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Ionic Excellence: Top 9 Reasons for Enterprise App Development


Ionic is an open-source platform that is widely used to build hybrid mobile applications. It was launched in 2013, and the original version was built on top of the trusted technologies such as AngularJS and Apache Cordova.

With the release of the latest Ionic version and the inclusion of the new set of web components, people are seen more and more drawn towards the technology. It is allowing developers to build desktop apps, progressive web apps, and hybrid mobile applications. In this blog today, we would be discussing the future of Ionic app development, and it gave people amazing reasons to choose it for enterprise mobile apps.

Enterprise app and Ionic framework app development

Every day there is something new happening in the information age, and people are rushing wildly to have a piece of that to improve the business operations or to provide a marvelous experience on the application. Enterprise mobile app development is one of those gifts of the information age, which helps you to manage your business operations just with a tap on smartphones or tablets. There is a great security and reliability in operations which is most required for both small and large organizations.

But there is no end to the needs of growing organizations, each day is a challenge, and there are growing expectations from their customers. To continue improvising, they need precision in operations – attained by the tech intervention. There are a variety of development strategies to build enterprise applications, and equally available reliable technologies. not going into strategies, we are today going to discuss the role of ionic framework app development for enterprise applications.
Advantages of Ionic Framework App Development for Enterprise Mobile Applications

Advantages of Ionic Framework App Development for Enterprise Mobile Applications

While developing enterprise mobile applications, you would want your application for the two main platforms Android and iOS. Native android app development is usually done using Java or Kotlin and iOS swift or object c. Meanwhile, native applications are high-performing, easy to access through hardware controls, and have amazing functionality; they can be pretty expensive. We mean, we are talking two applications here and entirely two different app development teams, technologies, process, and maintenance.

It is time to consider cross-app development technologies such as ionic framework. Ionic framework is not exactly new. It is powering 5 million applications now and serves platform-specific UI elements through its exceptional library of native components.

That and more, here are a few advantages of ionic app development that you must know for building enterprise mobile applications.

Completely Free and Open Source

Open source technology is a growing trend, and why not? Who would not like good things coming for free? The source code of opensource technologies allows people to use the technology for free, edit it and redistribute it. By going with ionic app development, you are free to use the technology and not have to pay anything.

Easy to Customize UI

The biggest challenge faced by an app development company for cross-platform app development is the user interface. Cross-platform apps are thought not to leave much scope for the designers. However, with the emergence of technologies such as the Ionic framework, developers get to utilize their wide UI component library, allowing them to develop native-like applications. These components help a dedicated ionic app development company to construct a graphic user interface and utilize them to make ample customizations. It helps them build UI logic and allows them to retain a native-like feel without any additional cost of development.

Delivers High-level Security

It is not just about the technology is free; it is a powerful technology that is great for even large organizations. Ionic app development comes with powerful security features and plugins that help you secure your application—Ionic AppFlow DevOps platform for real-time updates and deploying app store and Ionic’s expert support and services. With SLA’s it becomes easy to access bugs and make security hotfixes while developing Ionic applications.

Wide Range of Integration Capabilities and Plugins

If there is something that seems unachievable through an ionic application, you integrate tools to meet those requirements. You can add tools for analytics, payment process, security, and testing, etc. There are many available plugins in the Enterprise version of Ionic, but it is paid, and it might increase your development cost, but it would increase your app capabilities unbelievably. Checkout the Cordova plugin list here.

Boost Business Productivity

Going with ionic app development, you can get an enterprise application that has powerful features and performs every task well. It helps you build high-functionality applications that would help you manage your business better. It also has a diverse variety of plugins that you can add to the application as you grow in your business. It is one of the best ways to boost business productivity.

Improved Productivity

Mobile applications give you better results as they boost employee productivity and improve their decision making too. They automate the regular task and allow real-time collaboration, ensuring your employees get all the information and resources on time and from anywhere. This makes their job easier and keeps your customized satisfied, and improves the quality of work.

Testing Convenience

If the ionic applications are used to work only via a webview, the browser can be used for testing the app. It gives more convenience to the users to use the testing device, and everything runs smoothly. For mobile devices also the browsers can be used for testing and debugging tools to make the whole testing process convenient.

Direct Connection with Customers

Using enterprise mobile applications, you can ensure healthy and positive relationships with your vendors, distributors, suppliers, delivery partner, etc. Mobile applications help you gain the necessary data to understand their needs, loopholes in the system, and implementation of necessary solutions. It also improves communication, better customer relationship management.

Excellent support

Ionic has a strong community, with about 5 million developers and constant activity on the platform; it is much easier for you to resolve the problems arising in ionic apps.

To Sum up

Ionic is one of the best technologies to develop enterprise mobile applications. It has everything that you need to build feature-rich, secure, and high-functioning mobile applications. It also is a budget-friendly technology, completely free to use to build amazing applications.

If you wish to check out the scope of Ionic powered hybrid mobile phone applications for your product, AIS Technolabs will like to assist you. Our team is powered by a group of experienced Ionic developers that are actually skilled as well as familiar with all the latest market trends. Our objective is to empower companies along with top quality applications with our Ionic application development solutions.
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