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Do you need to hire a React Native developer? You are not alone! Many organizations are turning to React Native to develop interactive mobile apps. In the previous year, React Native stood at 12th in the list of most used libraries and frameworks among developers, with 8.43%.

The increasing use of this framework makes it challenging for entrepreneurs to find the right developer to create a React Native app.

Let’s explore the world of React Native app development. Also, learn the process of finding and hiring the right talent. Knowing these details helps make the right decisions.

An Overview Of React Native

It is a widespread open-source framework that is helpful for producing cross-platform mobile apps. Based on JavaScript, it allows developers to create natively rendered apps for iOS and Android.

Facebook initially released this framework in 2015. Within a few years, it secured a good position in the list of top development frameworks.

Using a React Native framework, programmers can create code once and use it to power both Android and iOS apps. Its compatibility with front-end technologies helps in creating a seamless user interface.

About The Growing Demand For React Native

In the last decade, we have seen a significant rise in the use of mobile devices. And this is projected to reach 7.49 billion users by 2025. This increase in mobile usage leads to the development of mobile apps, creating a demand to hire a React Native developer.

It is said that React Native is the future of mobile development. It enables cross-platform development and code reusability, allowing developers to create interactive mobile apps quickly.

React Native’s hot reloading feature lets coders study changes in the code instantly without rebuilding the entire app. They can also use third-party libraries to add additional features and functionalities.

What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring A React Native Developer?

A skilled developer ensures the successful completion of app development projects. Here is what you need to know before engaging a React Native developer.
  • Consider your project’s specific needs. Decide whether you need a freelance developer or a full-time employee.
  • If you are expanding an existing app, hire a React Native developer with experience in scaling infrastructure and optimization.
  • To build an app from scratch, choose a tech-advanced professional with knowledge of best practices and trendy designs.
  • Fix the competitive compensation for the job role. Specify other benefits, such as remote work options, flexible schedules, and additional monetary incentives.

Technical Skills To Look For In React Native Developers

Before hiring a developer to create a React Native app, evaluate their technical skills to acquire the best possible outcomes. Below are essential skills to look for:
  • Proficiency In JavaScript
React Native is a JavaScript-based framework; therefore, having solid knowledge of it is vital. It helps build components, create app logic and services, and understand their flow.
  • React Tools And Fundamentals
A good understanding of core React concepts like components, JSX, state, and props is vital. Also, check out their familiarity with React tools like Enzyme, Webpack, Virtual DOM, ESLint, Redux, and Flux.
  • Experience With iOS And Android
Ensure the potential candidate has experience working on iOS and Android platforms. They must be familiar with native languages like Kotlin, Swift, and Objective-C.
  • Knowledge Of Third-party Tools And Libraries Integration
Certain features are not available in the React Native framework. The developer’s knowledge of third-party dependencies and API integrations helps add extra features to the app.
  • Debugging And Testing Skills
A profound understanding of debugging and testing helps build error-free apps. Testing helps identify errors at an early stage, which saves time and ensures faster time to market.
  • Performance Optimization Talent
Developers should learn to optimize the app’s performance. This knowledge helps them ensure the app works at its best under all conditions. It includes speed optimization, eliminating non-essential features, page redirection, and more.

Where Can You Find A React Native Developer To Create A React Native App?

A high demand for React Native developers makes it challenging to discover the right professional. Let’s discuss common platforms you can use to source talent.
  • Specialized Hiring Platform
Share your job post on recruitment platforms known for tech roles, such as Upwork, Guru, Toptal, and more.
  • Tech Communities And Forums
Engage with different tech communities. Stack Overflow, GitHub, or Reddit’s r/ReactNative are among the largest and most active communities where developers showcase their expertise and share knowledge.
  • Industry Meetups And Conferences
One can attend industry meetups and conferences dedicated to React Native development. It helps in networking with professionals, opening doors for hiring the right talent.
  • Approaching Recruitment Agencies
You can approach an agency to hire a React Native Developer. Using their massive network, they can source top talent within hours.
  • Collaborating with Influencers
Teaming with React Native influencers can promote your job openings to their followers. It helps you discover the right employee for your specific project needs.

Procedure To Select The Best Developer

  • Candidate Sourcing
Explore different sources to reach qualified candidates and tell them about your company culture and the opportunity. Carefully review resumes and shortlist prospects who meet the essential criteria. You can also use Applicant Tracking Systems to collect and screen resumes quickly.
  • Structured Interview
After shortlisting the candidates, invite them for interviews. Conduct a technical round followed by a behavioral assessment. In the technical round, the interviewer can ask about core React Native concepts and coding challenges. One can even provide a small coding test relevant to the project. For behavioral assessment, prepare a list of questions that can help you identify how a candidate acts in a particular situation.
  • Assessing Cultural Fit
Identify their work style, time zone compatibility, and overall cultural alignment with the company. The interviewer can do so by gathering information from their resumes and behavioral interview sessions. If possible, allow a candidate for a tour of the workplace to let them know the company culture.
  • Portfolio Check
Examine the candidate’s portfolio to check out the quality and complexity of the projects they have worked on. A comprehensive portfolio helps you assess if their skills and experience align with the unique requirements of the open position.
  • Make An Offer
Discuss project fees/salary and finalize the contractual terms. These should outline the project scope, timelines, deliverables, payment terms, and ownership rights. Finally, make an offer and onboard an employee!
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When you hire a React Native developer, you need to consider different factors to find the perfect fit for your business. It is not that easy; that’s why we have shared technical skills and the hiring process to simplify your task to some extent. If you still have any queries, feel free to contact AIS Technolabs.


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Ans: To become a React Native developer, you need to learn the core concepts of this framework and other technologies, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Ans: Use different platforms, such as specialized job boards, communities and forums, social media, and more, to hire a React Native developer. Evaluate their technical and soft skills to determine whether they are the right fit or not.

Ans: Determine whether you want a freelance developer or a full-time employee. Depending on your needs, choose the combination of platforms to share your job post.
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