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Ionic App Development
Quick Summary
Businesses worldwide are in dire need of efficient mobile apps that run seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms. In a hurry to quench this desire, they were left confused about which app to develop, like native, cross-platform, hybrid, etc. Well, there is an exceptional mobile application development tool designed to build top-notch mobile apps at a low cost which is Ionic App Development.

Ionic is a new advancement in technology that allows building full-fledged mobile apps for both Android and iOS, using the current web development technologies and without requiring in-depth knowledge.

So, know how ionic development can be a great deal for your mobile app development project.

What Is Ionic App Development?

Introduced in 2013, Ionic is a UI toolkit useful for developing high-performing cross-platform applications using web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. This open-source framework is available free of cost and can be integrated with other frameworks like Vue, Angular, and React.

This robust HTML5 software development kit comes with UI components and a library of front-end building blocks that facilitate the development of progressive web apps. The Ionic mobile app development primarily focuses on UI integration and design of the app. Hence, it is the perfect option to build attractive apps with rich functionalities.

 Ionic Framework

Features Of Ionic Framework

This framework is packed with numerous brilliant features, which you must know to make its best use.

  • The open-source nature of this framework is ideal for developing robust hybrid applications.
  • Convenient testing of the app is possible on all platforms only because of the Ionic command-line interface.
  • Integration with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS makes it convenient to develop Ionic mobile app development.
  • It uses multiple frameworks such as Apache Cordova and AngularJS.
  • It is packed with pre-developed design aspects that allow the development of visually attractive apps.
  • Developers can use the same code to develop apps for distinct platforms.
  • Ionic Framework offers major functionalities with SDKs of app development that can be customized for distinct operating systems like Cordova.
  • Ionic is a one-time development process, which is both cost and time-saving.
  • You don’t require any third-party integration to access the phone hardware for apps developed in Ionic.
With so many incredible features, Ionic is an ideal choice for mobile app development. But before you head forward to Ionic mobile app development, you must know about the advantages and consequences of using it as well as how this framework works.

The Ionic Framework

What Do You Require To Start The Ionic Framework?

It is advisable to hire a reputed Ionic app development company to build feature-rich apps. But for this, you must be prepared with some prerequisites such as:

  • Android ADK – This is needed to develop Android apps on Windows.
  • NodeJS – NPM and node are essential requirements to use Ionic.
  • XCode – Installing XCode is vital to develop an iOS app on Windows or other platforms.
 Ionic App Development Work

How Does Ionic App Development Work?

Ionic app development services offer users a toolkit to develop hybrid apps using web technologies. You can then integrate the apps with popular frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular. Hence, it is vital to understand how this framework works.

This setup comes with a multitude of components, which focus on the functionality, feel, and look of the app. Menu, cards, buttons, tabs, and other elements are provided in this framework. Also, it offers fast navigation and elements that include pinching events, swiping or rotation.

The apps are developed just like a simple app, but Ionic transforms the single codebase into a mobile app. You need to implement the native aspect of the mobile app using Cordova. As a result, you get an application that is a combination of web-based as well as native apps.

The best aspect is that you need to write the app once, and it can run on distinct platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, and web apps. Such things make it convenient to run the app for developers and individuals.

Ionic Application Development

Advantages Of Ionic Application Development

  • Ready-to-Use Components – Ionic holds a functional design that enables designing highly-functional apps in very little time. The inbuilt theme, typography, and many other components are available for use that allow developers to focus solely on the development process rather than engineering UI components.
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use – Ease of use and simplicity are the prime benefits of this framework, which makes it convenient to learn and use the app.
  • Ecosystem – The ecosystem of the framework is backed by the International Community of developers and contributors. This is used worldwide for creating spectacular apps.
  • Less Time for Development – Since Ionic comes with inbuilt UI features, it is possible to create exquisite UI apps quickly.
  • Single Codebase – Developers can perform Ionic android app development using a single code and run the app on distinct platforms like iOS, Android, Desktop, etc. The single code works everywhere, and you can download it from Playstore or the Appstore.
  • Web and Native Optimized – The device features and UI standards of Native apps and flexibility of Web apps are together available in the Ionic framework. Hence, you don’t have to invest in two different platforms, which is cost-saving.

Disadvantages Of Ionic App Development

  • Compatibility Troubles – Ionic uses third-party integrations and plugins, which may lead to compatibility issues that are tricky to resolve.
  • Reduced Performance – Hybrid apps can be developed in Ionic using a single codebase. It leads to slow performance in comparison to native apps.
  • Unsuitable for Game Development – Ionic uses only CSS that is unable to perform high graphic performance. It makes the framework unsuitable for game development.
  • Lack of Security – Security is a slight problem in apps developed using this platform. Hence, it is better to avoid developing finance-related or bank-related apps in Ionic.

Summing Up

Ionic is an impressive framework suitable to develop most kinds of apps. However, to enjoy it to the best, you must hire a renowned Ionic development company. A reliable company can build creative apps in little time within your budget.

AIS Technolabs is a reputed Ionic app development company in India that can develop visually appealing cross-platform apps with advanced features and functionalities. We house a team of talented developers who are well-versed in using this latest technology. If you are looking to hire a dedicated Ionic developer, we are a one-stop solution for all your needs.
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