How To Develop BigBasket Clone App For Managing A Grocery Delivery Business?

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Quick Summary
Groceries are an absolute need in everyone's life. Now more than ever, consumers need the convenience of having almost any product delivered directly to their homes, including groceries. One such app is the BigBasket app. The BigBasket clone app is an advantageous solution that will not let you down. Here consumers purchases groceries online while sitting on their couches at home. These applications deliver the groceries at your convenience.

Why is a Bigbasket clone app required for business?

BigBasket is the unrivaled leader in the grocery delivery industry. Its clone script is an ideal solution for expanding your business. BigBasket clones have all of the components that bring convenience to users.

Your company will be able to reach many consumers and provide them the flexibility to purchase from anywhere and anytime. It helps the customers save a significant amount of time. Customers' feedback can help identify areas for improvement that will result in an improved customer experience.

It creates a positive impact on customers as it saves time, delivers groceries in time, provides qualitative products, and ensures customer satisfaction at all levels. Therefore, you can easily expand your consumer base with the BigBasket clone.
Bigbasket clone app

What Kinds of Business Models Can You Expect from the Bigbasket clone app?

BigBasket and other grocery delivery apps are using various pricing models to monetize their services to generate income. Some of the famous pricing models are in the following lines.

A cost associated with using their services

The proprietor of the app is eligible to get a commission from the supermarket each time a consumer purchases something using the BigBasket clone app.

Charging a fee for a service

As an app owner, you can charge a service charge to your consumers as a percentage of the entire order amount.

Available Packages for Subscriptions

Users can take advantage of promotional discounts and premium services by subscribing to a membership plan monthly or yearly.
BigBasket Clone

Different Features the BigBasket Clone must have

Customer app

The customer app offers a range of features that simplifies the shopping experience. Ensure you include the following functionalities as it enhances the user experience

  • Customers should be able to keep track of things they wish to purchase in the future via wish list features.
  • The website should have a user-friendly interface (UI), making signing up simple for users.
  • Product listings should have several subcategories so that they are simple to explore.
  • Users should be able to easily find what they're looking for by utilizing the advanced search box, which offers options for filtering the results.
  • Using the live tracking function, the user should be able to monitor the progress of their orders in real-time.

Admin app

When it comes to grocery delivery, BigBasket is the ultimate option. However, with the beginning of clone apps, it’s now possible for entrepreneurs to create their businesses. Hence, a robust admin panel is essential for managing a grocery delivery app. Here are some features that an admin panel of a big basket clone app should offer and facilitate:

  • An easy interface to manage various business operations. 
  • Creation and management of user accounts. 
  • Detailed types of reports and analyses.
  • A system for managing orders and tracking the status of the same.
  • Understanding of stock and inventory.
  • Report generation of sales.
  • Payment management and tracking functionality.

Driver's App

The driver app in a Big Basket clone helps to manage the various tasks of the drivers working in the same. The following includes a few features of the same:

  • It keeps a check on the drivers’ profits.
  • It should analyze the driver’s profile to understand the legitimacy of the person.
  • It also allows businesses to manage their delivery staff 
  • It helps to keep track of the deliveries in real-time.
  • It must facilitate delivery schedules.
  • Includes a chat option to communicate better with the customers.

All these features in the drivers’ app help to keep the drivers organized throughout the work process. Hence, it can be claimed as the best part of a big basket clone app, which ensures smooth delivery operations of a grocery business.
BigBasket clone app

Features to be included in the BigBasket clone app

When it comes to grocery delivery, no one does it better than Big Basket. The online clone app of the big basket has a comprehensive catalog of products, superior delivery infrastructure, and a top-notch schedule tracking option. If you are considering BigBasket app development, then you obviously should avail this clone app. You should include the following features in grocery delivery.

Profile Management

The BigBasket clone app includes a feature for users to manage their profiles and accounts seamlessly at their convenience. With these features, the user can maintain a list of the items they need. For quick and easy payment, you should provide a facility to include credit and debit card information. Also, store products for future purchases in one convenient location. Wherein you can easily add and remove products.

Real-time Tracking

Using the real-time tracking feature, consumers can monitor the current status of their orders, and delivery staff can monitor their customers' whereabouts. Customers, administrative staff, and delivery staff might make all profits to varying degrees from using this function. The software designed to mimic BigBasket must include this feature.

Schedule Delivery

You should include a feature where the customer must have the flexibility to schedule their delivery. Wherein customers should be able to fix time and location for more convenience. It would be better if consumers book an appointment with a delivery agent at a particular time from the app itself to get the groceries. This feature helps consumers and saves delivery employees time significantly.

Add to Wishlist Feature

Users can add an item to their wishlist even if it is not presently available. When the product becomes available, users will get a notification. This capability will be helpful for your software that's modeled after BigBasket. You can easily retain the users as this feature gives them assurance that a particular product will be available. Consumers can remove the product as well from their wishlist.

Referral Program

With referral programs, users can get attractive rewards for referring an app to friends, family members, or co-workers. It will make your BigBasket clone script more popular with the public. It is a promotional tactic rather than a technical feature. You can implement this feature as it helps you expand your business.

What is the expense to develop a grocery shopping app like BigBasket?

The software's functionality and features will always be its most crucial components. If you add these two things together, the price may go up, but if you take one of them away, the price might go down. Additionally, the design of any application is the most crucial component of the whole thing. Consumers like an application if it has easy-to-use features, a modern look, and proper navigation. Many companies provide BigBasket clone app applications at an affordable rate, such as AIS Technolabs. They include modified grocery apps to address their customers' requirements to fulfill their needs to serve them better.

Collab with AIS Technolabs For Your BigBasket Clone App Development

AIS Technolabs is one of the world's most well-known app development companies. With a team of highly trained programmers and software experts, they guarantee that you will get an exclusive app. It will help clients reach out to the users in the best possible way.  

Our experts also help to build the BigBasket Clone App blended with bespoke features tailored to the customer's needs. Our app solution is technologically advanced and financially feasible. Contact us to get a free quote!


Experts predict that the on-demand grocery industry will capture a greater market share in 2023 and 2024. The on-demand app industry is booming. Therefore, it is the best time to invest in BigBasket clone app development. You can seek assistance from a BigBasket clone app development company like AIS Technolabs.
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