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Towing and roadside assistance have been there for several decades. However, several people think it is tough to receive roadside assistance services in a countryside area or middle of the road. At present, almost everything has its own app. So, the good news is that you can also have your app for users to book tow trucks or roadside assistance.

The concept is somewhat similar to booking a cab or ordering dishes online through an app. Tow truck drivers can also locate the vehicle easily with the mobile application, which also saves time.
How Does An Uber For Tow Trucks App Work?

How Does An Uber For Tow Trucks App Work?

When your vehicle gets damaged or broken in the middle of a road or a deserted place, you will have to either call a towing company, or you need to go to the towing company yourself at any cost and bring them to your vehicle.

In the first place, you may not know the contact number, and in the second place, you do not know where to go and how to leave the car in the spot while you go. In that time, you can use a tow truck or roadside assistance app to work.

The ways how an Uber for tow trucks app works is discussed below:

  • Registration: First of all, the customers will need to install the app. Then, you will have to register on the app by making use of your phone number, email, or any other social login options available inside the app.
  • Service selection: There will be several options available from which the customer will have to choose as per their need. Options like dead battery replacement, accidental help, tire repair, and others will be Facilitated In The Uber For Tow Trucks App.
  • Sharing location: The emergency location will be shared by the customer with the towing service provider to make it easy for the driver to locate the stranded vehicle. It enables smooth communication between the service provider and the customer.
  • Sharing vehicle information: The customer needs to share their vehicle information, such as registration number, model, and make, for facilitating easy identification and getting an ideal tow service professional or vehicle at their disposal. It also offers better service to the customers and provides smooth communication.
  • Fulfillment of service: Assigned mechanics of truck drivers will reach the customer quickly to take and fix the car. After fixing the challenges, they determine the price.
There are several features available in a tow truck app like Uber. Some of them are listed below:

  • Book And Cancel Appointments: The customers can book appointments any time, and they can cancel their appointments if not required by the customers.
  • Accept/ Reject Request: If the truck driver is unavailable, rejection of the request can be immediately done, just like accepting or rejecting an application immediately.
  • Verified Service Providers: The customers can see the service provider’s credibility by checking if the provider is verified or not.
  • Referral Earnings And Friend Invite: The customers can invite their friends in the app and earn rewards after their friend follows their invitation link and download the tow truck app like Uber.
  • Separate Dashboard For Truck Drivers: The drivers will have a separate dashboard wherein they can manage their payment, vehicle location, a commission earned, and others.
  • Add Vehicles: e customers will be able to add all of their vehicles to their profile, like one motorbike, two cars, etc., with the details like make, registration, and model number.
  • Cost Information: The customers will get to know the service charge based on the service’s nature by clicking on the information option for every service.
  • Real-time Notifications: Via the SMS channels and push, regular updates will be received by the customers about the status of the service.
  • Seamless Payments: Customers can make payments through the app with the available Online Payment Options For Their Towing Services. Service options like wallets, cards, and cash will be available.
  • Reviews And Ratings: Users can easily share their feedback and experience in the app about the service providers. Feedbacks also help to improve the overall service quality.
  • SOS Panic Button: There will be a panic button within the tow truck dispatch software itself. So, in an emergency, you can tap the SOS button to send a signal to people.
  • Easy Login: Similar to the way how customers log in easily, the truck driver can also have a simple sign-in and registration.
  • Real-Time Requests: The two drivers will receive real-time service requests through the app having the option for accepting or rejecting within a limited timeframe.
  • Availability Status:There is a toggle in the app for controlling when the driver of the tow trucks or roadside assistance app wants to get online for receiving new service requests.
  • Job Details: The drivers will receive relevant contact info, location, and vehicle as soon as they accept a service request.
  • Built-In Navigation: By making use of the powered navigation features of Google Maps, the drivers of the tow truck can get to the requested location fast.
  • Collect Payments: Once the task gets completed, the tow truck dispatch software displays the invoice summary. Then, the person who has requested the service will be prompted to pay online right from the tow trucks/ roadside assistance app itself, or they can pay in cash as well.
Why Choose Ais Technolabs As Your Business Partner?

Why Choose Ais Technolabs As Your Business Partner?

AIS Technolabs is one of the top organizations popular for software development. We have the required experience and experts for developing an app or software based on your requirement. Let us see why AIS Technolabs can be a great business partner:

  • Customization AIS Technolabs has the appropriate resources for customizing your tow trucks or roadside assistance app script. We are ready to offer service with their developers and will guide you the best with all kinds of customizations that can be made for tailoring the app with your needs.
  • Dedicated Developers: There is a dedicated team of developers in AIS Technolabs. You can consider them for developing the app right from scratch. We have extensive experience in app development and also have the right vision for solving your problem.
  • Readymade Software: AIS Technolabs offer you the readymade tow trucks/ roadside assistance app. You need to get in touch with them through emails, phones, or 24/7 chatbots present on their websites.


Days are changing, and with it, technology is evolving as well. So, all conventional roadside assistance services are moving towards providing online roadside assistance services. Earlier it was extremely difficult to get immediate help, however with an Uber for tow truck app, this process has become quite smooth. Now, there is no need for you to wait for long hours until one comes for help, or you are no longer needed to leave your vehicle alone in the middle of the road because you need to find a vehicle repair shop.

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