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How to Develop an Online Food Delivery App for a Restaurant Business

About Food Delivery Apps and Our Company

Food delivery apps facilitate ordering and delivery of food from local restaurants from anywhere in the city and at any time. An online food delivery app allows its customers to order foods from a wide range of establishments with a few clicks from their cell phone. AIS Technolabs has specialized teams offering app development and cloning services. We improve the features of food ordering applications and make it easier for customers and restaurants to place, accept and manage food orders.

Key Features of an On-Demand Food Ordering App

In order to develop a good food ordering app, identifying and getting the key functions and features is an important step. AIS develops a food delivery app clone script to make the application user-friendly for the customers. The push notifications help the customers to stay connected with the restaurant. The easy display of order status, product discounts, and offers are helping to attract customers. The GPS system can detect the users’ location, and the delivery partner can deliver the food to the confirmed location. Another feature of the app is rating and review. Using this feature, customers share their experience, which helps people to engage with the restaurant.

Advantages of Online Food Ordering for Restaurant

Interactions between customers and businesses are becoming more and more digitalized. Every business is using advanced technology to attract and increase customer engagement. Online food ordering apps are one of the examples of such digitalized business activities.

  • Marketing opportunity : Having only the option of the customers coming physically in the restaurant can limit the marketing opportunity for the firm. The online ordering system is helping the restaurant to increase its visibility. People across the city can get an opportunity to be familiar with the restaurant, the products, and the offers.
  • Increase in the number of orders : The online food delivery app is making the ordering process easier for both the customers and the restaurants. Today working professionals and busy parents end up ordering food online several times a week. Children and teens are also an important target audience of restaurants offering online food ordering facilities. Food delivery apps play a key role in increasing a restaurant’s ability to cater to a wider audience and increase revenues. Several market research reports indicate that the trend of online food ordering is set to increase significantly, and restaurant delivery sales are projected to increase more than three times the rate of on-premises revenue by 2023.
  • Improved business models : Food delivery apps have benefitted many satellite kitchens, virtual kitchens, home chefs, and home bakers throughout the world. Satellite kitchens, where food is stored, prepared, portioned or packaged for other restaurants, have increased in numbers thanks to popular restaurants using them to meet app-based orders from diverse locations. Virtual or cloud kitchens have also emerged thanks to online and app-based food ordering services. Numerous popular restaurants are also taking advantage of satellite and virtual kitchens to increase their menu items, customize food preparations and meet a sharp rise in food orders received via food ordering and delivery apps - online and mobile-based.
  • Increase in competitive opportunities : Using the food ordering app, the company is improving customer service. The offers provided to the customers via online ordering are increasing the loyal customers of the restaurant. This is helping restaurants in improving their competitiveness.

Important Things You Must Know About Building Food Delivery App Clones

App clone refers to replicating the inspiration of other websites or the unique app themes. The concept taken by the websites and app goes into creating an app clone. App cloning does not refer to just copying the original source. It involves studying existing apps and adding custom features to create a new app. Nowadays, app clones are getting used by many companies like OLA, Uber, Swiggy, Zomato to develop enhanced online features. In order to engage the app clone development service, the firm needs to ensure that a few aspects are in the right place. These aspects are important to enhance the functioning of the food ordering app.

  • Budget : Budget is the most important aspect of growing a business. The restaurant owner needs to understand the total value gained from providing the app-based food delivery service. The restaurant owner needs to draw up a plan based on estimates, as the app cost depends on the requirement and the platform, development company, and location, among other points. The owner needs to choose the best on-demand food delivering mobile app development company according to these estimations.
  • Technology : Technology investment needs to be well planned. Changes in app and platform-based features are continual. The owner of the restaurant needs to choose a platform or technology to build the app that will be flexible and more user-friendly. At the same time, they need to ensure that there is no compromise on security.
  • Aggregator model : The most used consumer model is known as the aggregator model. Most of the food delivery applications use this business model. Customers can choose a specific restaurant near them available in their area. They can go through the menu list and add their preferable dishes in the cart. After adding the dishes, they can choose the payment method. It can be online payment or cash on delivery. The delivery partner will pick the order from the restaurant and deliver it to the customers.
  • Restaurant-centric mode : This model is also known as the consumer model. This model helps the restaurant to receive the order from the customers and engage the delivery partner to pick up the orders from the firm and deliver it to the customers.

Advanced Features in our Apps

The following features of food delivery apps are improving the growth of the food industry:

Push notifications in on-demand food ordering apps

Push notifications help the restaurant to stay connected with the customers. The push messages contain all the conveying information about the firm, offers, discounts, order status, and so on. This feature of the food delivery app will help the restaurant to stay ahead from the competitors. These notifications need to add some values to the users. This is how the firm can gain confidence from its loyal customers, which will help in the sustainable growth of the business.

Discount/Rewards, cashback and loyalty programs

Attractive discounts and offers help in customer engagement. Loyalty programs like cashback and rewards in every order can gain the trust of the customers. In this way, the firm can increase its loyal customers and enhance financial growth.

  • Real-Time GPS tracking of food orders : The most important feature of a food delivery app is real-time GPS. The main purpose of the GPS is to track the users’ location. Once the customer’s location gets confirmed, the customer also can track the progress of their order and movements of the delivery partners.
  • Easy payment options : Payment options also play a key role in increasings orders. The food delivery app needs to have all possible payment options for the customers. The payment portal should include all mobile wallet app services, Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, credit and debit cards, Paytm, online banking, and cash on delivery (COD). Promo codes and voucher codes can be added to the same page.
  • Social media integration : In order to do online marketing, social media plays a significant role. Using social media integration, customers can add photos and videos of their favorite dishes to the dedicated side. The owner can also link the App to such social media pages to attract customers.
  • Reviews and ratings : Every business cares about their customers. By adding the rating and review section, restaurants allow customers to share their feedback about the delivery experience and the food. This also helps the restaurant owner to keep tabs on food quality, popular food items, and customer satisfaction. Improved food quality and better ratings also helps in attracting more customers and in improving the restaurant’s image.
  • Easy order placement : People with busy work schedules prefer online food ordering as it is simple and not time-consuming. The app should be user-friendly for the customers. The app needs to include the option of exploring and discovering features to meet customers’ needs.
The samples of Food delivery app clone

The samples of Food delivery app clone

Why choose AIS Technolabs for developing food delivery apps and clones?

AIS Technolabs is among the leading IT companies in India. The company provides IT solutions, including app development, software development, graphic and UI/UX design, website development, and digital marketing services to businesses across the world.

AIS delivers outcome-oriented app development and app cloning services to B2C and B2B companies across sectors. This includes GPS-based or geolocation android app development services. The company has helped many food service joints and restaurants connect with their online audience and manage online and mobile app-based food ordering services. Our product, which we named the Wonga food delivery app has enhanced features for functions such as restaurant tracking, food items selection, payment options, order tracking, dashboards for various users, etc.

The app development project managers are highly trained in mapping customer requirements and creating models and prototypes that respond to key requirements of restaurant owners. The apps are then fully developed taking into account the future needs of scaling up, and adding more advanced features such as the ones that can link with data analytic applications and help improve the restaurant’s revenues. AIS also helps its clients to manage testing and hosting.


If you are a restaurant that depends on its revenues by selling food items that can be packed and delivered to customers across a city, then not developing an app could seriously affect your competitiveness. It is also important to connect with the most popular and widely used food delivery platforms.

The first step is always to assess demand, outreach capacities and map your restaurant’s requirements, and the related technology assets required in your restaurant for efficient app-based services delivery.

Customized food delivery options and related features are always possible, and it depends on the restaurant’s overall budget and required service features.

The cost of developing food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato can be anywhere between $5,000 to $28,000. Costs depend on the extent of personalization, the number of advanced functions and features, the choice of the platform, etc.
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