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 react native app development
React Native has become a primary choice of many startups and organizations looking for an efficient way of entering the app domain. The reason behind it is that React native is cost and time-efficient. There is a high demand for react native app development, and thus, the pressure on React Native developers like AIS Technolabs has increased to create offline-first apps that perform efficiently.

React Native App Development

It has become an overall cross-platform framework that developers across the world are using, according to a developer survey in 2020. The survey also indicated that 42% of the software developers utilize React Native in today's highly technical time. To understand the app development, visit AIS Technolabs.

Some of the Best Local Databases for React Native App Development

Sometimes it gets challenging for developers to select the correct technology stack to incorporate the relevant database. This web blog will thus look at the best local databases that work well for react native app development. Do consider them as it might help you choose the best local database for your react native app development.


It is an open-source, object-oriented database that works 10 times faster than the relational database. Also, it supports complex data for offline and real-time apps. Realm doesn't require key-value stores and object-related mapping. Moreover, it has its independent search engine too. The objects stored in the database of Realm are permitted to access a wide range of sources and threads.

Developers prefer to choose the Realm database as it improves the react native mobile app development performance by dealing with a wide range of data. As it is a high-performing local database, Realm is popularly known for fixing queries better than any other database.

In short, the Realm database is the most preferred option and is the best choice available for developers, particularly for large-sized apps. Although it is an open-source database, it will cost you a monthly fee if you want access to an advanced version, but it is worth it considering its unique and special features.

Advantages of Realm Database

  • Its synchronization constantly runs in the background to save user interaction.
  • It features an excellent set of APIs.
  • It utilizes multiple encryption standards to suit all types of mobile platform.
  • It is offline-friendly


It is a local database owned by Google having NoSQL. Firebase will ideally suit you if your app requires offline data synchronization and offline data update. Also, it can effectively handle react native application development based on MVC, whose data requirements are pretty high.

Firebase also features robust and advanced tools to track performance effectively that help you check a bug in the application. It provides you complete access to remove data from the Google server when you want and need it.

The best part about this fantastic database is that you can use it for free if you use up to 1GB, but you will have to pay a minimal fee for storing around 2.5GB of data. However, you don't have to worry about the fee as it is pretty affordable and worth the features it offers.

Advantages of Firebase Database

  • You can combine this database easily with any app you want, ensuring user-friendliness and convenience.
  • Firebase also caches the relevant data on your devices to provide active users with offline access
  • It also helps in synchronizing the data throughout multiple platforms.


It was initially developed to allow users to make local databases for storage purposes for mobile apps. 'Lite' here stands for the lightweight of the database as it requires a minimal setup. Moreover, it offers whole SQL policies and efficient tools that assist you in effectively managing the relevant data quickly and relatively easily.

You can accomplish more significant results if you have encountered some excellent database development. The source code of SQLite is free for everyone to use for any purpose, and it is readily available in the public domain. Visit AIS Technolabs for outstanding react native development services.

Advantages of SQLite Database

  • Using its storage, you can allow offline persistence in your app.
  • SQLite is ACID-compliant; Thus, it executes almost all SQL standards.
async storage

Async Storage

Async Storage is a storage framework that allows developers to store data effectively. It features in-built React Native, and thus, you can easily use it without the need for any more deployment. Even when you close the device or your app, this local database comes in handy if you want to save the data.

Advantages of Async Storage Database

  • Async Storage is accessible at all times whenever you want.
  • In-built React Native.


It is designed to optimize the React Native local database effectively. WatermelonDB is created to provide a remarkable performance to react native app development services. It can scale a wide range of records within a few minutes.

According to Github's official statement, WatermelonDB is optimized to create tricky apps so that it can focus on the performance of the real world. Moreover, it can also manage highly cached or multithreaded async functions.

Advantages of WatermelonDB

  • Simple data plugging
  • When there are changes in the database, UI is automatically rendered again.


It is a lightweight, fast-performing, open-source local database to develop React Native apps created by a react native development agency. You can use the Vasern API for storing local data and for cloud storage and syncing across the app's users. Multiple open-source local databases inspire its design and structures.

Advantages of Vasern Database

  • It operates fast.
  • It is developer-friendly and offers end-to-end synchronization of the database.
  • This database is free to use
  • It focuses on the performance and consistency of the app.
When you are looking for the leading local database for your React Native app development, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that begin the process by making a list of all your requirements.

Remember not to compromise even with a single requirement while choosing a database. It is essential as the success of your app sometimes depends on your selected database. Thus, you can only trust the best react native developer.

You must hire experienced React Native application developer who provides the best react native mobile app development services. It will assist you in choosing an ideal database for React Native application. However, if you still face any issues or problems and have any queries, please contact AIS Technolabs regarding this. Their expert development team will help you right away.
local database for react native applications

How to select a local database for React Native applications?

The choice of the perfect react native database depends on a wide range of factors. For example, the complexity of the relevant data, offline data synchronization, memory management, and several data.


These are some of the leading React native databases at the current time. Although, there are numerous other backend tools used by react native development companies to develop their application. Ultimately, the best tool depends on the project type. Visit AIS Technolabs to know the perfect database that would suit your project the best.
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