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Php trends leading the way in web development

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The world of the web is so dynamic that it changes every day. It is hard to keep up with the latest technological advancements, but it is necessary to ensure your win in a cut-throat competition. Technology too is not untouched by it, and today we would be discussing the top trends that would dominate PHP web development in 2021.

Technology has helped businesses cope up with the newly discovered challenges during Covid-19, and now it has become the new normal. Every business hopes to find an answer to their problems with technology, and technology DELIVERS!

In order to do so, they evolve and incorporate the trends and the demands they experience in the ever-changing world. This transforms our world, and we become better by incorporating the most advanced solutions. Custom PHP development services also have progressed further with tools that help in the development of robust and dynamic websites and applications.


2020 maimed the market, and a lot of industries experienced massive losses due to Covid-19 pandemic. Technology helped users and business owners get back on their feet. According to trends, people became more accepting of the technology. Ecommerce and retail industry was highly benefited with the technology trends.

PHP has contributed a great deal for web development. Every PHP web development company widened its service offerings and has tried and succeeded in providing customized solutions to meet their industrial requirements. It is an open-source technology and has been the first choice of businesses to build customized business solutions. This involves using trends and new tools and techniques to build modern web products.
Top php web development trends that will dominate in 2021

Top PHP web development trends that will dominate in 2021

In the last few years, we have seen some amazing sites developed on PHP. Paytm Mall, Zomato, Byjus, Swiggy, CureFit, Policy Bazaar, Dream 11, and more – these are some most trusted sites and have an out-of-the-box experience. These are not just great examples of the designs, but these PHP websites and applications have also shown us how the product's evolution is necessary as the trends change. Evolved trends also mean reconstructing or integrating modern features and solutions in the existing products. Here are some trends that you can use for your PHP project.

Progressive Web App Development

When it comes to providing the best to your consumers, it is not just about web applications, desktop applications, or native/hybrid mobile applications. Looking at the evolving needs of your consumers, you must choose what works best. To understand if progressive web app development is the right choice for your business, you must understand your user behavior. Progressive web applications provide a blazing fast native app experience, but they don’t need to be downloaded from any app store. They are the apps within the browser and meet your customer demands efficiently.

Depending on your business model, you can go for modern web apps that can help you fight the oversaturated market of mobile applications and keep your customers engaged at the same time.

Push Notifications for Websites

Push notifications are a very necessary part of a web application. It is necessary that you include them when going with PHP development services. It helps you enhance customer engagement and allow website owners to retain them for a longer time. Every website today that is being made comes with notification features. It allows them to notify the customers in case any modifications are made to the website, or there is any new offer, discount, or new post that your customer is going to like.

A push notification would help you improve the user experience on your web application and websites and allow you to retain them.

AR and VR

AR and VR is not anything new, it is a tried and tested technology that takes mobile app experience to the next level. Testing it in the web app development environment is yet to pick the pace, but in the web applications that it has been used, it has been a success. Don’t trust us? Look at how the real estate industry is using VR and AR. They are giving virtual tours to people and keeping their sales up.

AR and VR technology gives you a major advantage. Top-notch tech companies such as Google, Youtube, and Microsoft are already a step ahead in using AR and VR technology. Facebook has incorporated 360° photos. Youtube is allowing people to watch videos through VR sets. And ecommerce websites are using AR to allow people to try on clothes, outfits, shoes, and more virtually. The world is fast-changing, so must you.


IoT is a modern technology that makes the user experience more immersive. The technology allows a user to interact with inanimate objects. With a voice command, they can control the devices around them, check out their functioning through an app, change settings through apps, and so much more.

Incorporating the technology and building modern tools with PHP7 is what PHP development company is most looking forward to. PHP 7 is the new version of PHP and supplies all the necessary tools to provide modern development.

Single Page Applications

PHP web development services will certainly rule the year 2021. PHP is also used in the development of single-page websites and applications. Used in collaboration with Angular, single-page designs are single-page web pages with zero complexity in navigation or long menu.

They are simple, swift and they have an amazing user experience on the web application. It is something that can give tough competition to mobile applications, and it is one trend that you cannot miss.

Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is an awesome way to reduce your operational cost, as well as a high level of safety to the customer data. It makes your enterprise more flexible, allows your employees to work on the field, and improves your employee productivity.

Cloud integration is not something new; 2019 already showed us how PHP websites could be integrated directly into the cloud. It has pared the scalability offered by Ruby. Cloud combination is going to become prominent this year.


We are sure you must have heard about Blockchain. It is powering the most powerful cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, and it is not where it is going to stop. Cryptocurrencies are just a small aspect of it. The technology is well adapted by the fintech industry and is offering enterprises to track transactions, make it more secure, and apps and web apps more secure, and much more.

It is helping people to protect the information, the internet is not going to be vulnerable anymore, and you are looking at one of the biggest trends of all time. Already 2/3rd of the online enterprises are considering using Blockchain in some way or the other. We can state Blockchain is here to transform the web.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is one of the biggest trends of 2019. Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa have now become an important part of our lives. Every PHP web development company is eagerly waiting to use the trend to include voice capabilities in web applications and mobile applications.

If that isn’t motivating you to use Voice Search, you must know that 60% of individuals between the ages of 18-50 are using voice search or voice devices, as revealed by PwC. Another statistic by Gartner tells 30% of web search is being done without a screen, and 50% using voice search.


PHP is one of the most trusted web development technologies. And with the release of PHP 7, we are likely to see a few awesome technology trends making their way into the market, with the performance, security, and scalability PHP has always offered. If you too are looking forward to going for a PHP development, don’t forget to evaluate which trends are going to benefit you the most. Experience and security are the key focus for 2021.
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