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Having a presence on a mobile device is essential for any business in the modern world. For this, if taxi business invests in an on-demand app like Uber for x clone, it gives them the extra edge over the competition. Several features need to be incorporated following a proper path for building and launching the app, which the companies must take care of while designing the app.


With the introduction of mobile taxi apps like Uber and many more, the world of taxi services changed utterly. Taking inspiration from the success of the app, makers decided to launch a new service of Uber for X. It is a multi-service application based on the Uber for x app script, which helps in connecting consumers with various service providers like taxis, food delivery, beauticians, grocery delivery and many more that comes under the on-demand services category. Companies often save the cost of development for clone apps using an Uber for x clone script. These perform equally well as the original app developed from the ground up. All these apps make modern life more accessible and convenient to live.
On-Demand Taxi App

Significant Features of On-Demand Taxi App

Payment Integration

On-demand taxi apps like Uber have several types of payment gateways integrated within the systems to facilitate the users. These features help in calculating the trip fare and display them to both passengers and drivers. The various options of payments help the users to pay according to their convenience. Any Uber for x script will have codes for integrating different payment modes. Some of the commonly used payment methods by taxi apps are credit & debit cards, various UPI wallets, and cash. Apps similar to Uber or Uber for x clone use several payment gateways to facilitate the users.

Geolocation and Routing

Apps like Uber need to have built-in features of GPS or geolocation systems. An app using similar codes to the Uber for x app script uses maps and a live location interface (GPS) known as Global Positioning System to pinpoint the passenger or destination location. The routing system then uses the location details to process the shortest accessible route by the drivers. This setup is used for other on-demand apps with similar functionality like Uber. They use Uber for x clone script to integrate similar geolocation features that will help the services providers present on the app.

Notification and Communication

This is a must-have feature for taxi apps. The app developers need to understand that communication and notification are essential features, which help the consumers connect with the service providers. Communicating with the customers and keeping them posted on the progress of the service is an essential requirement for the company responsible for providing the service. Different paths include SMS, Mail, and push notification, which awake users about booking confirmation and car arrival. All these features are included in other on-demand apps, too, with the help of Uber for x script.

Revenue Models for Uber-like App

Generally, the primary source of revenue for Uber-like taxi apps is through cash collected from every single ride. But, the revenue model for Uber includes a variety of factors. Uber and similar apps make money through commission from the trips taken by customers. Ubers collect around 20% of the commission, and the rest 80% is given to the drivers responsible for the trips. The company also gains revenues from canceled rides by the passengers. Another source of revenue is the ads of different products on the app. Several other services were added like sedans, SUVs, and rentals, which get included in the company's revenue model.
 Uber-like App for an on-demand Taxi

How to Build an Uber-like App for an on-demand Taxi Business?

We’ve listed the main steps to build the best on-demand taxi app.

Market research

This is the first and foremost step involved in any app development. Conducting a proper market survey followed by detailed research helps to determine the needs of the customers. Determine what the flaws are in the existing system of taxi businesses and find the gap. This will help the company design an appropriate app, which will be similar to Uber or even better using the script of Uber for x clone. The market research will provide the existing list of competitors in the market, and the new players can learn a lot from the strategies used by these current players to excel in the market of e-hailing taxi apps.

Develop a Business Model

Once the market research and survey gets completed, it is time to come up with a business model. It is necessary to develop a business model because it defines the working and functioning of an organization. It describes how a particular organization forms, nurtures and captures values in various contexts that include economic, social, cultural, and many more. A good business model helps the company to make more profit by regulating the revenues and expenses. They allow new companies to attract talent and investors and motivate the staff working or associated with the company.

The Revenue Stream of The App

Next in line are the revenue streams, which will bring in money for the proper functionality of the company. In the case of taxi apps, the primary source of revenue is the passengers who opt for the services provided by the company. For getting a stable flow of revenue, companies like Uber use the Uber for x app script to incorporate different payment methods. But over-reliance on a single source of revenue proves to be disadvantageous in many cases. For this reason, companies like Uber rely on other sources of income to have a continuous flow of cash in the business.

Maintenance and Support

Any app requires maintenance and support for proper functioning. Uber for X clone is no exception in this case. The maintenance team checks for flaws in the functioning of the apps. If the flaws are found in Uber for x clone script, they are dealt with immediately to ensure smooth functioning. The app also has a contact for support, which the customers or driver often needs in emergencies or for various other reasons. Supportive and good customer support will motivate the users to use the app more often due to the excellent experience while using the app.
 Cost to Build an Uber-like App

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Uber-like App for an on-demand Taxi App?

The cost of building an on-demand taxi app depends on various factors. These factors include:

  • No of features
  • Preference of in house built or using clone
  • Hour required to build the app
  • The company responsible for the development
  • Country in which the app is developed
  • All these factors add up to the cost of the app; the taxi business can go for building a custom app using Uber for x script or buy a clone app. The best companies worldwide like AIS Technolabs offer superior quality of product and that too at a reasonable price. So, small-scale businesses can contact these companies.


E-hailing apps are the buzz in the market, which are making the life of people easier. The users can get the services at any time and anywhere. It also helps the taxi businesses to target the right customers and grow their reach. Thus, enterprises witness an increase in revenues using on-demand apps. Having all the necessary features will prove to be beneficial for the taxi business and help generate more revenue in the future. So, don’t wait and get the app ready now!
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