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Messaging apps have become a regular part of daily life. There are a number of them available in the market. But, among them, Viber is the best as considered by many satisfied users. The app laid the foundation of messaging apps. Which is followed by many companies, and even now, many startups take inspiration from the company creating clones with similar features.


The modern world has turned into a global village, and people want to stay connected with their contacts. This gave rise to efficient messaging apps like Viber, which uses the internet to deliver messages instantly and do not charge like the SMS feature of mobile phones. It is an excellent message delivery app, which many companies want to develop. Since its launch in the market, it has created a new form of texting. But, developing an app from the ground up proves costly, so many startups go for the Viber clone app. These clone apps are a copy of the original at a lower cost. They use something called Viber clone source code, which is a set of customizable codes.

What is end-to-end encryption in a Viber clone app

End-to-End encryption is used in modern-day messaging apps like Viber to protect the privacy of the users. This is an essential feature for a Viber clone also. It means that the messages, photos, audio, video, voice calls, and video calls are all encrypted or scrambled the moment they are sent from one device until reaching the intended recipient device. Not even the messaging company itself can read the coded messages. Only the devices at the sending and receiving end of the messages have the key to decipher the coded messages. This provides a high level of privacy to the users.

Why Viber clone app, not others?

There are many messaging apps in the market, but the apps use the Viber clone script as the base considered the most secure. The Viber app itself has the highest level of security with features like end-to-end encryption, the default nature of the encryption feature, and more. A Viber clone app also lets users send secret messages that will automatically disappear from the receiver's phones after seeing them. This feature of Viber Clone provides an added level of privacy on top of the encryption feature. Another feature that sets Viber apart from others is "Hidden Chat."

Features of Viber clone app script

1) Contact’s Synchronization

This is an essential feature of the app. The Viber clone script helps design such an app, which offers a tighter synchronization with the phone, providing the user a full view of the call logs from within the app itself. It integrates the phone contacts, and whenever the user needs to make a call or send a message, a notification is prompted on the screen whether to make a call or send the message through the service provider or the Viber app.

2) Desktop Access

A Viber clone also provides desktop access to the users. Their users can use both the desktop and mobile versions of the app simultaneously. The desktop access is added to the Viber clone source code to create an exact copy of the app present on the user's phone and access the copy through the desktop. It involves synchronizing and authentication of both the devices to the app to have a secured environment of messaging. Users can directly send videos and pictures present on their desktops to other users through Viber.

3) Social Sharing

There are various features of social sharing present in the app. The two most prominent features of social sharing are group chats and public chats. The Viber clone app enables users to create or join groups with up to 200 participants. These groups can be formed for classes, friends, sports teams, official purposes, and more. The group chat is an easy way to stay connected to a large number of people. The next feature is the public chat, where users can follow their favorite personalities or join the chat group about their favorite topics. Users can only like the posts.

4) Voice and Video Calls

The Viber app also provides features like Video and voice calls. The Viber clone source code includes code related to real-time voice and video calling features. All these features come with the highest level of security. End-to-end security is among those security features. This maintains the privacy of the users and thus ensures carefree usage of the app. The quality of voice and video calls is better when compared to other similar messaging apps. The calls even feel better if a fast internet facility is available.

How to make a Profit-generating Viber Clone App?

The success of Viber has attracted many companies to invest in developing messaging apps. Many companies use Viber clone script to build clone apps similar to Viber. There are several steps to create the profit-making app.

  • The first step is conducting market research to gather information related to the needs of potential customers.
  • This step is followed by a competitor analysis of various messaging apps already present in the market.
  • After the mentioned steps are done, it is time to develop the business and revenue models.
  • The next step comprises development of the app and adding the required features.
  • Finally, it is time to launch the app in the market, carry out maintenance, and provide regular updates.

Why Hire AIS Technolabs for Viber Clone Script?

Companies can develop the app all by themselves or outsourced clone scripts from reputed companies like AIS Technolabs. AIS Technolabs provides the best clone script for Viber, which is customizable and contains plug-ins. This makes the clone app equally good or even better than the original version. The development team in this company consists of experts in clone app designing and making the required changes in the clone script according to the clients' requirements.


Messaging apps have become an integral part of our daily life. They provide instant connectivity to the ones on our contact list. Apps like Viber propose superior connectivity via the internet, which is widely available in major parts of the world. To develop apps similar to Viber, the possibilities are endless. There are several outsourcing companies, which can assist the business in the development of a clone app that costs much less and provides customizability. AIS Technolabs is among the best companies in this respect. So, don't wait to get your app ready now with AIS Technolabs.
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