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ERP Solutions For The Businesses
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The business dimensions have completed changed with time. There is a newer set of processes in place these days that is changing the dimension of the business world in every aspect. It is important to note in this account that the businesses are looking for a cohesive solution and effective tracking of their business performance through synchronized data analytics and set of information that can be used into actionable insights. The best part is that with the gigantic activities that are taking place, there is also a simultaneous growth in the different cloud-based as well as open source ERP data integration and synchronization solutions that are available in the market.

However, the challenge lies for the businesses to choose from the abundance that will provide them benefit for a long time and will be able to align itself with their distinct set of processes in place. It is precise, for this reason, we see now a lot of customized ERP solutions are coming up the ladder with new innovations and processes that are looking to take automation to the next stage in varied proportions.
The different ERP solutions
The biggest attribute of ERP is the synchronized structure that it brings to the different functions of operations, supply chain management, logistics and finance under a single system that coordinates with each other in a proactive manner. While there are several solutions that are available, there are some solutions that have stood the test of time and is providing consistent service to organizations for a long time. There is also the use of free or open-source as well as proprietary software by the business intelligence applications.

E2 Shop System Software:

It is a development solution by Shoptech Corporation and brings diverse business processes like accounting, purchasing, scheduling, management of customers as well as shipping and estimation under a simple easy to use ERP platform. The best part is its designs that help operations to run in a smooth way and increase profits as well as productions.


It is predominantly an accounting software and helps in a broad set of processes and functions of the accounting processes ranging from core accounting, the project as well as revenue management, management of currency as well as purchase and billing systems with reporting of finance as well. Oracle is the provider of the database while its applications are hosted in E server of IBM while the disaster management is handled by Sungard.


It can be regarded as one of the best and most prolific business management ERP software in use that provides CRM functions as well as effective ERP solutions to great effect. It perfectly synchronizes the back office functions as well as service and sales processes of a large number of industries in a comprehensive manner. Its financials provides diverse applications that help core accounting activities like billing and purchase management, inventory and supply chain management, analytics and reporting of finance as well as management of payment.


It is also one of the highly regarded ERP solutions that meets needs of midsized as well as distribution and manufacturing firms in the perfect order and proportions. It helps with functionalities of diverse orders like stocking and ordering properly. It also provides simultaneous assistance to accounting, controlling of inventory, management of supply chain as well as human resources in the perfect order.

While choosing any of the above ERP development solutions, it is important to keep in mind the distinct set of processes that your business have and align it in accordance with a prior plan in place. It will help you decide in the right manner the one that will serve you the best comprehensiveness and will help in effective optimization of the resources.

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