users to explore their experiences and enjoy sharing it with others on the platform. Such features facilitate the app usage and offer convenience of navigating distinct sorts of content like gaming, showbiz, and more.

Public Chat Room

Chatting with other app users during live streaming is possible with this feature. You can share messages, comment on video content, and do many more things.

Live Video Broadcasting

This wonderful feature lets you begin an online video from any place in the world. All you require is a high-speed internet connection. You can also add text, filters, and other components during streaming.

Personal Chat

Build relationships with other users in just a few minutes by communicating with them through personal chat features.

Admin Access

The admin can not only watch but can also control video streaming for reducing the occurrence of forbidden content.


Easy registration process makes using this app more fun. Users can register using phone numbers, emails, or by providing other identity details.

Watch Live and Broadcast

Users can share their everyday experiences and moments, whether it is related to their niche or not. It is a great way to inspire the community.

Live Player PK Battles

Bigo Live is an excellent platform to host live streaming and gaming. It is a pool of entertainment where you can play and challenge your fans or friends in live Player Knockout or Player Kill battles. For winning games, you need to gather the most diamonds, sent by viewers.

Real-Time Group Chats and Video Calls

You can invite from your circle of fans, friends, and other users or have a one-on-one talk with your preferred people. There is an option for random chat, which pairs you with the user near your location.


It is a great idea to invest in a Bigo Live clone script and create a social media platform with rich gaming aspects and live streaming. Your key focus must be socialization otherwise your clone app would not be able to survive intense competition.

Bigo is engaging and attractive as it lets users upgrade their status in real-time. Users try to beat others for achieving awards, VIP status, and in-app currency. This makes Bigo Live a complex solution with rich functionalities. Hence, making the MVP first is a viable move as it enables research of the target audience and adjusts the streaming app’s features accordingly. The best way to create and own a strong social media app like Bigo Live is by partnering with a reputed and leading company in the field of app development like AIS Technolabs.

Reach out to us and we can help you make a powerful and influential live streaming app to let you own it like a mainstream business venture and earn huge profits. Our experienced developers can customize Bigo live clone script to help you get feature-rich apps.
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