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BigBasket Clone App
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Busy lifestyles and hectic schedules leave limited time for retail grocery shopping. But people have an ultimate life savior from grocery-shopping issues – a BigBasket Clone App.

Groceries are needed every day, but shopping offline for them is quite challenging with limited available time. This Big Basket Clone app is of great help in this regard, and it allows users to book their orders right from the comfort of their homes.

But the benefit of this app is not limited to just one. There are many others to explore!

Let us know about the BigBasket Clone app development, cost, and features.

Why BigBasket Clone App is a Future Need?

Google Play Store is filled with numerous grocery delivery apps such as DoorDash, BigBasket, JioMart, etc. All these apps have been top-rated since their launch and have made breaking records.

Though the pandemic hit every sector hard, it was a boon when it comes to online grocery shopping apps.

All the above facts and data state that these apps are high in demand and needed by users. Hence, the BigBasket Clone app is a profitable business idea if you want to begin a new venture.
BigBasket Clone App

The Benefits of the BigBasket Clone App

Apps are designed to make our work convenient and easier. When you shop from an app, you don’t have to wander around the crowded grocery stores and wait long hours in the billing queues. Eventually, you save a lot of time to spend on something more interesting activity.

The users of the BigBasket clone app can experience innumerable benefits. So, let’s check them out in detail.


People spend more than half of their time doing office work and everyday chores, and there is hardly any time left for grocery shopping. The BigBasket clone app is a time-saver that lets you place an order in your comfort.


It is effortless and convenient to use these apps. Users can easily book orders from anywhere and anytime. The delivery is made in a few hours, the next day, or in a few days. Most of these apps now deliver items the next day. It is simple to use this app. All you have to do is download and install it and start using!


Grocery stores are heavily crowded, and it is not safe to go out to such stores amid covid infection risk. These apps work like a safety barrier for users by allowing them to stay at home and place orders. Since people have become more conscious about their safety, they prefer using more such apps.

Discounts and Offers

A primary reason why many people prefer buying groceries from such apps is that they offer products at a significant discount. They even offer attractive discount coupons for users whenever they shop grocery next time.

Scheduled Deliveries

Users can schedule the delivery time of their orders. The customers can select the delivery time slot as per their convenience and availability. You can reschedule the delivery time and date if you are unavailable at the selected delivery time. It brings more flexibility for consumers, and they can manage their day-to-day tasks seamlessly.
BigBasket Clone Script

Advanced Features You Must Integrate into Your BigBasket Clone Script

Whether your app is a profitable deal or not is based entirely on its features. Therefore, You must incorporate top-notch features in your app.

You can start by integrating basic features at an initial level and add on the advanced features later on. Also, you can make changes to your app based on the preferences and requirements of your customers.

Some relevant features you can select to integrate into your BigBasket Clone Script are:


The ' log-in ' or ' registration ' feature is the most crucial feature to add to your online grocery delivery app. This feature allows the users to sign in to the app and use it easily.

You can allow your users to sign in through social media accounts like Facebook, phone numbers, or Gmail for easy and quick accessibility.

Advanced Search

The advanced search feature enables users to search for a specific item. This feature lets users search for the particular product they are searching for from various categories. Searching for groceries is as simple as searching for your favorite food on the food delivery app.

Profile Management

Users must feel free to handle their account and profile on the app. Profile management is an imperative feature of the BigBasket clone app. Users can generate a list of their preferred groceries on their profile. Users can also add their card details for quick and safe payments and add items for further purchases. It lends a seamless buying experience for the users.

Real-time Tracking

Using this feature the users can track their deliveries and delivery agents. This feature is helpful for the delivery agents, admin panel, and customers as it provides a live location.

Easy Payment Option

Offering multiple payment gateways to customers gives them the freedom to pay as per their choice. They can pay through debit cards, cash on delivery, credit cards, and e-wallets. When you integrate various payment options in your app it is simpler for your customers to pay bills.

Add to Wishlist

There might be items that your users are looking for but are presently out of stock. This feature lets them add such things to their Wishlist, and whenever these items are available in stock, you can send them a notification. Adding this feature to your BigBasket clone application makes it more user-friendly and increases the trust amongst consumers as it provides a personalized experience.

Referral Program

The referral program feature enables users to refer this app to their colleagues or friends. This helps to increase the popularity of an app among potential users. Users can earn rewards for referring an app to their known ones using the referral program feature. Such referral programs boost engagement and promote your app.

Schedule Delivery

This feature lets your users schedule their delivery orders. Allow them to choose the delivery time slot as per their preference. It is beneficial for delivery agents and customers. Customers can always call delivery agents to make specific changes in delivery time, which saves the energy and time of the delivery agents as well. This feature helps customers to receive the orders at their preferable time.

Push Notifications

This feature updates users about the latest offers and payment status. Users can also track the ongoing status of their orders and learn about the delivery agents using this feature. It facilitates real-time updates about all activities seamlessly.

Discounts Deals

One of the newest trends of online grocery apps to attract customers is announcing fantastic discount offers and deals. It is mandatory to have this feature in your BigBasket clone app to draw the customers' attention.d

Customer Support

Your users may need help regarding the app at any time. With the customer support feature, you can quickly resolve their queries and keep your users happy; it increases users' trustworthiness.

How Much Does It Cost To Build BigBasket Clone App?

Almost every company and country have its standards and policies for app development. The development cost for BigBasket clone app in India is between $10 to $80 for an hour.

You can develop the clone app within a limited budget by integrating various features and coding. You can develop the app within $10000 to $20000.

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On a Final Note

Developing a BigBasket clone app is a great and profitable idea. But you can serve your customers in the best way only when you incorporate more features into the app. Contact AIS Technolabs now to avail the best BigBasket clone app development services at a reasonable price.
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