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Online Casino Games & Slots: Unveiling The Evolution Of Software
Suppose you are new in the world of online casino games or a devoted player in this industry but are looking for information about how online casino games and online slots evolved through time. In that case, this article is just for you. It will take you through the journey of how and from where the online presence of this game came and flourished gradually to the level it is now at. So please continue reading to know the history and the development of casino games and online slots software.


The ever-evolving technological trends have transformed the way the world works today. With each year passing by, new advancements come forward, leaving humankind in awe. Similar to this, the world, so it's first casino software developed in the year 1994. With the gambling world dating back To the earliest of centuries, it was a surprising change for all players as they can now take part in live games from their very home. The casino industry known to all once has transformed completely. The invention of new Live casino software, slot machine software and other casino game development services provided by various companies have changed the traditional meaning of gambling and playing casinos.
History of online casino and online slots games

History of online casino and online slots games

Online slot games and online casino games have been a huge trend for a decade. However, many people don’t acquire the understanding even when it all commenced. There has been a pool of theories and evidence on several topics, thereby creating complete confusion. However, we have brought you the exact information accompanied by the most sustainable evidence.

It is not sure if the one to launch the first online casino game was Micro gaming or not. However, most of the evidence we get today indicates that the South African company Micro gaming was the first to develop online casino software. This incident took place in 1994, after which it is considered the start of the online betting era.

From 1998 onwards, the online casino industry started flourishing, thus giving new ventures an excellent opportunity to begin their online casino platform. This gave rise to the demand for software developers to program online casino software at high prices.

Online slots have also started developing and flourishing since the 1990s. It is considered the first category of casino games that took the industry to another level by introducing a real money online betting system that gave casino players the perfect reason to participate in the online tournament with full security guarantees.
Innovation leads to virtual reality slots

Innovation leads to virtual reality slots

Virtual reality slots, also known as VR slots, is another great discovery in online betting. This gives rise to a new advancement using cutting edge technology and satisfying the purpose of each casino player. However, it is the latest invention introduced in the year 2017 to the world of online betting. These slots give full access to each player to participate in the online games for real money. However, it took some time to trust the players and only succeeded after several virtual reality apps trials. After its grand success, this industry is expecting further advancements in the VR slots and is hoping to take the casino world to another great level.
Future of online casino games and online slots software development seems bright

Future of online casino games and online slots software development seems bright

With the increase in the number of casino players, the world of the online casino game industry is sure to bloom with each coming year. The main hero of this flourishing industry is the advancement of Internet technology that companies are introducing in each decade. With such great accompanies, online casino games and online slots are going to create its future.

Moreover, slot machines that casino operators possess costs in thousands but generated negligible revenue thus became valueless within a few years. Consequently, the online slots machine software version charged them a meagre amount, generating tons of revenue from players worldwide.

With this said, we can expect several new advancements and better features in the next coming years. Gameplays and interfaces are bound to improve and take the online virtual reality slots to higher levels with each passing time using the latest cutting edge technology.
Types of online casino and online slots software

Types of online casino and online slots software

The online casino software and online slots software Are available in three formats. They are mobile apps, instant play software, and downloadable software. Maximum games are available in all these three formats, thus giving you the chance of playing online casino games from multiple devices. No matter in which format you play the games, the basic gameplay remains the same on all devices.

A) Downloadable software

If you are a gamer who likes to participate in online casino games through their PCs, this format is the most suitable one for you. The downloadable software works pretty well with Microsoft Windows operating system. Therefore, if you want to play online casino games on your big screen, get a hold of the downloadable software. Hence, being perfect for this use and is also quite easy to get hands-on the same. The process of getting started is also quite friendly and doesn't involve any complications whatsoever. The online casino gamers will have to download their favorable gaming options. This is the only task needed to be performed, after which you can start your journey of casino tournaments.

B) Instant play software

If you are looking for an option other than downloading, then the instant play software is the right choice for you. It is an instant solution given for those who want to save data and use it rather than playing games online. This feature allows online casino players to participate in their favorable games through online mode using the browsers. This does not involve any downloading process, thus saving you a lot of space in your storage and Internet data. Moreover, since the games are played through the browsers, it requires Adobe Flash to run the software. However, this system adds a great advantage of being compatible with multiple operating systems and giving the scope of participating in live games by maximum people worldwide.

C) Mobile apps

There are hardly any people who do not use mobile phones these days. And with the availability of different app stores, Google and Apple have made it extremely easy for users to access the features of several sites through mobile applications. Mobile apps are more appealing since they are made in a mobile-friendly feature way. It serves as an advantage for the companies to grab the market significantly and lead in the competitive world. Precisely due to this reason, online casino entrepreneurs are launching mobile versions of their games with highly interactive and user-friendly features that can be easily accessed by a wide range of players from around the world. These apps require to be downloaded from their respective app stores.
Why hire AIS Technolabs for online casino games and online slots software development services?

Why hire AIS Technolabs for online casino games and online slots software development services?

It is a common perception of human beings to get their technical job done by industry leading developers only to ensure maximum efficiency in features, functionality, and operation while maintaining security, thereby safeguarding the players' financial interests. If you are among those looking for all these aspects, then AIS Technolabs is the right destination for you. With prices available at attractive rates, get your desired casino game development services from us, the AIS Technolabs, India's leading slot game development company. Get the latest live casino software developed by the top casino developers in this industry anytime.

Wrap up

Through this article, we have learnt how online casino games and online slots software development evolved through time and introduced a new era in the world of casino games. However, it is subject to several legal procedures that restrict this game in many countries. Several modernization and liberalization laws and ways have emerged each year, thus widening the scope for new entrepreneurs to enter this industry. The world has witnessed several improvements and evolution in the technology used in the casino industry. Fortunately, it continues to advance positively, thus opening up better ways of playing online casino games and online slots.
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