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React Native vs Xamarin: Navigating Cross-Platform App Choices

Quick Summary

In this blog, we will discuss some of the points of differences between React Native and Xamiarin. We will help you to decide which tool you should use based on various factors.

React Native or Xamarin is the cross-platform application development tool. Mobile application development is growing at a fast pace. With mobile applications, you can interact with several customers. It fulfills your demands, a lot of companies do make use of cross-application development platforms.


Various cross platforms application development tools are available. Such platforms allow developers to reuse the code and build it across many OSs. with the cross-platform framework, you will be able to incorporate some of the best animations and designs. You would be able to use the same code base for many platform applications.

Currently, there are a large number of cross-platform development frameworks that fulfill the purpose of application development. As a cross-app development company, we would like to make you familiar with the two most common cross-platform development frameworks such as React Native and Xamarins.

In this following blog, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of the cross-platform app development tools. You can differentiate both of them based on their unique features, although both of them offer similar kinds of mobile application development services for you.
Advantages of Cross-Platform Development

Advantages of Cross-Platform Development

Its cost-effective solutions, Cross-platform applications are quite cheaper to build and easy to maintain due to various types of factors. Cross-platform applications are properly developed since most of its code can be used on different platforms.

If you develop a cross-platform application, you are cutting a lot of expenses. A cross-platform application with a large number of UI elements and a common codebase allows you to work on different stacks.

It allows us to maintain the UX uniformity that makes an enjoyable and smooth user experience, that is important for any application. Consistency is the characteristic that makes you module the best UX for your application.

With a cross-application development platform, you can make a fully functional prototype that is easy to build new strategies for the production company or some new venture. For many react native is ideal to make a prototype as it allows quicker development.

It is Easy to Market and Reach Large Audiences

Mobile applications are the best tools that allow you to promote your services and products. Different cross-platform applications are useful for several business owners as they offer a wider reach. You can easily create an application that allows you to reach both the Android and iOS markets.

Comparison Between Xamarin and React Native Why?

Many businesses do need to build some applications like iOS and Android. It supports many kinds OS too. Many mobile application development tools won't work optimally with various iOS devices or Android devices.

With React Native And Xamarin, you can address similar kinds of issues. It will help you to complete your project in less duration and you will not require to have va codes for platforms. It leads to one app scenario for various platforms like android and iOS.
Advantages of Xamarin

Advantages of Xamarin

Xamarin is the mobile application framework that allows the .NET developers to access the cross-platform UI tool collection. Whereas React Native is the open-source mobile application development platform that allows you to build the mobile application using javascript.

Both Xamarin and React Native make use of a similar language to create mobile applications for iOS and Android. Xamarin is built using the C# react native is written in JavaScript. Both frameworks allow developers to make use of similar languages that will require very little work for you.

If we talk about the “better” platform, both of them have various characteristics that make them better in both ways.

Various Factors That Make Both Of Them Unique


If we talk about availability, React native is open source, a free tool that allows developers to code on both Android and iOS devices. Whereas Microsoft Xamarin does come with the free version, but it has limited features and resources. For more resources, you need to pay some charges to get the enterprise version.

Underlying Technology

React Native allows users to code in JS that is the most preferred language as developers can code using advanced concepts. Developers can allow you to write one single application using javascript for different devices like iOS and Android.

Developers who come with great development experience can easily make use of JavaScript and build mobile applications. JavaScript is a skill that has huge availability in the market.

Xamarin makes use of the c# along with .Net Framework. Several Developers may rescue code for building android applications and iOS applications. Many applications are easy to build in visual studio code. VS code includes different debugging tools, native platform integration with devices like Android, iOS, and Mac. It will reduce your cost to transfer from one platform to another platform.

Development Environment- React Native Vs Xamarin

Xamarin is a powerful and friendlier tool that allows developers to write code for various applications like iphone, android, and windows. Visual studio code is the best tool that simplifies the development process. You can use Apple’s Xcode that is a different IDE for applied devices. With both the tools you can build mobile applications.

React Native is Flexible and makes it quite simpler for developers to choose IDE and text editor. Several Tools like Expo are used to build react native applications and debug them. Hot reloading is the best feature in React Native that does not require you to build the full applications and reload it automatically after modifications in the code.


The performance of the React native is commendable. It offers near to native performance. As a developer, you should consider some points that it does not support 32-bit Architecture in Android. Also, it comes with navigational performance issues and compatibility issues when it is compared with the native application.

Xamarin is quite better than the React native, as it is quite fast on Android and iOS devices. It supports 64-bit architecture and allows developers to make use of the native tools available to build a brilliant UI.

Community Support - Xamarin Vs React Native

Since React-native is open source, it has a community where developers and tech enthusiasts are interested to share knowledge and offer support. It is quite new technology hence, the community is quite small. Also, it lacks the subject matter expert that often creates some obstacles in the React Native mobile application development.

Xamarin has got commendable community support. All the active developers are interested to share information on forums, QA sites, Stack Overflow, and different resources.
Advantages of React Native

Advantages of React Native

React Native has proven to be advantageous for many developers to build mobile applications. If you are looking to build efficient applications for your mobile device, react-native would be the best choice. Using this framework, you can build mobile applications and it is the platform by Facebook.

React native is quite cost-effective and allows you to develop mobile applications quickly. Here developers don't need to work on different platforms to build the mobile application. Different companies do not require several teams for mobile application development. Also, maintenance and updates can be offered to both applications.

React Native has great performance. You can optimize your mobile applications. React Native applications allow you to take the advantage of graphics processing units(GPU). It makes it quite faster than cross-platform hybrid technologies.

Brings More Flexibility

As a Developer, you can create a unique mobile application user interface. It will allow you to increase the team flexibility by allowing them to continue from anywhere. All the test cases can be run easily.

React Native UI Components

React Native allows you to create unique React Native UI components into your existing application. You do not need to rewrite the whole code. It is quite advantageous when you want to improve your application.

Code Compilation

React Native using the JIT compilation for android application. And for iOS application development, you need to interpret JS code, because Apple has strict execution rules. It makes use of the dynamically generated codes.

Market Share

React Native has gained immense popularity in a very short duration. There is a huge demand for the react native application developers. Different big tech giants are making use of the react-native for building cross-platform mobile applications.


In Summary, we can say that both cross-development platforms, Xamarin, and React Native are powerful frameworks that allow you to build applications. Such applications do have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your needs and requirements that will help you to know which platform you should use.

When it comes to choosing any one of them, it becomes quite difficult as both of them are great and offer you to build high-quality applications. Both platforms are equally credible and aim to reduce your cost and make development faster. Also, you can save resources since you don't need huge development teams that expertise in different technologies like android or iOS.

With Cross-platform application development, you can get applications for different platforms or hire a cross-platform mobile app development company. It offers great market and technical support to all the developers. React Native is considered to be the best choice for cross platform development.
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